The most profitable way to rent a villa in Montenegro

снять виллу в Черногории

Despite the statement of travel agencies that during the high season the apartment rent will cost a lot of money, many seasoned tourists disagree with this and suggest not rushing to travel agencies for a voucher, but going to this country and renting a villa in Montenegro without assistance.

What is the best way to rent a villa in Montenegro?

Many beach lovers like to rest in Montenegro due to its clear sea and sandy beaches. The local population is very kind to the Europeans.

Thinking about finding housing through the Internet directly from the owner, it is likely that you may face a fraud. Some owners, wanting to rent their apartments at any cost, place other people’s photos, hoping that the tenants will agree to this option because of the prepayment made.

When selecting the accommodation, you must be extremely careful to find out:

  • what the view is,
  • from which side the sun rises, and
  • whether it is far from the shops and beaches.

Therefore, if possible, it is better not to rent an apartment via the Internet, but first to come and spy out the land, and then decide where to stay.

If traveling with a big company, it is possible to rent even a villa with a pool.

Do not think that only very wealthy people can rent a villa by the sea. When traveling with a large company, this option will even be profitable and will allow you to save well. Many can even afford to rent a villa with a swimming pool.

But, of course, it is very difficult to find accommodation in a foreign country, immediately getting off the plane.

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How much does it cost to rent a villa in Montenegro?

Villa with a pool

After viewing the offers on the sites, you can find many similar ads:

“For rent is a luxury villa on the first coastline, for 8 people, with its own swimming pool and garden, for 4,000 Euros per week. Marvelous seascape is visible from the windows of the villa and from the terrace.

A huge kitchen with modern appliances allows to cook delicious food in a few minutes. All rooms have air conditioning, and washing machine.”

This is the price in peak season. On site a villa by the sea can be rented much cheaper.

For example, in Montenegro, renting housing from a private trader, you will have to pay about 50 Euros per day, while in travel agencies it will cost about 100 Euros.

The international resources offer a great choice of apartments at low prices.

Language barrier stops many of our compatriots. Anyone who knows English well can find a villa on a well-established English-language website.

Therefore, it is better to book a hotel room first.
The accommodation in a hotel room for five days may cost 75 Euros on average for two people. During this time, you can resort to the local press and go in search of suitable housing.

Here are the prices you can see in local newspaper ads:

  • In the summer, one of the most expensive offers in the very popular Tivat was a spacious four-room apartment for rent at 59 Euros per day;
  • at the same time renting a small one-room apartment cost 20 Euros per day;
  • during the summer season, good apartments are rented in Bar for 300 Euros per month, provided that tenants live there for several months.

Where to rent a house?

Budva is one of the popular resorts in Montenegro. It’s very easy to find an apartment here: when getting off the bus, you can immediately see the locals with posters containing attractive offers.

The cheapest room in Budva costs 8 Euros per day. It will be located in a beautiful house, with a shower and a toilet for two rooms.

You will have to pay 8 Euros per night per room in Budva.

Cottages rental in Montenegro is very attractive for family people – it is relatively cheap and allows saving on food.

When planning a trip for a large family with minor children, it is preferable to rent a villa in Budva, since they usually have a courtyard where you can install an inflatable pool with water. In addition, here you can cook and wash clothes yourself.

The distance to the sea from the villa will be from 200 to 800 meters since the entire coastal zone in this city is occupied by hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

Budva has a huge selection of villas fit for every taste. You can rent a villa in advance, and upon arrival.

Although many believe that Budva is a very noisy city, it has many advantages:

  • It is located near the Tivat airport;
  • You can get to Budva by bus for only 3 Euros;
  • It is best to travel around Montenegro from Budva, since buses from there go to all ends of Montenegro; and
  • Budva has the cheapest and abundant food market.

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How to book accommodation?

Villa by the sea

Having decided to rent a villa before your departure, you need to know that in Montenegro villas are often comfortable cottages located near the sea, and equipped with furniture and kitchen appliances.

All their characteristics are described in detail on the sites, but you still need to be careful and vigilant, paying attention to the smallest details. So, having decided to save money, it turns out later that an additional payment is required for the use of Wi-Fi or air conditioning – that was the difference in prices for two identical houses.

For a fee, you can hire a cleaner and even a cook.

Villas or cottages are booked via the Internet according to the following algorithm:

  1. filling out a special form where you need to specify a brief information about yourself;
  2. waiting for a response from the property owner;
  3. during the correspondence, finding out the necessary details (how long the road to the beach takes, whether the cot is available, etc.), for example, you can ask to send additional photos if it is difficult to make a decision based on the photographs provided on the site; and
  4. when the choice is made, it is required to transfer an advance payment using a bank card, usually they ask to pay no more than thirty percent of the rental price, and the remaining money are handed in person.

The independent rest, without travel agency services, allows you to save a decent amount of money. Many European tourists have understood this and no longer want to feed the tour operators, preferring to independently search for accommodation in friendly Montenegro.

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