Rome – hotels in the city center: a list of the best hotels

There is a list of the best hotels in Central Rome for beginners who start traveling around Italy. The list includes the hotel features and local attractions that are located near each hotel. These are the famous sights such as the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, Castle of the Holy Angel, St. Peter’s Square and Basilica and many others.

So which hotels in the capital of Italy can you choose?

Top 10 best hotels in Central Rome

There are dozens of good hotels in the capital, however, you can always choose the most comfortable ones.

The top best hotels in the capital of Italy are: 

Residenza Venti Settembre, QuodLibet, Al Ponte Del Papa, Zefiro Home, Maison Tritone, Insula Urbis, MyNavona, Vatica B&B Roma, QuodLibet, and My Bed Vatican Museum.

Each hotel has its characteristics and advantages. A tourist decides which hotel to choose based on his/her preferences and wishes.

Residenza Venti Settembre

The guest house is 1-2 km from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Villa Borghese, and Piazza Barberini in Via Veneto. The nearest airport is Ciampino Airport, 14 km from the hotel. Fiumicino Airport is a little further – 24 km away.

Residenza Venti Settembre is excellent accommodation for two people.

Hotel Features:

  • transfer from and to the airport for an additional fee;    
  • parking;    
  • car rental;    
  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • daily cleaning;and   
  • heating and an elevator.

Residenza Venti Settembre has a breathtaking view of Rome.

In each room there are:

  • 2 single beds or one large double bed;    
  • air conditioning, a TV set and other household appliances;    
  • a spacious bathroom; and    
  • a desk.    

Vacationers can engage in various types of outdoor activities and relax in a hot tub. Accommodation in the Via Veneto will appeal to travelers who love walking around the city and enjoy delicious meals. Residenza Venti Settembre’s staff speak three languages: English, French, and Italian.

Local Attractions

Residenza Venti Settembre is located in the center of Rome. The largest civilization in the world – the Roman Empire – developed here for 16 centuries. Over three thousand years of history, many structures have been created in this area that have become famous architectural monuments.

Sights located nearby the hotel:

  1. The Colosseum.    
  2. Cathedral and St. Peter’s Square.    
  3. Fiume Square.    
  4. The gate of Pius.    
  5. The Republic Square.    
  6. The Vatican Museums.    
  7. The Square of Spain.    
  8. Piazza Navona.    
  9. Campo dei Fiori Square.    
  10. Castle of the Holy Angel.  

Moreover, within walking distance from Residenza Venti Settembre there are department stores, markets, shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants as well as the embassies of Japan, Germany, the Russian Federation, and Japan.

The Tevere River is 3 km from the hotel, Lago di Bracciano lake is 45 km away. Residenza Venti Settembre is one of Rome’s premier accommodation options.

My bed Vatican museum

My bed Vatican museum

This guest house with facilities for two tourists is located in the center of Rome – Vaticano Prati. My Bed Vatican Museum is a great option for travelers who come to Italy to enjoy the culture and see the ancient monuments.

 Vatican and the Vatican Museums are 50 meters from the hotel, and St. Peter’s Basilica is 600 meters away. The nearest airport is Rome Ciampino Airport, 17 km from the hotel.

Hotel Features:

  • transfer from and to the airport for an additional fee;    
  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • shops;    
  • family rooms;    
  • parking;    
  • a fitness center;    
  • cots are provided for young children;and   
  • the nearest metro station is just 200 meters away.    

There is a shared kitchen with the necessary household appliances for the guests of the hotel.

Each room has:

  • two single beds or one double bed and one sofa bed;    
  • a flat screened TV set;    
  • a lounge area;    
  • a bathroom;    
  • a mini-bar, a safe, a coffee machine, a kettle; and    
  • slippers and bathrobes for each guest.    

Each room has a breathtaking view of Rome. The hotel staff speak three languages: Italian, Spanish, and English.

Local Attractions

Near the hotel, there is a metro station – Cipro, Ottaviano – 500 meters away, Valle Aurelia – 1 km away. The main hospital is 1.1 km from Santo Spirito.

  1. The Vatican Museums.    
  2. Risorgimento Square.    
  3. St. Peter’s Cathedral and Square.    
  4. Vatican.    
  5. Piazza Navona.    
  6. Via Condotti Street.    
  7. The Square of Spain.    
  8. The Trevi Fountain.    
  9. The Olympic Stadium of Rome.   
  10. The Roman Forum.
  11. The Colosseum.

There are numerous restaurants, markets, cafes, supermarkets, and shops on the territory and around the guest house. In the walking distance, there are ski lifts and a river. The sea and the lake are 25 – 30 km from the hotel. The closest airports are Rome Fiumicino – 17 km and Rome Fiumicino – 21 km.

Vatica B & B Roma

It is an elegant bed and breakfast hotel with rooms for 2-4 people located in the center of Rome. It is an excellent accommodation option for two vacationers. St. Peter’s Cathedral and Square are 1 km from the hotel, and the Ottaviano Metro Station is 350 meters away, a bit further from Cipro and Lepanto stations.

Hotel Features:

  • transfer from and to the airport for an additional fee;    
  • large family rooms;    
  • a lounge area for all visitors;    
  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • parking;    
  • morning breakfast; and    
  • spacious rooms.    

Vatica B & B Roma is a hotel that harmoniously combines ancient and modern interior styles. This place is suitable for tourists who are interested in culture, history, ancient monuments of Rome and intend to visit local museums.

Each room has:

  • a TV set;    
  • air conditioning;    
  • a balcony; and    
  • a bathroom with shower.    

The hotel has different types of rooms: double-bed rooms, three-bed rooms and two-bedroom suites. The staff at Vatica B & B Roma speak 7 languages: Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian.

Local Attractions

  1. The Vatican Museums.    
  2. Risorgimento Square.    
  3. The Vatican.    
  4. St. Peter’s Square and Basilica.    
  5. Castle of the Holy Angel.    
  6. Santo Spirito Hospital.    
  7. Via Condotti Street.    
  8. The Square of Spain.    
  9. The Trevi Fountain.    
  10. The Olympic Stadium of Rome.  
  11. The Roman Forum.  
  12. The Colosseum.  

There are markets, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. The closest airports are: Rome Ciampino 17 km and Rome Fiumicino 22 km.

Hotels in Central Rome: Mynavona


MyNavona in Navone is next in the list of top hotels in the city center of Rome. This is a bed and breakfast hotel with various rooms for two vacationers.

Hotel features:

  • transfer from and to the airport for an additional fee;    
  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • parking;and   
  • elegant rooms with designer décor and parquet floors.    

A sweet breakfast is served to your room daily. Savory items can be served upon request.

Each room has:

  • one large double or two single beds;    
  • air conditioning;    
  • a spacious bathroom;    
  • a filled mini-bar;and   
  • a TV set.    

The hotel staff speaks three languages: Italian, English, and French.

Local Attractions

  1. Piazza Navona.    
  2. Via Condotti Street.    
  3. St. Peter’s Cathedral and Square.    
  4. The Vatican Museums.    
  5. The Colosseum.    
  6. The Olympic Stadium of Rome.    
  7. Via Giulia Street.    
  8. Church of St. Augustine.    
  9. The Rotonda Square.    
  10. The Pantheon.  

My Navona Hotel will appeal to everyone who loves delicious, varied food, walking and the atmosphere of Rome. Nearby the hotel there are the embassies of Brazil and France. There are also many shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, and two markets near the hotel.

Insula Urbis – Hotels in Central Rome

This modern B & B hotel is located in a historic building with a courtyard in the center of Rome, in the Spagna region. It is an excellent accommodation for two travelers.

Hotel Features:

  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • a spacious terrace, laundry;    
  • daily breakfasts with snacks and sweets;    
  • family rooms;and   
  • a shared kitchen for all vacationers.    

The hotel has rooms for two, for the whole family or company for up to 5 people. The deluxe double rooms have a large double bed and a balcony. There are quadruple rooms with a single bed, a large double bed and a sofa.

Each room has:

  • a TV set with satellite channels;    
  • a mini-bar;and   
  • a bathroom with shower.    

Near the hotel, there are numerous boutiques with branded clothing from leading manufacturers. The Insula Urbis staff speaks Italian and English.

Local Attractions

  1. The Pantheon.    
  2. The Column Area.    
  3. Church of St. Augustine.    
  4. The Rotunda Square.    
  5. The Altar of Peace.    
  6. The Square of Spain.    
  7. The Trevi Fountain.    
  8. Piazza Navona.    
  9. Castle of the Holy Angel.    
  10. The Roman Forum.  
  11. The Colosseum.  
  12. Cathedral of St. Peter.
  13. The Vatican Museums.

Insula Urbis is a hotel for those who like walking in the historical sites of Rome, shopping and delicious food. There are many restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, boutiques and a market in the vicinity of the hotel.

Maison Tritone

Hotels in Central Rome: Maison Tritone

The guest house in the Trevi district continues the list of the best Rome hotels in the city center. Maison Tritone is a great base for tourists traveling alone. Nearby is Piazza Barberini and the Quirinale Palace.

Hotel Features:

  • paid transfer from and to the hotel;    
  • daily breakfast buffet;    
  • heating – it’s comfortable to stay at the hotel at any time of the year;    
  • free Wi-Fi;and   
  • several rooms have a balcony.    

The hotel staff speaks three languages: Italian, English, and Spanish.

Each room has:

  • a writing desk;    
  • a bathroom;    
  • air conditioning;and   
  • a TV set.    

The guest house offers suites, as well as rooms for 2 and 3 vacationers. The double room has one large double bed or two small single beds. The triple room has a double bed and a single bed. Suites are rooms with two bedrooms; each of them has one double bed.

Local Attractions

  1. The Spanish Steps.    
  2. Via Condotti.    
  3. Via Margutta Street.    
  4. Piazza Barberini Square.    
  5. The Cathedral of Trinita dei Monti.    
  6. The Square of Spain.    

Rome Ciampino Airport is 16 km from the hotel. Near the guest house, there are numerous shops with brand clothing from leading manufacturers: Cartier, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton.

The nearest metro station, Barberini, is 100 meters from Maison Tritone, while Spagna is 0.5 km away. The US Embassy is also 500 meters away. The Trevi district is suitable for tourists who combine shopping with a knowledge of local culture.

Hotels in Central Rome: Zefiro Home

This modern bed and breakfast hotel is located in the Rione Monti district. This is a great accommodation option for two vacationers.

Hotel Features:

  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • parking;    
  • drinks and food room serving; and    
  • transfer from and to the airport for an additional fee.    

The hotel staff speaks several languages: English, French, Italian, and Filipino.

Each room has:

  • a large double bed;    
  • air conditioning;    
  • a TV set;and   
  • a bathroom.    

The nearest metro stations Cavour and Colosseo are 0.3 km away.

Local Attractions

  1. Church of San Domenico.    
  2. Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas.    
  3. Archaeological site of Regia.    
  4. The sacred road.    
  5. The Colosseum.    
  6. The Roman Foru.    

Near the hotel, there are numerous attractions, including Roman ruins, as well as many supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes.

Colosseo Accomodation Room Guest House

Colosseo Accomodation Room Guest House

This hotel is in the Rione Monti district, next to the Palatine Hill. It is more likely suitable for two vacationers.

Hotel Features:

  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • a bar;    
  • daily full breakfast;    
  • room service;    
  • luggage room;    
  • parking;and   
  • hypoallergenic room.    

The hotel’s peculiarity is that it allows vacationers with pets.

Each room has:

  • air conditioning and TV set;    
  • a writing desk;    
  • a bathroom; and    
  • household appliances.    

The guest house has double and triple rooms. Nearby the guest house there are restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

Local Attractions

  1. The gates of Port Maggiore.    
  2. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore.    
  3. The Golden House of Nero.    
  4. Hospital of San Giovanni.    
  5. Lateran Basilica.    
  6. The Colosseum.    
  7. Basilica of Santa Parasseda.    
  8. The Triumphal Arch of Constantine.    

In the vicinity of the hotel, tourists go cycling, hiking, visit the Roman ruins. Near the Colosseo Accomodation Room Guest House within 0.5 – 0.8 km there are the following metro stations: Manzoni, Vittorio Emanuele, Colosseo, and Cavour.

Al ponte del papa

It is a popular hotel in the central area of ​​Rome – Vaticano Prati. This is B & B guesthouse. According to visitors’ reviews, the place is ideal for two vacationers.

Hotel Features:

  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • a terrace with sunbeds;    
  • there is a shared lounge area;    
  • free parking; and    
  • pets are allowed.    

The staff speaks different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Each room has:

  • air conditioning and TV set;    
  • household appliances; and    
  • a bathroom with shower.    

The hotel offers double and quadruple rooms with double and single beds.

Local Attractions

  1. Vatican and the museums of the Vatican.    
  2. St. Peter’s Cathedral and Square.    
  3. Railway station Rome – San Pietro.    
  4. Children’s Hospital Bambino-Gesu.    
  5. Santo Spirito Hospital.    
  6. Risorgimento Square.    
  7. Piazza Navon.    
  8. Via Condotti Street.    
  9. The Colosseum.    

The guest house of Al Ponte Del Papa is 1 km from the metro station Valle Aurelia and Cipro. Vacationers visit local restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes.

Quodlibet – Hotels in Central Rome

This bed and breakfast hotel is located in the Vaticano Prati area. Vatican Museums are a 10-minute walk away, and Ottaviano Metro Station is 150 meters away. The hotel is on the fourth floor. There are numerous bars, cafes and restaurants nearby.

Hotel Features:

  • free Wi-Fi;    
  • each room has air conditioning;    
  • there is an open terrace and an elevator; and  
  • breakfast is served in the room for each visitor.    

The hotel offers double, triple and quadruple rooms. They have large double and single beds depending on the number of residents.

Each room has:

  • a bathroom;    
  • a TV set;and   
  • functional, unique decor.    

The hotel staff speaks different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and French.

Local Attractions

In Vaticano Prati there many monuments and museums. The attractions nearby are:

  1. Risorgimento Square.    
  2. Vatican and the Vatican museums.    
  3. St. Peter’s Cathedral and Square.    
  4. Cavour Square.    
  5. Piazza Navona.    
  6. Via Condotti Street.    
  7. The Colosseum.    

Near QuodLibet there is Il Ragno d’Oro restaurant, Luma Bistro cafe, Mercato Trionfale Market, and Carrefour Market supermarket.

The best Rome hotels in the city center is an excellent accommodation option for someone who wants to discover the history of Italy and get acquainted with local cultural monuments. Guest houses are in demand at any time of the year.

Rome is a great city that is visited in order to get spiritual enlightenment, walk the streets that famous Italians walked on: politician Marc Crassus, traveler Marco Polo, painter Sandro Botticelli, sculptor Donatello and many others.

Most of the hotels in the capital are created in modern style, some combine art nouveau and details preserved from the era of the Objection and the Renaissance. These are comfortable accommodation options for tourists from all over the world.

People come to Rome for inspiration, and staying in comfortable rooms in the best hotels of the capital will help them stock up on inspiration.