Immigration to Croatia

Иммиграция в Хорватию из РФ

A tired traveler may come up with an idea to move to the Adriatic forever one day. Croatia is a place where a person would like to meet grey hair. However, due to a large number of people willing to move to this country, immigration to Croatia becomes more and more difficult every year.

How to get Croatian citizenship

Immigration of the Russians to CroatiaCitizenship is the key goal for an immigrant, but the path to it is thorny.

A foreigner can become a citizen of Croatia, but they have to meet a whole list of requirements for this:

  • not be prosecuted under the laws of their motherland;
  • be an adult;
  • prove that the previous citizenship has been revoked;
  • marry a citizen of the country and permanently reside in the territory of the given state;
  • live on Croatian land (permanently) for more than 5 years;
  • know Latin writing and Croatian language; and
  • be valuable for Croatian authorities (their decision must be confirmed by the local Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Immigration stages and acquiring permanent residence

How the Russians can obtain a residence permit in CroatiaThe requirements for immigrants in Croatia are quite stringent: you cannot become a citizen of this country instantly.

Below are the key steps in making the cherished dream come true:

  1. Obtaining a residence permit. It is impossible to settle in the country without a residence permit. This important document can be acquired in several ways, we will describe them in detail below.
    The surest ways to acquire a residence permit are buying real estate and launching а business.
  2. Transition to permanent residence. After you have stayed in the country for some time, you can think about permanent residence – it is an important step towards gaining the Croatian citizenship.
  3. Obtaining citizenship. You may acquire a deserved Croatian passport by completing one of the above requirements. However, it will take about five years.
A standard way of acquiring citizenship is ten years.

After 5 years of staying in Croatia with a residence permit, you apply for a permanent residence – i.e., the permanent right to stay in the country.

An applicant must be proficient in Croatian and understand the local state structure.

After the long-awaited right is granted, you need to live on Croatian lands for another 5 years. After this, you apply for citizenship and take a difficult exam that requires proficiency in written and oral Croatian language.

Dual citizenship is provided in very rare cases.

Requirements to immigrants

Requirements for immigration to CroatiaAccording to the country’s laws, all immigrants are divided into categories, which greatly facilitates the relocation process. There are general requirements for all categories:

  • enough money for a normal living;
  • medical insurance;
  • housing rental or ownership; and
  • documented evidence that a foreigner does not threaten the national security of Croatia.

Useful firms

Services on immigration to Croatia

  • El Faro. This company is located in Tolyatti and specializes in services for arranging a residence permit.
    Company incorporation will cost you 3,000 Euros, and you will have to pay another 5,000 for legal support. For this money, the Croatian partners help relocate your entire family, are engaged in the preparation of all documents (including medical insurance) and visits to notaries and municipalities.
  • Denis Miller Holding. A law firm specializing in launching and supporting business projects.
    It has a Croatian office. Prices are negotiated in specific cases.
  • BPT Immigration. Respectable and established law firm operating in business immigration. It does not take all orders, because it values ​​its reputation.The price is negotiable – you need to contact the manager and explain all the circumstances of the relocation to find out the price. Specialists of the company help choose a country, are fully engaged in legal support and use an individual approach. Pricing is flexible.

Does business immigration make the task easier?

Establishing a commercial or private enterprise is a great way to stay longer in Croatia. The business helps strengthen the local economy, and it’s particularly great if you apply new technologies.

A foreigner can establish CJSC or LLC, while foreign capital can reach 100%.
Besides, you can apply for a patent for any activity (doctor, journalist) or get a business visa using a foreign employer.

Stages of the firm incorporation are the following:

  • determine the scope of activities;
  • deposit funds for the charter capital (at least USD 3,000);
  • redeem half of the charter capital;
  • certify the package of documents at the local notary;
  • submit an application for a residence permit; and
  • register the firm (you need to visit the commercial court for this).

As a company director, you will have to pay 300 Euros to social insurance and pension funds. VAT reports will have to be filed quarterly, and financial statements must comply with the investment plan. The business will be shut down, and the residence permit will be canceled in case of the slightest inconsistencies.

The investment plan is drafted for 3 years, and its amount should exceed 100 thousand Euros. The following can be purchased as part of the firm charter capital:

  • studio;
  • flat;
  • apartments;
  • land;
  • house/cottage.

Obtaining a Croatian residence permitThe owner of an incorporated company is entitled to stay in the country for one year. If there are no gross violations, the residence permit is automatically extended. The second extension will give you 2 sunny Croatian years.

You will need the following documents to open a business visa:

  • 2 photos;
  • certificate of incorporation and proof of residence;
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • a contract confirming the housing lease (or documents proving the right of ownership);
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • birth certificate;
  • international passport; and
  • international passport.

Starting small: acquiring a residence permit

How the RF citizens can obtain a residence permit of CroatiaThe residence permit is usually the first step in the process of gaining the Croatian citizenship. There are four options for acquiring a residence permit, but each of them has certain requirements.

  1. Job. You can find a job in Croatia only if you have a permit – it is valid for two years. Problem: you have to prove that your skills are unique and extremely useful for this country at the employment exchange.
  2. Doing business. We have already reviewed this option.
  3. Investments. Purchasing real estate is a simple and efficient method of acquiring a residence permit. Housing prices in Croatia do not bite (one-bedroom apartment costs 25-35 thousand Euros).You will not become a citizen but get a residence permit in Croatia in your pocket.
  4. Marriage. You can easily acquire a residence permit by entering into a marriage with a Croatian citizen. The acquired document must be extended (annually) for 5 years. If the marriage is not dissolved in the next five-year period, feel free to file an application and become a real citizen
A tiny tip: all expenses for living in the country can be included in a special expense account.
This will allow saving extra.

Another popular way of relocating to Croatia common among young people is enrollment to a local university.

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Already bought a flat? And what’s with a residence permit?

Obtaining a Croatian residence permit – buying real estate

The desired status can be acquired through purchasing the Croatian real estate. This is an extremely profitable investment since the return on the Adriatic accommodation constantly grows.

The main advantages of purchasing housing in Croatia are as follows:

  • the country dynamically develops, and the residential space appreciate;
  • the climate is favorable for a European inhabitant;
  • no real estate tax;
  • foreign investors have not yet had time to occupy the local market tightly.
Croatia is a low-rise country.

You can’t build a house taller than 2-3 floors (there are special restrictions).

Since all the activities of the Croats revolve around the tourist business, most of the residents simply rent rooms to travelers in summer and live on their earnings in winter. This business seems very attractive against the background of a minimum daily price for a room of 30 Euros.

The acquisition of Croatian housing is a time-consuming process. A contract is concluded with the seller, and a 10% advance payment is made (based on the property value). It takes the local government about a year to review the submitted documents. If the seller decides to cancel the deal, they will have to return the security deposit and add the same amount on top as a fine. This is why it is uncommon to cancel deals in Croatia.

Let’s summarize.

It’s quite real to relocate to Croatia, but you will have to make as much effort as possible and accept high expenses. There are firms that simplify the legal part of the issue, but their lawyers also want your money.

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