The best souvenirs from Croatia

The best souvenirs from Croatia

Going to the beautiful shores of the Adriatic, everyone wants to know what can be brought from Croatia as a gift? 
Croatia is a popular holiday destination with a reputation for being the perfect place combining the natural landscape with seaside luxury. Although the country is famous for lavender fields and picturesque Adriatic villages, most tourists do not know what to bring from Croatia. Do not fill your suitcases with trinkets that will collect dust in the future, but instead save money and purchase unique and useful souvenirs from Croatia and delicious products. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find here souvenirs to bring as a gift for your loved ones and friends.

Traditional Croatian cravat (tie)

It turned out that it was Croatians who invented the tie. Therefore, this accessory is included in the list of what to bring from Croatia. During the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century, small knitted neckerchiefs worn by Croatian mercenaries aroused the interest of Parisians and they immediately adopted a new fashion accessory.
In stores, specialists will help you to choose the perfect tie as well as teach you to tie it. All ties are hand-made and range from standard to ultra-luxury versions with gold woven into it – this is what you need to bring from Croatia.

Šestine umbrella

These are bright and cheerful red umbrellas you see women walking with along the streets of Zagreb. It is believed that the origin of the umbrella is very romantic. Legend has it that a long time ago a young couple was hidden under a dark umbrella during heavy rain, and the power of their love was so strong that it changed the color of the umbrella to red. Šestine umbrella a useful and beautiful thing you can bring from Croatia.
Šestine is a small picturesque village, and an umbrella is a part of their beautiful folk costume. Therefore, being in Zagreb or nearby cities, you should not be troubled with the issue of what to bring from Croatia as a gift. You should consider buying your own Šestine.

Wooden Toys

souvenirs from CroatiaIf you are looking for something to bring from Croatia as a gift to a child, then this can be a wooden toy. Rural residents along the pilgrimage route to the Mariana shrine of the Mother of God in Hrvatsko Zagorje developed the technology for the traditional manufacture of wooden toys for children, which is now passed down from generation to generation.
Men carve crafts from wood, and women apply environmentally friendly paints in improvisational floral or geometric patterns. What can be better than bringing such original souvenirs from Croatia? Whistles, cars, jumping horses and slamming birds produced today are almost identical to those made more than a century ago.


If you are interested in other things than souvenirs from Croatia, then pay attention to goat cheese from the islands of Pag and Turosh from the northern Croatian region of Medjimurje. Due to the strong wind that sprays the waves all over the island, there is very little vegetation and unique herbs such as sage survive. So, you can bring this cheese with a unique taste from Croatia.


You can also bring some alcohol drinks as a gift from Croatia. Rakia is a colorless, strongly-smelling drink made by the method of distilling fermented fruits. A homemade rakia can contain 50-60% alcohol. This is a Croatian national drink and can be a great souvenir from Croatia, so bringing it to friends will be a resolved issue.


If you have not decided what to bring from Croatia, we suggest choosing jerky. All types of sausages are perfectly packed, but the Slavic Kulen – pork sausage with red pepper – is a Croatian national treasure. Organically cooked for decades, it has recently gained protected status in the EU.
Prosciutto and pancetta from Istria or Dalmatia are equally unique. If you buy this product, you will no longer have difficulties figuring out what to bring home from Croatia. Don’t try to convince a Croatian that Italian or Spanish prosciutto is just as good.


best souvenirs from Croatia

Croatian lace is known for its beauty and quality. It is a useful and beautiful souvenir you can bring from Croatia. Three different traditions of lace making in Croatia have been preserved until nowadays, mainly in the cities of Pag on the Adriatic, Lepoglava in northern Croatia and Hvar on the eponymous island Dalmatian.
Initially, lace was used to make church clothes, tablecloths, and jewelry. Today, lace has become a great souvenir from Croatia every tourist wants to bring home. The International Lace Festival in Lepoglava demonstrates this art every year.

Red hearts – gingerbread cookies

Are you interested in souvenirs you can bring your friends from Croatia? Take a walk around Zagreb for more than a few minutes, and you will see intricately decorated red and white hearts with various words, phrases, and images on them.
The process of making gingerbread requires skill and speed. The recipe is the same for all manufacturers. It contains flour, sugar, water, and baking soda – plus spices are indispensable. Gingerbread is molded into forms, baked, dried and painted with edible colors. Each master specially decorates the gingerbread cookies, often with the help of pictures, small mirrors and poems or messages. So, you can bring these tasty souvenirs from Croatia to all your friends.