Property Rental in Albania – Overview of Real Estate in the Cheapest Balkan Country

Как арендовать жильё в Албании

Albanian resorts are just beginning to “gain speed” – the construction is in full swing here, and the cost of apartments satisfies the eye. The level of comfort of the housing offered is also increasing, and every year the housing rent business in Albania expands its range of offers in Albania.

We will talk about searching for offers, walk through websites with Albanian real estate, learn how to rent apartments and enter into contracts, compare suits of rooms, apartments and villas. Finally, we will provide a traditional review of the housing rental prices.

Rental of Albanian real estate – where to start searching for offers?

How to rent comfortable accommodation in AlbaniaNow in Albania, the number of middle-class 3-4* hotels is growing. This is good, but renting an apartment in Albania will be much more beneficial for an independent traveler, and in this case, it costs much cheaper and provides more freedom of action.

For example, in Tirana you can easily rent a comfortable villa, which includes two bedrooms, a living room and a modern kitchen (with a total area of 60-70 square meters) with furniture and a range of additional services. The price will include:

  • high-speed Internet,
  • clean towels, and
  • regular cleaning.

Dividing the rent between 3-4 people, you will understand how democratic Albania is.

Where to start searching for offers? Of course, with monitoring Internet sites and comparative price analysis. There is plenty of resources offering to rent an apartment on the Adriatic/Ionic coast – there is the embarrassment of riches. We’ll mention only a few of them:

  1. The most popular housing search engine in Runet. Easy navigation includes sorting by country, arrival dates, bed spaces, and accommodation type. If you wish, you can choose an apartment, a villa or a guest house. Minus is a small amount of “Albanian” offers.
  2. The resource is less well-known than the one mentioned above, but it is more efficient for finding Albanian housing. Accommodation is grouped by city, and it is possible to sort houses and apartments. There is a great many offers.
  3. It is another resource for renting Albanian housing. It provides a lot of offers (we counted about three hundred), the prices are specified per month. Minus – some descriptions are in English.

By contacting a real estate agency you can get rid of the legal subtleties and huge paperwork. Most of these agencies have offices in Tirana, so it’s easy to get in touch with them.

Agency experts will take care of the correct execution of the contract.

Representatives of these companies are not only engaged in the preparation of a package of documents, but they also select the best option for your request and act as an intermediary in negotiations with the property owner.

It is worth noting that most experienced travelers avoid direct communication with Albanian homeowners since fraud has become more frequent.

A classic example is as follows: you rent an apartment from a private person who instantly disappears with the money. The next day, you come in contact with the actual owner of the apartment, who explains to you that the apartment had been rented to the imaginary “owners” for a day and resold to you. It remains to either move or pay again.

Conclusion of an agreement

How to rent a house in AlbaniaPitfalls also exist when drawing up contracts through an agency. Reputable companies give a bunch of guarantees without firm proof, but if you have a conflict with the house owner, you will have to put things right by yourself.

In order not to be trapped, carefully read the contract and listen to insidious realtors less – their task is to scam a tenant in order to obtain a commission.

The key point is to reread the responsibilities of the parties ten times.

As a rule, the contract is drawn up according to a standard sample, but the homeowner can provide there a bunch of additional points, which you will have to strictly observe. Often you can meet the following prohibitions:

  • do not keep companies;
  • do not scratch furniture;
  • do not smoke;
  • keep quiet; and
  • no pets.

Sometimes children are the stumbling block. If your child grabs a felt pen and draws a smile on the wall – this may serve as a reason for the frontal repair of the apartment.

Make sure that the following points are stated in the rental agreement:

  • the term of the agreement;
  • dwelling parameters;
  • price;
  • payment terms;
  • the responsibility of realtors (selection and inspection of living space, support for the transaction).
Remember: a normal contract should consist of at least four sheets.
All the owner’s additional requirements must be clearly stated.

Pay attention to the following subtle aspects:

  • flatshare (can someone else live with you in an apartment);
  • pets;
  • the schedule of the owner’s visits (the procedure of visiting the suite of rooms);
  • payment of bills;
  • smoking indoors;
  • liability for potential injuries and severity thereof;
  • inventory of property; and
  • the number of potential guests (in some cases it is required to clarify their gender).

Another pitfall is the ownership.

Sometimes the apartment is owned by several people (members of the same family) – then co-owner’s additional written consent (notarized) is required for your stay. Having missed this point, you risk facing a sudden relative of the homeowner, coming to your apartment’s doorstep with a statement that he has nowhere to live.

How the Russians can get a visa to AlbaniaIt is equally important to prepare for the trip and have information about what is interesting to see in Albania. See details here. Given the history of this country, you can go through the roads of the Romans and visit the bunkers of the former ruler of our time.

Which property to rent – comparative analysis

The traveler who has stepped on the path of vacation self-planning will certainly have a question: which housing type is better? What should be preferred – a house by the sea, a spacious suite of rooms, or a regular apartment?

Each of these types of living space has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Villa – is it so off the scale?

Prices for renting accommodationVilla is a great option for noisy companies and family tourists. The term “villa” in Albania can mean anything – from a cozy one-room house to a luxurious 3-4-bedroom mansion, with terraces, a pool, and sea views.

The price varies in the relevant range, but additional factors should be taken into account, namely the sea line (first or second one), the number of beds, the presence of a pool and air conditioning, and the surrounding infrastructure.

Villa has enough advantages:

  • all family members live in the same house;
  • free arrival of guests;
  • independence from hotel rules;
  • absence of noise neighbors arranging a drunken part behind your wall;
  • financial benefits (relevant only for large companies);
  • delicious homemade food; and
  • home comfort.

Savings are possible only in the case of collective renting because the total cost of living is paid to homeowners.

You should distinguish the villa from the guesthouse – the last option is akin to a mini-hotel (you live in rooms, the owners live nearby, they feed you and regularly wash clothes). The guesthouse can be considered a “home” hotel, in which several guests stay.

The insignificant disadvantage of the villa is only its value. In comparison with an apartment and a suite of rooms, a house costs 5-10 Euros more.

Pay attention to the number of homeowners.

Rent of an apartment

Renting an Albanian apartment

The line between a suite of rooms and apartments in Albania is quite thin – and yet we will try to identify it. By the “suite of rooms” realtors imply comfortable apartments in elite residential complexes (for example, “Parus”).

Having paid money for renting such housing, you can count on:

  • high-quality repair;
  • air conditioning;
  • wide terrace or loggia;
  • furnishings;
  • kitchen and appliances;
  • underground parking; and
  • proximity to the pool and the beach.

Important aspects of a rental agreement for Albanian real estateAll these points must be listed in the rental contract.

Pay attention to the words “pool proximity” – they mean that not in all cases the residential complex is equipped with its own pool. Rather, there are very few such cases. Terraces are also rare – get ready for a regular balcony or loggia.

Sometimes under the guise of “a suite of rooms” you find yourself in a simple apartment on the second sea-line – try to avoid something like that.

The quality of Albanian housing is steadily increasing but is still inferior to the level of more civilized neighbors.

The advantages of the suite of rooms are as follows:

  • kitchen availability (you can follow your own diet);
  • the individuality of rest (although there is a little less freedom than in a rented villa);
  • planning vacation time (no need to adapt to the hotel schedule);
  • saving money (a suite of rooms is cheaper than villas and hotel rooms).

The apartment will cost you less (you can rent a pretty lousy apartment for 20 Euros/day), but at the same time, the level of comfort will be inferior to that of villas and suits of rooms.

In fact, the suit of rooms – the best price/quality combination, especially if you are not going to arrange large-scale festivities with blackjack and girls.

Price Review

Rent of a guesthouse in AlbaniaAs we have written above, the villa is the most expensive option. At, by setting the price for two people in the relevant column, you can get the following results:

  • Guesthouse in Shkoder – from 19 Euros;
  • villa in Ksamil (one bedroom for 2-4 guests) – from 30 Euros;
  • villa in Durres – about 65 Euros;
  • double house in Saranda (for 6 people) – from 50 Euros;
  • luxury mansion in Saranda with its own piece of the beach – from 150 Euros.

Guest houses are much more democratic in terms of prices. An additional advantage of guesthouses – the ability to eat without bothering about cooking. The owners can feed you, and in some guesthouses, the mini-restaurants are right on the territory.

The price range is as follows:

  • Tirana guesthouses – 18-30 Euros;
  • Vila Ronaldo guesthouse (Ksamil) – from 20 Euros;
  • Berat – 30-35 Euros.

Apartments in mountain towns are cheap enough (within 15-20 Euros), but it is worth getting to the coast as the price range grows.

The “seasonality” concept for Albanians is conditional – regardless of the winter/summer, get ready to pay 20-50 Euros for an apartment on the Adriatic or Ionic sea. The quality of the furniture and the size also do not affect the cost, so you need to travel, looking at the proposals.

Experienced travelers insist that the prices in September are lower.

The cost of apartments on different sites (and in different cities) varies, but the general trend can be traced:

  • Saranda (HC “ION”, the price depends on the month and the number of guests) – 25-60 Euros;
  • Vlore (HC “OSLO”) – the same range;
  • Saranda (weekly stay) – 160-170 Euro/week;
  • Durres (a week for four) – from 180 Euros;
  • apartment for three (Saranda, week) – from 180 Euros;
  • Pogradec (a week for four) – from 190 Euros.

The longer you rest, the more profitable the rent is. Monthly rental is the ideal option. Here are some examples:

  • Durres – 300-350 Euros;
  • Vlore – 250-500 Euros;
  • Dhermi – 500-600 Euros.
In Tirana, you can rent a decent two-room apartment with four beds for 750-800 Euros.
By dividing this amount into four people, we get 200 Euros/week or 28.5 Euros daily, which, you see, pretty affordable.

In Saranda, you can rent a two-room cottage for 400 Euros, meaning about 14-15 Euros per person per day.

Let’s summarize. Housing rental in Albania is the cheapest on the Adriatic. The resorts of the Ionian Sea are not much more expensive, so it’s time to plan an Albanian vacation at least for a month. Just contact proven realtors and carefully read the contract!

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