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Shopping in Albania – presents for everybody
Шоппинг в Албании

Shopping is always associated with something pleasant, but sometimes it brings not only positive emotions. Often it becomes exhausting and after a long search for souvenirs for family members, one begins to think whether it was worth the time and money spent. Shopping in Albania means a great amusement both for shopaholics who came in the sales season and for ordinary tourists who want to take a piece of the country with them.

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The international airports of Albania – how a traveler can get to Tirana
Как попасть в Албанию - аэропорты

By inertia, Albania remains an inaccessible country, although the situation is gradually improving as the tourism business develops.

According to official data, five airports were built here, but only one of them is involved in international air travel – the international airport of Mother Teresa located near Tirana.

Please see below the detailed information about this airport. Here you will find reference data, possible routes, transfers and their prices, as well as information about the airport’s transportation link to other cities. Having decided to go to Albania, get to know its only international airport in Rinas and alternative routes →