Istrian resorts are a fairy-tale from which you don’t want to return

Полуостров Истрия - изюминка Хорватии с прекрасным пляжным отдыхом в комфортабельных отелях

The cleanest sea and wonderful air are on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, which is the most popular region for tourists.

In such a wonderful and very quiet atmosphere, interesting excursion programs and many opportunities for comfortable rest are offered.

The cities of Istria can be compared to open-air museums.

Resort Istria

Many resorts are located on this picturesque peninsula surrounded by greenery. Wherever you decide to stay, wonderful Croatian hotels and friendly staff are waiting for their guests everywhere in Istria.

The main resorts of Istria are:

  • Porec,
  • Rovinj,
  • Pula,
  • Novigrad,
  • Medulin,
  • Umag,
  • Lovran,
  • Vrsar,
  • Opatija,
  • Rabac,
  • Krk (eastern part of the peninsula), and
  • Brijuni Islands (western part).

You can rent a room in traditional hotels or in villas and bungalows complexes, apartments, family hotels, and hotels of world hotel chains.

To choose the most suitable place, you should look at the Istrian peninsula on a map of Croatia:

Map of Istrian resorts

Beach rest

Istria is an ideal place for a beach holiday in Croatia in terms of price and quality.

The peninsula has a freakishly rugged coastline. There are many coves of great beauty. Along the coast, there are many different cafes, restaurants and bars.

Istria is an ideal place for beach rest in terms of quality and price!

It is difficult to find sandy beaches here, but in Istria, there are many beaches with finely polished pebbles, and rocky ones, with huge boulders, and concrete beaches are also present.

There are special nudist beaches in Istria. Paths from hotels to the sea go through the green parks. There are no dirty beaches here; they are all clean and comfortable.

The artificially created beaches have stairs to make it easier to descend into the sea. Those who do not like the rocky bed can buy special shoes.

Each hotel beach is equipped with a shower. For tourists with children, there are specially designated areas on the beaches with small pebbles.

Due to the stone relief, the sea is crystal clear. If you cannot do without the sandy beach, you can stay in Medulin – this is the most popular and main beach resort in Istria.

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Istria is a great place for ecotourism. Sport-minded tourists should definitely visit the town of Ravna Gora – a true paradise for those who love climbing, mountaineering, and cycling.

There are various cycling routes and hiking trails throughout Istria. A magnificent sports center is located in Umag, where professional tennis players from all over Europe and even the world come.

Perfect quality of court coatings and low prices amaze many people. International men’s tennis tournaments are held annually in Umag.

Croatia is a very sporting country, with sports facilities in almost every hotel in Istria.


Istria has many sights:


Sights of Istria - PorecThe city, built in the classical Roman style, is very interesting from the architectural point of view.

Its two main streets intersect with each other, forming a cross.

In the center of Porec, there is a square, which was covered with cobblestones in the second century of our era.

In this city, you should visit the famous Cathedral Basilica, decorated with beautiful Byzantine mosaics. In the old part of Porec, there are small squares in which century-old pines.


The city is amazingly attractive. It has a lot of cobbled, crooked streets, which are steeply uphill in some places.

The Church of St. Euphemia and the bell tower with a bronze sculpture of St. Eufemia at its very top stand in the center of Rovinj. It rotates and shows the direction of the wind.

This city is like a fairy kingdom. All the streets of Rovinj have preserved traces of a long history.

Tips for travelers:

  • Be sure to visit two of the seven national parks of Croatia – Plitvice Lakes and the Brioni archipelago.
  • Be sure to enjoy the famous prsut, sheep cheese, seafood and the most delicate lamb.
  • It is worth enjoying inexpensive table wines: “Malvazia” – white wine, “Teran” (or Terrano) – red wine. One of the best elite wines: Cabernet is a red wine produced in Porec.


The medieval city is located away from the sea, on a high hill, and is surrounded by the walls of an old fortress.


It is the largest city of Istria. Here is the international airport, providing the easiest way to get to Istria.

The city has preserved a large variety of attractions from Roman times. The Colosseum of the Roman Empire built in the first century is located in the historical part of Pula.

The amphitheatre, in which gladiator fights took place earlier, has perfectly preserved, and now concerts are held in it. Istria has many other architectural landmarks.


Brijuni Archipelago National Park Istria is famous for its picturesque coast, where amazingly beautiful pine forests and vineyards grow

Hum – the smallest town in the world – is located there.

The Brioni national park is located next to it. It is located on the archipelago, consisting of 2 large and 12 small islands.

The Gulf of Lim, which extends several kilometers into the peninsula, is interesting for tourists.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park covers an area of more than 200 square kilometers. Sixteen turquoise lakes surrounded by virgin forests and ninety-two terraced waterfalls are constantly open to the public.

You can take a motorboat excursion or go around the park on a small train.

In the Motovun Forest, you can search for truffles.

The Baredine Cave known for its unusual stalactites and stalagmites is located not far from Porec. Passing through the cave halls and corridors, you can go down to the cave lakes.

Excursions to the Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes have been declared a national park and listed by UNESCO in the list of world natural monuments. The territory of the park is more than 200 square kilometers, representing a cascade of 16 lakes connected by 92 terraced waterfalls. The lakes are surrounded by dense, untouched forest, and the water in them is of amazing turquoise color
All lakes are open to the public: tourists can take a tour around the entire park on a small train or motorboat. Usually, the program takes a whole day. The trip in one direction will take more than four hours.


In Croatia, there are small home restaurants, which are called “konoba”. You can taste various Croatian and Mediterranean dishes at a price of 10 Euro per dish.

The Istrian cuisine deserves special mention. Here you can order a variety of seafood dishes, such as grilled calamari, sea clams, risotto with cuttlefish, and sea fish dishes.

Istrian table wines are very tasty. Prices for everything are very low.

In the town of Motovun, you can taste wine and truffles for free. If you like them, you can buy a mixture of milled truffles, cheese and sausages with truffles, and olive oil.

Istria produces the purest olive oil, and local wines are Italian competitors.

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Real Estate in Istria

The number of Europeans buying Croatian real estate in Istria increases every year. Tourists like the favorable climate here, the cleanest sea, the benevolent Croats.

Apartments in the coastal zone, land, villas, and houses inside the peninsula are offered for sale in Istria.

Budget apartments of a small area overlooking the sea in Porec, Rovinj and Pula are in very high demand.

Secondary housing is sold well. The prices of real estate in Istria are kept stable relative to other regions. Buying a property in Istria is a great investment. In Croatia, there are no taxes on land and real estate.

The closer to the sea, the higher the price: a villa by the sea will cost you 3,000 Euros per sq.m. In the mountains, in the middle of the vineyards, in some quiet rural areas, wonderful houses for 1,000 Euros per sq.m. are sold.

You can find suitable housing with the help of real estate agencies.

Istria is often compared to Italian Tuscany, but life here is much cheaper and calmer.

In Croatia, there is almost no theft; you can safely leave home without locking the door, which is what many Croats do.

Istria is a real fairy-tale from which you don’t want to leave.

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