From Croatia to Venice by ferry – schedule, cost and transportation benefits

Паром из Хорватии в Венецию - знакомимся с расписанием и в путь

Many wanderers consider it a crime to visit Croatia and not to visit Venice. The reason for this is the regular ferry transportation from Croatia to Venice.

You can get into the water city not only by ferry but also by catamaran.

You should plan your trip in advance, choosing a route, interesting sights along the way, and learning about shopping opportunities. It is also worth finding out about prices and schedules – our resource will help with this.

Plan a Venetian ferry tour

Паромы в Венецию компании Venezia Lines

Excursion to Venice on the SAN PAWL ferry

You can get to Italy in a bunch of ways, but a sea cruise is by far the most romantic of them.

You can reach Venice from Croatia by ferry and catamaran – the latter option is faster, but it is not so breathtaking. The second advantage of ferry transportation is its price. The crossing costs much cheaper than air travel.

The best way to travel to Venice is a 1-2 day excursion.

In this short journey, you will be accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide, and the route will be designed in such a way as to include the maximum number of interesting places. Many tour operators organize such tours.

See below some examples:

  • Ferry trip to VeniceVenezia Lines. The ferries of this company depart on the Porec-Venice-Porec route, and the pleasure will cost you 800 Kunas. The ferry departs twice a week (Wednesday, Saturday), strictly at 08.00. The trip lasts 2.5 hours.
  • Atlas. The ticket price is similar to the previous one. The program of the trip and the schedule are specified directly from the managers of the company.
  • Commodore Cruises. It is the most budget-friendly option of the listed ones. The ticket price is 720 Kunas, children generally travel for free (up to 7 years). Teens under 15 years pay half the price. You will have to learn the schedule from the company representatives.

A number of tourists specifically go to Porec, to move to Venice from there. The city of canals is expensive; therefore, experienced travelers try to save money. Nothing prevents to lodge in Porec and make short visits to Venice. Such a rest insignificantly hits the wallet. But there are pitfalls – read about them below.

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Ferry crossing timetable

Timetable of Ferries from Croatia to ItalyNothing prevents travelers to go to the city of canals on their own. At the same time, the route can be laid not only from Porec but also from other Croatian towns – ferries from Croatia to Italy run on an excellent schedule.

  • Mali Losinj-Venice. The town of Mali Losinj is located on the tiny Losinj Island. You are already familiar with the Venezia Lines organizer. Take the ferry in Lošinj and move slowly across the Adriatic. Departure – once a week. Travel duration – 4.5 hours.
  • Porec-Venice. This route we mentioned above.
  • Pula-Venice. Organizer – Venezia Lines. The ferry departs from Pula twice a week. Travel duration – 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Rabac-Venice. If you are resting in Rabac, you will have to plan your trip in advance. Venezia Lines delivers passengers to the canal city only once a week.
  • Rovinj-Venice. Ferries from Rovinj depart daily, so you can go to Venice as if you were going home. The ferry runs through Pula and the trip lasts 4.5 hours.
Ferries also depart from Umag and Piran.

Venezia Lines has a fairly powerful competitor – Adriatic Lines, which specializes in catamarans – high-speed beauties, running from any resort town of Istria.

The schedule of the catamaran running from Croatia to Venice “Adriatic Jet” is as follows:

  • To Venice by Adriatic Jet ferryRovinj -Venice. Days of departure – Tuesday and Friday. The journey takes 2.5 hours. The catamaran departs from the Veliki mol, the departure time is 08.00. At 10.30 you are already in San Basilio.
  • Porec-Venice. There is also a two-day schedule. On Wednesdays, the catamaran runs through Umag (the journey takes 3.5 hours), but on Saturday there is a direct journey (2.5 hours).
  • Pula-Venice. The catamaran from Pula departs three times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday), the journey takes 3 hours.
  • Umag-Venice. You can get from Umag only on Wednesday – on a passing catamaran. The journey will take 2.5 hours.

The company owns the second catamaran – “Prince of Venice”.

The schedule of the vessel is as follows:

  • Porec-Venice. The catamaran runs along this route four times a week (except for Mondays and weekends), the journey takes 3 hours.
  • Umag-Venice. You traditionally get out of Umag only once a week – on Mondays. The journey takes 2 hours.

Document collection

Documents for a ferry trip to ItalyTo get to the ferry service in Venice, you do not need too many documents.

A travel agent who sends you on holiday to Croatia will certainly offer to put out more money and buy a Venetian excursion. Buying a tour from a domestic tour operator, you will definitely get a Russian-speaking guide. The cost of the tour at the tour operator is 100 Euros. This tour purchased on the spot (in Croatia) will cost you half the price.

To arrange a Venetian tour, you will need five documents. Here they are:

  • international passport;
  • national passport;
  • statement from the hotel;
  • return tickets;
  • a ferry ticket (issued at the place of purchase of the tour).
Be sure to make copies of these documents – you will need them on the ferry.
The documents are checked on the ferry itself, as well as on arrival on the hospitable Italian land. Customs officers are doing this.

Sights on board!

The main goal of our trip is the Venetian sights. It is worth making a reservation: when ordering a day trip, you should count on a thoroughly short, fluent and standardized program. It looks something like this (with minor variations):

  • Excursions in VenicePiazza San Marco. You are transported from the Venetian port to the above-mentioned square, the surrounding buildings are shown, and something is told about them. The cost of this item of the program is 15 Euros.
  • Riding on gondolas. Traveling alone, you’ll pay the gondolier 40-50 Euros. As part of the excursion program, the pleasure will be cheaper – 30-35 Euros.
  • Food in the restaurant. Tired of the Venetian wanderings, you can eat at a local restaurant. The lunch will cost you 25 Euros. Many travelers mark a sharp division of Venetian cafes and restaurants into “very expensive” and cheap, but “inedible”. So, it is worth eating at a place offered by the organizers.
  • Riding on the Grand Canal. This can be called a “tour in a tour.” For 30 Euros you will go to the swim on vaparetto (water taxi) and enjoy all the key sights, including the famous Rialto Bridge.
  • Return ferry. Most novice tourists are afraid to roam around Venice on their own since it is pretty easy to get lost there. Therefore, you can order the return transportation to the port for 15 Euros.

The list of sights that you can see on the route depends on the point of departure and your chosen points of the excursion program. Also, this list will depend on the number of days spent at the starting point and in Venice itself.

It is better for independent tourists to stock up on the Venetian map.

If you are not afraid to get lost, you can save on the ferry (take a regular ticket on the spot) and enjoy the river tram ride (without any payoffs, this pleasure costs 6 Euros).

Let’s say your journey on the ferry starts in Porec. In this case, the list of interesting places will look like this:

  • Bijeca Beach. In Porec this beach is considered to be the most popular. You can spend here a few days, enjoying the Adriatic sun. It is an ideal place for family rest.
  • Sight-seeing in Croatia and VeniceCrveni Otok. The tourists tired of urban civilization adore this quiet place. In fact, we have an archipelago consisting of the Mashkin and St. Andrews islands. The islands are connected by a bulk strait. You can stay at the Istra hotel.
  • Sveti Nikola Island. This inhabited island is sheltered in the bay of Porec. You can enjoy there the cleanest beaches and medieval Italian castle, the rarest species of birds.
  • Piazza San-Marco. After landing in the Venetian port, be sure to visit this coveted square. But beware of the hordes of pigeons, shitting on tourist’s heads.
  • Grand Canal. In fact, this is the central street of the water city – it is imperative to take a ride through it in a vaparetto.
  • Bridge of Sighs. This charming Baroque bridge is thrown over the Palace channel. It is a mandatory item of the cultural program.
  • Doge’s Palace. The most recognizable Venetian structure, found in all guidebooks. It is the symbol of the power and past glory of the Venetian Republic.
  • Rialto Bridge. It is easy to see this Venetian “business card” – the bridge stretches over the Grand Canal. So, going on a water trip, you kill two birds with one stone at a time.

Shopping: business with pleasure

Shopping in Old VeniceOld Venice is literally crammed with souvenir shops, jewellery stores, boutiques with Murano glass, and clothing. Prices are high because all this splendor is designed for tourists. Still, Old Venice opens up tremendous shopping opportunities, since it houses designer boutiques of the famous brands:

  • Armani;
  • Chanel;
  • D&G;
  • Furla;
  • Guess;
  • MaxMara; and
  • Benetton.

The Italians themselves, however, do not shop in these shops – these boutiques are the usual lure for tourists. The range is small, and the prices are too high.

Shopping in Mestre, VeniceIf you decide to engage in productive shopping (and at the same time have free time) – go to the Venetian suburbs:

  • Mestre;
  • Verona;
  • Vicenza.

It is there that huge outlets and stock centers are located, and discounts reach 30-70%. The main thing is to guess the season.

Another nice feature of Old Venice is the tourist mask trade. Small masks (5-7 centimeters) cost about 3 Euros, a little more – 12-30, and masks of adequate size (without any frills) will cost you 30-40 Euros. This is the lower threshold.

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The average price for travel by ferry ranges from 300-800 Kunas.

Let’s consider some examples:

  • Rovinj-Venice. The cost of the trip depends on the season “height” – 300-370 kunas (round-trip).
    Now on the official website of Venezia Lines, such prices are set (the lowest range includes the children’s ticket): 76.5-121 Euros (round trip).
  • Porec-Venice. Information was taken from the previous resource (prices are relevant for August 2014) – 76.5-121 Euros.
  • Pula-Venice. The cost of a return ticket is 78-124 Euros.
  • Mali Losinj-Venice. Here, the ferry is the most expensive one – 90-149 Euros.

There is a good travel company Adria-Tour, offering tourists a trip with a Russian-speaking guide (substantial bonus) for 50-90 Euros one way. Three-year-old kids travel for free.

Groups of 10 passengers get a discount of 20%.
Ferries depart from Porec, Umag and Rovinj.

The beauty of the offer is not only in the discount but also in the possibility to get an additional transfer from the hotel to the point of the ferry departure.

The downside is that the Russian-speaking group may not be formed – then you will not get a guide.

Let’s summarize.

Living in Venice itself is expensive, and every tourist dreams of visiting this unique city. Therefore, the combination of a full-fledged rest in a more democratic Croatia with short-term outings into the city of canals is an excellent solution to the problem.

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