Renting a villa in Italy by the sea: prices, traps, pitfalls, and suggestions

Как снять в аренду виллу у моря в Италии

Independent travelers have long known that renting a villa in Italy on the Adriatic coast allows saving much more than when booking a hotel room. Another advantage is complete freedom of action and no restrictions.

We’ll review villas of the Italian Adriatic today. We’ll tell you where to search for offers, explore pitfalls, learn to conclude contracts, and “get rid” of multiple intermediaries. You’ll get a review of coastal prices as a bonus.

Nuances of renting a villa in Italy by the sea

Renting a house on the Italian Adriatic coastItalians offer many options for people who wish to rent accommodation by the sea in Tuscany, Rimini and other blessed areas. It’s all about money – you can rent anything:

  • air bungalows;
  • tiny sheds;
  • multi-story villas; and
  • huge mansions.

It must be remembered that several determining factors influence the cost and conditions of rent. These factors primarily influence seaside real estate, and they are listed below:

  1. When it is better to deal with renting a house by the sea in ItalySeasonality. The rule of seasonality is the following: the best time to rent accommodation in popular resorts in winter.
    Savvy travelers think about renting in December, and January is a period of active booking for them. If you miss January/February, you’ll find far less adequate offers in March.
    Don’t be upset: the base is updates with current offers in June/April again, but prices are 20-50% higher.
  2. Beach rental. The closer the villa to the sea, the higher its price.
    There are owners who raise prices by 30-40% only because their villa is located on the first beach line.
    If it’s not a fashionable resort, it becomes almost impossible to “claim” a spot on the first line amid the high season.
  3. Important aspects of renting a house by the sea in ItalyProperty parameters. If you think about renting a villa, you need to consider a number of issues that may initially seem insignificant, for example:
    • brand of the air conditioner,
    • pool size,
    • the proximity of a grocery store (or an affordable restaurant), and
    • availability of a hammock and the number of refrigerators.

    Sometimes, the task becomes more complicated for traveling families: they need a cot, access to a pediatrician, specific entertainment (water slides, playgrounds), and a special menu at nearby restaurants.

  4. When it is better to rent a villa in ItalyWeather. You should also take the climatic features of the selected region into account. All Italians go on vacation in August. This results in a wide-scale closure of shops, cafes, and trattorias. Days of extreme heat can come in some regions (Sicily, sometimes the Adriatic), – up to 40°C.

Experienced tourists know that is a universal portal for finding and renting housing.

The website has a convenient search feature that allows filtering offers by the following parameters:

  • region;
  • city;
  • dates of arrival;
  • number of travelers; and
  • purpose of the trip.

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Legal nuances of renting a house

Around a million residential buildings stay empty in Italy. This seems weird because homes on the coast can be rent to tourists and bring good money.

However, it turns out that the imperfection of local laws favors tenants only. If you don’t have money anymore but still stay at the house, the owner can only force you to move out via the court. However, litigation in Italy can last forever …

It is better to start looking for suitable accommodation using the above websites, and only after that turn to private ads and newspapers. It’s hard to rent a villa in Italy without intermediaries – such ads are very rare.

Experienced tourists are looking for accommodation on

How to rent a house on the Italian coastVery few homeowners independently develop websites and promote their villas online. However, it will be hard to find them.

Suppose you have found a suitable owner, arranged a meeting and came to Italy hoping for easy rent. Get ready for the detailed interrogation: a homeowner will want to know:

  • your occupation;
  • place of work;
  • availability of a bank account; and
  • name of the bank where the account is opened.

The homeowner may not be satisfied with your informal salary, and you will be simply refused.

Drawing up a contract

You will need to hire a real estate agent to draw up a contract.

The date of drawing up the document is agreed in advance, then you meet the agent and the homeowner, pay the fee (you pay half, and the homeowner pays the other half), and draw up a contract stipulating all the nuances of the future rent. After that, the agent heads to the town council and registers the contract there.

A standard clause in the contract requires a deposit – the villa owner charges you 2-3 monthly salaries (as a deposit), which will be repaid to you after you hand over the keys and move out. The owner checks the safety of all items (even cups and forks), records the reading from the counters and carefully searches for the slightest damage. You can safely move out after this procedure. All the above nuances apply to a long-term rent. Short-term contracts are somewhat simpler.

Looking for accommodation on the Venice Riviera

There are not many luxury villas on the Venice Riviera. However, there are many cozy places for family entertainment. Riviera stretches for about a hundred kilometers from Venice itself: you can easily stay in a cozy home designed for 2-3 families here.

Island Albarella is situated here – a private territory with restricted access.

This is a safe and secure place. The island is under the 24/7 supervision of a security agency. Vacationers have magnetic badges and mainly move around by bicycles.

Albarella is built-up with detached houses.

Accommodation on Venice Riviera is relatively cheap and is ranked “below average”.

Accommodation in a villa in the province of Marche will cost approximately 1,000 Euros per week. The inexpensive villas are mostly concentrated in Gabicce Mare.

Accommodation in Rimini

Housing in Rimini is quite affordable. The average price for a villa ranges within 500-2,000 Euros per week. Below are some examples:

  • Villa in the center. The house has everything you may need: a refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, and a dishwasher. The sea is 300 meters away. 10 beds. The price is 2,000 Euros.
  • Villa in Verucchio. Lonely place next to San Marino. 6 beds, about 10 km from the sea. Correspondingly, the price is 1,000 Euros.
  • Villa with no air conditioning. Sometimes quite harsh options are found. No air conditioning, no pool, 5 km from the sea. The price is 500 Euros.

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Overview of prices by the sea

Let’s take a look at other parts of the Italian Adriatic to estimate the price range.

  • Renting a house in LignanoLignano. The widest range of offers in the range of 500-2,000 Euros. You can find a cozy house with 3 bedrooms and 8 beds, immersed in greenery and situated just 300 meters from the sea. More luxurious options have a swimming pool (Lignano Pineta), are designed for 10 people, and cost about 2,000 Euros.
  • Lido di Jesolo. There are fewer options because apartments dominate in this area. A good price for housing in Lido di Venezia is 1,000 Euros. This is a price for 6-8 beds 300-600 meters away from the sea.
  • Riccione. You can find lots of awesome options on Airbnb and then agree on rentals directly with the homeowner. You can find housing for 470-600 Euros per week or rent it daily.
  • Ravenna. You can choose a decent house in Ravenna for 560-700 Euros on Airbnb. It will include air conditioning, a kitchen, a washing machine, and a fridge as essential attributes of the deal.
  • Cervia. The price range is wide here. You can rent an apartment for 360 Euros per week or spend the whole thousand. All this is without intermediaries.

As you can see, it is not a problem to find a cozy house on the Adriatic. The main thing is to be aware of the key resources in the search and do this in advance.

If you have decided to save, please contact the owner directly. However, if you want to avoid problems, it is better to cooperate with an agency. Bon Voyage!

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