Rent a car in Italy – the features of car rental in the Adriatic southern cities and airports

Как арендовать авто в Италии туристу

If you have a driving license and driving skills, you can drastically reduce transportation costs in the Italian Adriatic. Car rental in Italy has a lot of advantages over the public transport, but that’s not the point.

You will know about the details of the Italian rent, the necessary documents, and understand the legal intricacies of the issue. You will also find an overview of popular rental companies, rental prices and road traffic features in Italy.

How to rent a car in Italy

How to rent a car in ItalyDaily car rental on the Adriatic coast costs about 50-80 Euros which is not such an exorbitant price for the freedom of movement. Most independent travelers prefer booking a car in advance, but if you did not think about it – it does not matter. There are plenty of companies offering car rental services.

How to rent a car? First, you need to choose the company with which you want to make a deal (the list is provided at the end of the article). Then follow the list of simple rules:

  1. It is better to book a car in advance, using special forms on sites. This way you’ll save a lot of money, time, and nerves.
  2. Use search resources such as,,, and others to find the best rental terms and conditions and the right price.
  3. Carefully study the rental conditions and the full cost. A number of companies insidiously publish special prices that are valid, say, for one day. Mandatory insurance (which really exists in Italy) also does not always appear in the agreements.
  4. To save on gasoline, be sure to stock up on the navigator.
  5. It is better to choose a manually operated car that uses gas as fuel. Such cars are much cheaper than gasoline fellows.
  6. Long-term car rental is considered more profitable. Having gone on a week-long vacation renting a car in different cities for a couple of days, you pay over the odds.
  7. Give preference to proven rent-a-car offices. Large services can boast a better organization system as compared to small private companies.
If you want to book a car without a deposit, it makes sense to turn to the Avis rental office. According to numerous reviews, this company does not freeze your funds on the card (other companies freeze about 500-1,000 Euros), with the exception of funds reserved for filling the fuel tank (about 60-70 Euros).

What documents you will need

Your age must exceed 21 years, and the driving experience (indicated in the driving license) must be more than one year. Those who are under 25 will have to overpay for rent compared to older drivers.

The following documents will be required:

  • internationally recognized driving license;
  • online booking confirmation (printout);
  • credit card for payment.

Какие документы понадобятся для аренды авто

Recently, the road services of Italy have begun to scare travelers with rabid fines (about 300 Euros) for driving with the national license, so we advise you not to risk.

Please also note that the plastic card should not be lower than the Classic one.

It is possible to rent a car without a franchise, but this is possible only via small second-rate offices. Large companies usually have strict requirements. Often the following is included in the rental price:

  • theft insurance;
  • franchise;
  • unlimited mileage;
  • local VAT;
  • third-party liability insurance.

You’ll have to pay separately for a navigator, child seat, super insurance, and other “frills”. These are the southern realities.

Car rental features

Нюансы, на которые нужно обратить внимание при аренде автоPlease carefully read this important document before signing a contract. Ask about the algorithm of actions in force majeure circumstances (breakdown/theft/accident).

You should be interested in the following things:

  • damage (including scratches);
  • seat belt function;
  • fan/air conditioner operating status;
  • tire condition;
  • operation of headlights and janitors;
  • seat and mirror adjustment;
  • opening windows;
  • the presence of three necessary documents in the glove compartment (insurance, driving license, la carta di circolazione);
  • the availability of a vest equipped with reflective inserts and first-aid kits;
  • the state of the spare wheel and the tools necessary for changing the wheel.
Before the trip, examine the condition of the car.

Choosing a car

What kind of car to rent? On the Adriatic, you will be able to ride any car – from simple models of economy class to exclusive vehicles. If you wish, you can dig up something rare or spoil yourself to rent a luxury Porsche.

Many tourists, going to Italy in the summer, rent cabriolets. Having decided to please yourself with something similar, get ready for more serious expenses.

Car rental companies on the Adriatic coast

Где взять в аренду автомобиль

Where is it better to rent a car? We traditionally recommend renting a car from proven companies that secured a foothold in the market many years ago. These include:

  • Hertz (they are distinguished by favorable booking conditions, a pleasant loyalty program and an abundance of special offers, including all-inclusive);
  • Avis (The key advantage of this company is the possibility of evading a deposit);
  • Maggiore (reviews about this company on the Internet are rather contradictory, but most users tend to trust Maggiore, although with some reservations);
  • Sixt (one of the largest Italian rental companies with about 60 offices throughout the country, a rich selection of models);
  • Europcar (the offices are located not only in the largest cities of the Adriatic but also directly at the airport terminals);
  • Albarella (it’s not even a company, but an island tourist complex providing, among other things, rental services);
  • Budget (reasonable prices, booking function, convenient search form); and
  • Economycarrentals (this rental office is localized mainly at airports, differs in rather cheap rates).


Стоимость проката машины в ИталииThe price of an Italian car rental depends on your needs. You can choose quite low-cost options (60-70 Euros/day), or luxury cars for two hundred Euros and above.On average, the pleasure costs 60-90 Euros.

The check on specialized rental search engines showed that the Avis offers the most reasonable prices.

Here are the examples of the best deals around Venice (grouped by car class):

  • mini – 60 Euro/day;
  • economy class – 60;
  • standard – 69;
  • universal – 101;
  • premium – 140;
  • van – 170;
  • coupe-cabriolet – 196;
  • off-road – 288.
Contact only trusted companies.

To save your money, you can resort to certain tricks. The best car rental prices await you on the company websites. The best discounts are offered by budget airline resources (WindJet, RyanAir).

However, there is a small subtlety – the whole freebie applies only to the economy class cars. Premium models are subject to other rules – you need to learn about this from the owners themselves.

Rentals in Bari and Terracina

Машины на прокат в БариMost search resources allow you to choose the right car in any major city of the Adriatic, and Bari and Terracina are no exception.

Bari is one of the most visited resorts of the Adriatic. Most often, our travelers resort to rental services in the city center, at the airport, and at the railway station. greatly simplifies the search procedure. How much is the rent?

Here are some budget-friendly examples:

  • Mini – 35 Euro/day;
  • Economy – 36;
  • Compact – 39.

The cost of these same classes, depending on the brand and equipment of the car can reach 60-70 Euros.

Four-door “Alfa Romeo” with a mechanical transmission and air conditioning will cost you 70-80 Euros. The wagon-class Skoda will cost you 82 Euros, and a decent two-door convertible Golf – 83.

Very little is known about Terracina. It is unrealistic to book a car there through the standard search engines – the city is not listed in the search forms. Nevertheless, we managed to find out from the experienced wanderers that there is a car rental point at the local airport. The prices are roughly comparable to the average ones in Italy.

Are you tired of the hotels with their rules, then find out how much it would cost to rent a house in Italy by the sea right here. Most likely you will find the perfect option for you, your loved ones or the whole caboodle.

Traffic regulations

Аренда авто в Италии - местные ПДДThe main difference between the Italian traffic regulations and domestic ones is the need for their strict observance.

The following speed limits are in force:

  • settlement (village, city) – 50 km/h;
  • outside the settlement – 90;
  • road – 110; and
  • express freeway – 130.

There are other unusual rules considered as the standard ones for the European Union, and should be strictly followed, namely:

  • turn on the dipped headlights (no matter, at night or in the afternoon, the main thing – not to use them in the city);
  • it is prohibited to talk on the mobile phone while driving (except for the hands-free system);
  • do not even think to enter the limited traffic zones without special permission (historical centers of large cities such as Florence, Rome, Pisa, etc.);
  • rent a car seat if you are traveling with a child (the size of the car seat depends on the child’s age); and
  • fasten the seat belt.
Do not even try to “arrange” with the guardians of the law – it threatens serious troubles.

Of course, you need to be sober behind the wheel. For violations of these restrictions, you will be punished with serious fines – and it won’t be a picnic.


It is problematic to avoid a fine in the EU since all roads are equipped with video cameras. In addition, the tutor program is installed and successfully runs on highways. Its task is to calculate the speed of your car. The fine is sent to the car rental office, and then automatically debited from your credit card.

Experienced travelers try to pay fines right away.

Here are some examples of fines:

  • overspeeding (depending on your speedometer) – 38-779 Euros;
  • backrunning (freeway) – 389;
  • parking violation – 35-75;
  • overtaking rules violation – 74-150;
  • improper transportation of children – 74-299;
  • non-fastened seat belt – 74-299;
  • speaking on the mobile phone while driving- from 150; and;
  • being in a restricted area – up to 100.

Toll roads, parking and gas stations

Нюансы аренды авто в Италии - платные автострадыAround-the-clock refueling is possible only on freeways. Filling machines do not accept foreign cards, so keep cash with you. Some Italian gas stations are closed in broad daylight – this is standard practice.

The following fuels are sold:

  • unleaded gasoline (95, 98);
  • gas; and;
  • diesel fuel.

A liter of fuel costs almost 2 Euros – the rates are among the most expensive ones in Europe.

A lot of toll road exist in Italy. The travel will cost you 7 Euros per every hundred kilometers. A special ticket that can be paid by a credit card or in cash gives the right to move on such routes.

There are several types of the paid ways:

  • yellow (Telepass) – for telepass owners;
  • white – for cash payment;
  • blue – to pay by credit card.
Free parking areas are marked with white lines, but you need to consider that chronological restrictions are in force in the center of large cities.
Spaces for disabled people are highlighted in yellow, and paid parking spaces – in blue.

Get ready for the harsh reality – the closer the parking is to the city center, the more difficult it is to find an empty space, and the more expensive it will be.

Let’s summarize. Despite the high cost of gasoline, many wanderers prefer a rented car to move around Italy. There is a huge number of suitable options, but you should be vigilant in the details regarding the signing of the contract and the traffic rules.

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