Albania – weather in 2019 depending on a month, climate and water temperature.

Albania weather in 2019

To find inner peace, travelers go on vacation to Eastern European countries. The western part of the Balkan Peninsula is suitable for these purposes. Albania is located here. The weather in the country varies depending on location. The world-famous publications such as LONELYPLANET, NYT, SKYSCANNER include Albania in the list of the most colorful, vibrant and recommended countries for holidays every year. Read in the article the full information about the weather in Albania by month

Albania weather: Climate and location

70% of the country is covered with mountains and hills. By land, Albania borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Greece. It is washed by the Ionian and Adriatic seas. The Albanian coast covers more than 400 km. The beaches are covered with white sand; the sea is crystal clear sapphire color. This area is justifiably called the “Albanian Riviera.”

In the coastal zone, the climate is Mediterranean with wet, humid winters and hot summers. In mountainous areas the climate is continental. The Korab mountain range is located along the border with Macedonia, and the North Albanian Alps (Prokletiye) are located on the border with Macedonia. In the central part of the state are the mountain ranges of Krujë, Tomorr, and others.

The climate conditions in the resorts of Albania are versatile – the Ionian Sea warms up longer than the Adriatic Sea. Families with children choose Durrës – the popular resort of the “Albanian Riviera” with a shallow beach, an acclivous entrance to the sea and clean sand.

The best time for tourism and holidays in Albania is May, June, and September. You can see the island of Corfu from the beaches of Albania, and you can get to Italy by ferry. Winters in the country are mild and rainy. Springs and autumns are warm seasons, and they last a couple of weeks. Summer is hot and sometimes arid.

The weather calendar lists detailed information on the temperature regime and climatic features in Albania from January to December.

Albania – weather depending on a month throughout the year

Albania Many tourists call Albania a mysterious country because of polar different reviews. Some travelers consider it as Seychelles or the Maldives paradise, while others call this state the capital of socialism.

Most vacationers come to the country to sunbathe on snow-white beaches and join the culture from late spring to mid-autumn. This is due to the weather features in Albania.

Weather at the beginning of the year in Albania: January

The first month of the year in Albania is very cold and rainy. In mountainous areas, the air temperature drops to -8 ° С. Near the coast, on the plain, the average air temperature reaches + 9 ° C, it gets cool and damp. It rains within 7 to 10 days.

The total amount of precipitation throughout the month in the country is 130 mm. The water temperature on the coasts of the seas drops to + 14 ° C.

Defender Day in Albania: February

During the second month of winter the same air temperature is kept during the day – from +9 ° С to + 12 ° С. By the end of the month, it gets rainy and warmer. Every year during this period 13 rainy days are recorded in the country.

On average 115 mm of precipitation falls in Albania in February. The water temperature in the seas on the coast does not rise above + 14 ° С. February is the Albanian spring; in March they celebrate the beginning of summer.

Women’s Day in Albania: March

Albania weatherIn March, approximately the same air temperature is kept on the territory of the country. During the day it reaches +16 ° C, at night it is + 4 ° C. In the mountains, this indicator drops to 0 ° C, sometimes the temperature is below zero. During the month, an average 110 mm of precipitation falls.

The sea warms up to + 15 ° C during the day. On March 14, Albanians celebrate the holiday of Summer. Nature blossoms, almonds bloom, tourists take part in a fun, copious holiday.

Albania in mid-spring: April

By mid-spring there is noticeable warming. The maximum daytime temperature reaches +19 ° C, at night the temperature is + 8 ° C. In total, up to 95 mm of precipitation falls in April. Water in the seas along the Albanian coast warms up to + 16 ° C. For those who intend to go to Albania to improve their health and to go sightseeing April is the best month for such a holiday.

The sea air contains useful minerals that help strengthen the immune system and the body. It is still cold for swimming and sunbathing, but some tourists try to swim.

In April, Albanians celebrate the Open Borsch Festival for four days – this is a celebration of Albanian culture, traditions and music. Tourists visit Albania for sightseeing from April to June.

Holidays in May

In late spring the weather in Albania is comfortable – during the day the air temperature reaches +23 ° С, at night it drops to + 12 ° С. May is a popular month for starting a beach holiday. Tourists go to resorts in Tirana, Durres, and Berat.

The water temperature near the coast warms up to + 19 ° C. Scandinavians and other courageous vacationers not only sunbathe on the beach under the warm sun but also open up the swimming season. The water is cool but clean and clear.

May is a month of fun social events. In Tirana, the Mother Teresa Square hosts the holiday of color – the festival similar to the Indian Holi Festival. In the last weeks of May, the three-day electronic music festival UNUM is held in Shengjin.

Albania in early summer: June

holidays in EuropeThe first month of summer is one of the best months for a beach holiday. At this time, the weather in Albania is quite warm, suitable for travel. During the day, the air temperature is +27 ° C, at night the temperature is + 15 ° C.

Throughout the country, there is minimal chance of rain. Water in the seas on the Albanian coast warms up to + 22 °C. Since 2018, in mid-June the city of Dermi hosts the “Kala” music festival, which has already become traditional.

In the summer, tourists who intend to go fishing and enjoy nature visit the country. Thus, we are moving on to the second half of the year studying the topic “Albania weather depending on a month”

Summer months in Albania: July

It is very hot in Albania in the middle of summer. During the day, the air temperature reaches +31 ° C, at night it drops to a minimum of + 15 ° C. Daylight hours last 15 hours – it is the longest day of the year. In July, there are at most 2-3 rainy days in Albania.

Water in the seas at the coast warms up from +24 ° С to +25°С. Drymades Beach hosts the Turtle Fest Electronic Music Festival in July. This is a popular event for DJs and tourists from different countries.

The end of summer in Albania – August

travellingAt the end of summer, there is severe drought and very intense heat in Albania. The air temperature during the day at all resorts reaches +32 ° С, at night it drops to + 16 ° С. In Tirana, the daily temperature can reach + 40 ° C – it is the maximum temperature during a year.

On the coast, the temperature is differentiated – within +27 ° С … + 30 ° С. Water in the seas warms up to + 25 ° С.

Autumn Holidays in Albania: September

The beginning of autumn is accompanied by windy and cool weather. The air temperature in the daytime reaches +28 ° С, at night it drops to + 17 ° С. Rains are unlikely, but still it might rain. September is the period of the “off-peak season” on the Albanian coast.
The water temperature in the seas is as high as in July – from +24 ° С to + 25 ° С. In September, Albanians celebrate the end of summer. The event is celebrated in the village of Peza on the Peza * n Fest in the vicinity of Tirana. The beginning of the off-peak season is decorated with paintings, installations, and performances.

October in Albania

In mid-autumn, the air temperature during the day is +22 ° C and more, at night it drops to + 10 ° C. Rainy weather does not last long – on average 5 days a month. The total precipitation is 110 mm. You can still swim comfortably on the coast of Saranda and Vlora – the sea temperature is + 22 ° C.

Albania in November

weather in EuropeThe end of autumn is the end of the beach season in Albania. Throughout the country, a decrease in temperature is observed – the average daily temperature is + 17 ° C, at night it drops to + 7 ° C. On the coast, the water temperature warms up to + 20 ° C. The rainy season begins at the end of the month. 13 out of 30 days in the month are rainy. The total rainfall is up to 160 mm.

New Year in December in Albania

The last month of the year is characterized by changeable weather. Rainy days alternate with sunny days. Tourists going on vacation to Albania this month should, first of all, bring along an umbrella, warm clothes and waterproof boots. The humidity degree in December is up to 75%, the total amount of precipitation is 150 mm.

The air temperature during the day reaches + 12 ° C, at night the temperature is + 3 ° C. This month is suitable for visiting ancient historical monuments – such as bunkers, preserved from the time of the dictator E. Hoxha. The water temperature in the sea is + 17 ° C, but it is cold for swimming – few people swim.

Albania is a European country where the weather varies depending on climatic conditions. Temperatures below zero are only high in the mountains in winter and the south wind almost always blows. A mild Mediterranean climate reigns everywhere.