Categories of Montenegrin Hotels

Классификация о комплекс услуг в отелях Черногории

Categories of Montenegrin hotels are marked with stars according to standards.

There are all 5 types of hotels that provide tourists with services. In order to avoid problems related to this, let’s figure out how the categories differ.

  1. One-star hotels:
    • There is no shower or bath in the room, bathrooms and toilets are located on the floor;
    • The room has a mirror, a sink, perhaps a radio;
    • Each floor has a fridge and TV; and
    • Towels are replaced every 3 days and bed linen every 5 days.
  2. Two-star hotels: practically the same amenities as in one-star hotels. Bed linen is replaced every 3 days, and in the hotel there is a restaurant.
  3. Three-star hotels:
    • Each room has a bathroom with shower and toilet;
    • Each room has a fridge, air conditioning and TV;
    • Towels are replaced daily and bed linen every 3 days; and
    • The hotel has car parking, business center and hairdresser.
  4. Four-star hotels – the same services as in three-star hotel:
    • Each room has a telephone, soap, shampoo and a shower gel;
    • Towels are replaced daily;
    • The front door is equipped with a security lock; and;
    • The hotel has a sports complex, car rental, beauty salon.
  5. Five-star hotels provide the best quality service.
    Services are almost the same as in a four-star hotel. Besides, in each room there is an additional second toilet and a telephone in the bathroom.

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