The most beautiful National Parks of Croatia

Blue lakes, romantic river landscapes, bizarre rock formations and dense forests – the national parks of Croatia welcome visitors with breathtaking landscapes and rich flora and fauna. Once in the country, you should definitely visit at least one national park of Croatia located near ancient cities.

Plitvice Lakes: a dream in turquoise color

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a picturesque gem in the central Croatia. The Korana River, flowing through the national park, winds through a stormy karst landscape, forming 16 turquoise Plitvice Lakes, connected by underground streams and impressive Croatian waterfalls. When you visit the forests and mountains of the Croatian National Park, you can capture thundering waterfalls, mysterious grottoes and fantastic landscapes of Plitvice Lakeswith your camera.

Krka – a natural paradise

Some of Europe’s most beautiful waterfalls are located in the Croatian national park Krka in Northern Dalmatia. Once in the center of the Krka National Park in Croatia, it is hard to believe that this natural sight is in Europe and not in the tropics: the emerald green lake is fed by a fast-moving waterfall. The Krka River in a national park in Croatia descends 800 m by several cascading slopes.

In the Krka National Park you can take off your clothes and take a refreshing dip in the lake – a popular bathing spot. Boats depart from the charming Croatian town of Skradin to the Skradinsky Buk Falls, located in the Krka National Park. Cycling and hiking trails are well developed, and trails are laid out over breathtaking terrain. A monastery was built on the idyllic island of Visovac in Krka in the 14th century. Visiting Krka in Croatia in spring or autumn, you can watch the migration of birds staying in the national park.

Brioni – a lonely island world

The Brioni National Park covers two large and 12 small islands in Croatia. This Mediterranean natural paradise includes dense forests, a variety of flora, fauna, and millennial remains of early settlements. Eucalyptus trees, laurel bushes, flowering oleanders and palm trees thrive in coastal areas. This is a fantastic area for swimming and diving.

Visit Croatia’s breathtaking natural landscapes in the Krka and Brioni National Parks, and you will be fascinated by the impressive mountain areas, ponds, and pristine.

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