The best Montenegro hotels

Замки-отели Черногории для проживания туристов

A vast choice of good Montenegro hotels waits for tourists. Their classification corresponds to the international hotel rating system.

Hotels that have not passed their certification yet are marked with letters: А corresponds to one star, В — 2 stars, and С — 3 stars.

The following hotels are considered to be the most refined in Montenegro:Aquamarin, Danica, Jovana, Villa Montenegro, Bella Vista, and Institute Dr.Simo Milosevic.

  • Those willing to visit Budva Riviera should take into account that travel agents recommend the Ada Bojana*** Hotel. It offers high level of service for low price.
  • At Ulcinj Riviera there are two nice 2-star hotels: Grand Lido and Bellevue.
  • At Herceg Novi Riviera the best hotel is Institute Igalo. It has high-quality seafront rooms as well as a recreation center. The beach is some 50 meters away from the hotel.

Choosing a hotel in Montenegro, one should not concentrate on official rating only. Sometimes unpretentious town hotels may offer much better accommodation compared to famous hotels filled with tourists.

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