Rental of affordable accommodation, apartments and flats for rest in Montenegro

аренда жилья в Черногории без посредников

Now many tourists love to travel on their own, without buying travel vouchers. In this case, they need to take care not only about buying tickets but also about accommodation in advance. Montenegro has now become one of the most popular tourist routes. Therefore, when developing a travel plan for the country, tourists often think that renting accommodation in Montenegro without intermediaries is quite a good choice.

Accommodation rental in Montenegro, without intermediaries

It should be immediately emphasized that the accommodation rental price in Montenegro is quite high. The average price can be 1,000 Euros per week. However, if you think about renting without intermediaries, the apartment or flat rental can cost much less.

The average price of rent through intermediaries comes up to 1,000 Euros per week.

First, you need to place an announcement on the Internet on one of the specialized sites where tourists communicate with each other. Such an announcement can be seen by those travelers who have already had experience of rental from the owner. They may be able to suggest specific owners of apartments or apartments in Montenegro so that you can contact them directly.

Many homeowners themselves place detailed information about the rented flats and apartments on special sites. As a rule, after choosing the accommodation you like, an agreement is concluded between the owner and the tenant (with or without a notary), sometimes with a 25-30% advance payment. The remaining amount is paid upon arrival.

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The advantages of accommodation rental without intermediaries:

  • the main advantage is saving your money due to a lower rental price;
  • independent and self-consistent vacation planning;
  • as a rule, homeowners seek to provide the most comfortable conditions for a memorable stay, including airport transfers.

The price range for accommodation rental:

  • a flat or an economy class apartment with one bedroom at the height of the summer season will cost you about 400-500 Euros per week;
  • an apartment for 4-6 people with air conditioning – 600-650 Euros per week;
  • a nice two-bedroom apartment with a washing machine, air conditioning, and close to the sea – 800-1,000 Euros.

How to rent an apartment in Montenegro

Independent rent of apartments without intermediariesThe most budget-friendly option for a great holiday is to rent an apartment in Montenegro without intermediaries. Rental apartments directly from the owner have long been competing with the usual hotel business for tourists.

Tips to rent an apartment:

  • In January, you can start searching for apartments. Otherwise, the best options will be “snapped up”, and the rest will increase in price;
  • Pay attention to the location and distance from the beach, restaurants, nearby market places and markets. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of money on a taxi; and
  • Do not forget to clarify what exactly the apartments are equipped with, so as not to carry extra items with you or not to buy them on the spot.
  1. Petrovac is a cozy small town located in a picturesque place. It is perfect for a romantic or family rest. The climate is very mild there, and you can swim from early April until the end of November. Prices for apartment’s rental in Petrovac, depending on the location and level of comfort, are from 20 to 200 Euros per day.
  2. Becici is located on the Adriatic Sea, in a valley between two big mountains. The length of its beach is almost 2 km. Rent an apartment in Becici means to use the budget-friendly option of comfortable accommodation. Moreover, low-cost apartments are located in the city center, and along the coast. On average, an apartment in Becici will cost one tourist 40 dollars per night.
  3. Budva has long been the main tourist center of Montenegro due to the developed infrastructure, beautiful nature, and entertainment. The city is also famous for its ancient churches and monasteries. Beautiful golden beaches make tourists from all over the world come to rest and rent apartments in Budva. The apartments’ rental here is always in high demand.
    Accommodation diversity allows you to pick up apartments a few steps from the beach, and in areas with popular nightclubs and discos. Rental can be for a long term, for a month or a few days.
    Sometimes the price of renting apartments in Budva includes cooking, maid services, or interesting excursions and entertainment.
    The apartments’ rental prices here are about one and a half times higher than in other cities.
  4. Bar is a city with 20 beaches. As a rule, people seeking to rent an apartment in Bar can be fond of both relaxing and active recreation, educational tours, and nightly entertainment.
    Apartments in Bar are equipped in the most modern way and are designed for 1-5 people.
    As a rule, families with young children and large companies rent apartments.
    The apartments’ rental prices here range from 25 to 60 Euros per day.

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Renting an apartment: how to rent an apartment in Montenegro

Recently, apartment rental without intermediaries has become very popular. The apartments have everything you need for a comfortable stay – houseware, furniture, and equipment.

The price of renting apartments in Montenegro is quite acceptable. Thus, apartments for two with a kitchen and a separate bathroom will cost 30 Euros per day. The proximity of apartments to the sea, the number of rooms and their quality immediately increase the cost of their rent.

In addition to secondary accommodation, new apartments are also offered, the rental of which is much more expensive. However, if the conditions of comfortable living for you are of high priority, then you should pay attention to them.

If you are planning a long-term business trip to Montenegro, it is better to rent an apartment for a long time. Such apartments are fully equipped with everything necessary for living, and long-term rental of an apartment will cost much less than staying at a hotel for such a long time.

  1. In Budva, you can rent a fairly cheap apartment.
    • Renting a one-room apartment in Budva in a private house will cost 20 Euros, and in a high-riser – 30 Euros per day.
    • Renting a two-bedroom well-equipped apartment with a balcony and a picturesque view of the sea will cost you 50 Euros per day.

    This price is much lower than those for similar apartments in the neighboring resorts.

  2. The apartments rental in Bar differs by reasonable prices since the number of tourists here does not compete with other cities.
    • You can even rent a one-room apartment for two near the sea for 10 Euros per day.

Having chosen to rest in the rented apartments or apartments of Montenegro, you will thereby make a reasonable choice in favor of the most comfortable and inexpensive vacation in such a picturesque and hospitable country. You can set apart the money saved for new travels.

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