Montenegrin Hotels are pearls of the Adriatic Sea that have their own beaches

Отели Черногории

Everybody wants to spend vacations and get the memories that will please the whole year. If you choose Montenegrin hotels, your stories about beaches and excursions will be interesting for all your relatives and friends.

If you come to Montenegro once, you are sure to return here again and again.

A small country on the picturesque Adriatic coast that gained its independence not so long ago has managed to fully make use of its freedom. It took it less than 10 years to turn from an unknown area of ​​Yugoslavia into a popular, developing resort of the universal importance.

Montenegrin hotels with their sandy beaches both for children and royals

Most of the Montenegrin coast consists of cobblestones and fine pebbles. However, can you imagine a sea beach without soft pliable sand? It is a great pleasure to sunbath lying on it. Besides, the sandy shore is often flat enough – if you want to get to the depth, you will have to walk more than a dozen meters. Therefore, it is very convenient to relax on such beaches with children.

  1. VelikaPlaza 3* Hotel. Natural sandy beaches are located in the south of Montenegro, near the city of Ulcin. At the very beginning of the Big Beach that stretches for 13 kilometers, there is the VelikaPlaza 3* Hotel. This is more likely to be a hotel complex consisting of 24 apartments for two families and 15 triple bungalows surrounded by lush greenery. The hotel rooms have everything you need. The restaurant offers breakfast and dinner. Sports grounds, a night club and a disco let you relax fully. There are only 250 meters to the sea. Here there is famous Big Beach made up of soft volcanic sand.
  2. Becici Hotel Complex. As far as two kilometers from Budva there is another resort town with a golden sandy beach –Becici. It is not so noisy and crowded as the Slavic Beach, but it is as popular. The Becici beach is recognized as the best in Europe. Therefore, the hotel complex consisting of 5 hotels is visited by the whole families for water sports or beach soccer. The resort has all tourist infrastructure – restaurants, cafes, shops, and sports facilities.
  3. SvetiStefan 5* Island Hotel. SvetiStefan known far beyond the Adriatic coast is famous for its reddish beaches. This is one of the few 5* hotels in Montenegro celebrities from all over the world visit. Therefore, its sandy beaches are no longer publicly available. The beaches of Milocer, Royal and Queen’s Beach are the most comfortable and beautiful places on St. Stephen’s Island. However, they are either paid, or sun loungers and an umbrella will cost you as much as you will pay for a day when living in an ordinary hotel on the shore.

Sandy beaches of Montenegro for rest with childrenFamily holidays require special conditions. It is better to choose sandy beaches of Montenegro for resting with children.

If your children are preschoolers, you have a great opportunity to come to Montenegro for holidays with children in September, read here. Deserted beaches, mild climate and warm sea – these are the advantages of your rest in early autumn.

Slavic Beach Hotel in Montenegro is cheap and sophisticated

Budva is considered to be the tourist center of the country. Here you will find the largest number of various hotels, apartments for every taste and budget, and this is all almost on the seashore.

Slavic Beach, the largest one in the country, is located in the city. Its length is more than 1.5 kilometers, and its width is 40 meters.

There is an interesting fact about it. A hundred years ago these shores were considered uncomfortable for rest, and small pebbles did not attract even locals. Today this is one of the most visited beaches in the country.

SlovenskaPlaza 3*, the tourist complex, stretched here in the park area at the walls of the Old Town. It formed a town of 3-storey hotels connected by paths and alleys.

There are more than one thousand rooms and apartments here. These are mainly three-star hotels, but there are also four-star hotels.

Budva is the tourist center of Montenegro with the largest number of rooms.

Regardless of the number of stars, tourist services are at a rather high level, and the staff is friendly towards all guests.

The Slavic Beach complex has everything you need for a good rest:

  • If food is included in the package, the menu is a bit monotonous, although the dishes are quite good: meat, lots of vegetables.
    Admirers of seafood and other delicious dishes can visit cheap cafes and restaurants located around the coast.
  • Rooms are equipped with everything you may need: ​​there is a refrigerator, air conditioning, telephone, and TV. In the bathroom there is a shower and a toilet. Almost in all rooms there is a balcony or a terrace.
  • There are two large pools with salt and fresh water and a pool for children. Sun loungers and umbrellas are free for hotel guests. There are from 30 to 150 meters to the sea, but on the municipal beach all services are provided on a paid basis.
  • The hotel has 14 tennis courts, once a week you can play for 1 hour for free. There is a football field, a basketball court, and ping pong tables.
  • Children can play on an excellent playground with inflatable slides, trampolines, swings and many other gaming activities. While your child is entertained by animators, you can do water aerobics or yoga.
  • Adults can spend time in numerous bars and restaurants. There are several discos, shops and souvenir kiosks, and parking.
  • During various excursions offered for a very reasonable price you will learn about sights of Old Budva and its surroundings. Those who wish to quietly swim in the sea and sunbathe alone may go to sandy beaches of St. Nicholas Island by boat.

Since the Slavic beach is the most popular place for holidays in Montenegro, it is very crowded here.

At the daytime you can attend various concerts, listen to an orchestra, and take part in sports competitions. The resort life does not stop even at night – as soon as it gets dark, nightclubs and discos open their doors, there are open air cinemas, and numerous cliques walk along the embankment. Music is everywhere.

Therefore, SlovenskaPlaza is more suitable for young people and those who love active rest, full of activities, excursions, and walks.

Montenegro – tours in SeptemberThe velvet season offers not only a beach holiday. See what tours to Montenegro you can choose in September.

See the rules on what and how much you can bring from Montenegro.

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Private beaches – the spirit of the times

Own beaches of hotels in MontenegroThe whole coastline of Montenegro is a state property and the entrance to any beach should be free for tourists.

However, some hotels either separate off their land with free entrance only for their guests, or you have to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas.

  • In the vicinity of Budva there are about 10 different beaches – from the crowded Slavic beach to the secluded Guvance that is only 80 meters long. Tourists think that sandy beaches of Mogren 1 and 2 connected by a small tunnel are the best. You can get there only along the path leading from Hotel Avala Resort & Villas 4*, although the hotel has its own beach. Here you can find the largest casino in Montenegro.
  • As far as two kilometers from Budva there is another famous resort – Becici. Here you can find the most luxurious hotel in Montenegro – Splendid Conference & Spa Resort, the only five-star hotel in the area that has its own beach and wellness center. Recently Hotel Mediteran 4* has opened a water park. You have to pay for entering it if you are not the hotel guest.
The hotel located in the bay considers the entire coast as its own private beach.

However, if the hotel is located in a cozy bay, almost the entire coast can be considered as its own beach. In addition, there is no noise here, no influx of tourists in the high season, because prices in such hotels are considerably higher than at other resorts of the country.

  • The Sveti Stefan hotel island is beyond any competition. This is where world celebrities, Hollywood stars, major politicians and businessmen spend their vacations. The elite hotel complex that occupies the whole island offers its guests cozy beautiful beaches with pink sand and various entertainments like diving or renting a yacht.
    Not far from the island, in a secluded coastline bay, there are villas and hotels chosen by Serbian governors for recreation. Today, the President of Montenegro loves to spend his holidays in this cozy place.
  • The Maestral Resort & Casino 4* hotel awaits guests on the shore of a nearby bay. It offers luxury rooms and apartments with sea views, casino gaming rooms, any kind of outdoor activities and, of course, its own beach with soft, silky sand.

It is possible to endlessly speak about Montenegro. Each resort is good in its own way and has enthusiastic admirers. In order to fully evaluate all advantages of this country, you need to visit it at least once.

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