The best places to rest in Italy by the sea: an overview of the top resorts of the Adriatic Sea and all five seas

Где отдохнуть в Италии

The Italian resort infrastructure is designed for lovers of beach, ski and sightseeing recreation. As the summer approaches, we are tormented by the question: which Italian resorts are considered to be the best on the coast? Some tourists tend to relax with the lowest monetary costs, while others take a child with them. We will try to highlight the best places for rest in Italy, breaking them down by months, find the most budget-friendly resorts and find out where children feel themselves comfortable.

At the end of the article, we will list the top resorts for families.

Where to rest in Italy?

If we break the Italian resorts into zones, we will have a very diverse picture:

  • Tyrrhenian Sea resorts. The thing is about the fertile Tuscan lands, traditionally considered to be the medieval heart of Italy.
    This is where Lido di Camaiore – the most famous beach in Tuscany – is located.
  • Mediterranean Islands. Sicily and Sardinia bear the palm. There are plenty of beaches on the islands, which are perfectly equipped and designed for various categories of holidaymakers.
    There are large, wild, and secluded beaches.
  • Ligurian resorts. Cote d’Azur smoothly flows into a chain of fashionable beach resorts of Liguria. This region has sandy-pebble and stony beaches, and bohemian atmosphere reigns everywhere.
    The most significant resorts are:
    • Genoa,
    • Bordighera,
    • Sanremo,
    • Rapallo, and
    • Alassio.
  • Adriatic coast. The region is characterized by a vibrant nightlife and a well-developed infrastructure.
    Rest on the Adriatic is cheaper than in fashionable Liguria, and in summer it is not as hot as in the southern regions. Top resorts:
    • Rimini,
    • Riccione, and
    • Cattolica.
  • Neapolitan Riviera.The Gulf of Naples belongs to the Tyrrhenian Sea basin.
    The popularity of local resorts is growing steadily, as beach and festival holidays go well with an overview of sights.In addition to Naples, the leading resorts are the islands of Ischia and Capri.

The Adriatic coast covers several regions that also deserve mention:

  • Venice Riviera;
  • Adriatic Riviera;
  • Apulia; and
  • Abruzzo.

Thermal resort Varaždin in CroatiaIn search for the cleanest beaches of the Adriatic Sea, it is worth paying attention to the resorts of Croatia, which are also famous for curative springs and hospitable cuisine.
Going on a voyage along the Adriatic coast, learn where it is better to stay in Montenegro in order to ensure a comfortable rest.

Where to rest in May?

In May, the resorts in Italy are still pretty cool, and in some places cloudiness is possible. Therefore, making such an early journey, be attentive to the choice of the place of accommodation.

  • Capri. During the day the temperature is about 20 °C, at night – 17 °C, and the water warms up to 19°C. Three cloudy days are unlikely to darken your vacation, taking into account the other climatic indicators. Many celebrities, including Gorky and Chaliapin, rested here.
    The ferry service joins Capri with Naples, so even tan can be combined with informative excursions. There are few well-equipped beaches, but with plenty of secluded coves.
  • Naples. This is the administrative center of Campania and one of the most beautiful Italian places. Splendid castles, fortresses, churches and the palazzo are piled up on rocky ledges, rising to cloudless skies.
    Main sights:
    • the fortress of Sant Elmo,
    • Palazzo Reale Palace,
    • Castel Nuovo, and
    • nearby Vesuvius.

    The price of accommodation varies depending on the distance from the beach line.

  • Genoa. The daytime temperature is kept at around 20°C, the sea warms up to 22°C, but at night it is pretty cool – around 9°C. Therefore, it is worth stocking up with warm things for evening walks.
    In Europe, Genoa is considered to be one of the most beautiful port cities.
    Here is a lot of architectural monuments:
    • churches,
    • cathedrals,
    • museums,
    • theatres, and
    • palaces.

    Genoa is also home to the Biosfera, a unique greenhouse covered with a dome and recreating a tropical climate.

Best places for summer rest

Summer holidays in Italy are notable for their:

  • mild Mediterranean atmosphere,
  • lack of sizzling heat,
  • the abundance of excursions and entertainment.

But still, what are the best places to rest in the summer? Many Italian beaches are marked with “blue flags”, which allows you to safely go there with children.

June and July

In June, sudden warming is observed – the air temperature at most resorts rises to 22-28 °C.

In Italy, July is the hottest month.

In July, the heat reaches a peak which is especially evident on the southern beaches and Mediterranean islets.

  1. Sanremo. The pearl of the Italian Riviera – Sanremo – adorns the West of the Ligurian coast. The easiest way to get here is through Nice, followed by a transfer to a rented car.
    If you prefer independent travels, you can combine a vacation in San Remo with a visit to Nice, Saint-Tropez, and Monaco.
    The appearance of San Remo in the middle of summer:
    • sun,
    • greenery,
    • palm, and
    • azure sea.

    The beaches here are mostly sandy ones.

  2. Giglio. This Mediterranean island is located off the west coast of Italy. It is here that granite that turned into columns of Roman palaces had been mined. The island attracts mainly diving enthusiasts. The surroundings of Punto Fenaio are the most beautiful ones.
    The seabed here is inhabited by exotic animals, which include:
    • hedgehog ducks,
    • sea urchins,
    • anemones, and
    • sunfish.

    The coral cliff of the Cape and the lighthouse built on it are extremely beautiful.

  3. Cinque Terre. It is a reserved place nestled on the Ligurian coast between Pisa and Genoa.The resort area includes five picturesque villages:
    • Corniglia,
    • Monterosso,
    • Manarola,
    • Vernazza, and
    • Riomaggiore.

    The sandy beach is only in Monterosso with the stony and steep surroundings of the remaining villages.

    Mostly lonely tourists and experienced gourmets come in Cinque Terre due to excellent fish restaurants enjoying universal love.

  4. Sorrento. It is the pearl of the Gulf of Naples. The city is famous for steep cliffs, which offer stunning panoramas. That is why the most fashionable Sorrento hotels are built on rocky ledges.Once upon a time Dickens, Byron, Stendal, and Gorky drew inspiration here.
    You will have to pay heavily for the quality of local beaches: the entrance fee is 10 Euros per day. Therefore, we recommend choosing hotels with private beaches.

Rest in August

Portofino Resort in ItalyThe August temperature in most Italian resorts reaches 30-33°C, and there are practically no cloudy days.

  • Portofino. This tiny town with ancient history is included in the list of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The name of the town is translated as “Dolphin Port”. Today this place is considered elite and extremely prestigious one. It is the place for the rest of stars of show business, prominent politicians, and financial tycoons.
    The town is located in the middle of the National Park, so it has the ideal local ecology.Refined cuisine with fried fish, seafood salads, anchovies, and dried cod will complement the pleasant rest.
  • Lido Di Jesolo. It is the provincial town, spread out on the Adriatic. The rhythm of life here is slow and measured one. The beaches are sandy, with shallow descents.It is good to come here with children, but there are subtleties that we must warn about.
    The paid beaches in Lido are very carefully monitored:
    • the sand is leveled,
    • no garbage,
    • rescue service is working.

    But the picture is radically different on the free beach. There you are left only to your own devices.

  • Rimini. Perhaps it is the most popular Adriatic resort in Italy. The climate in Rimini is subtropical and extremely mild one. In summer, temperatures range from 26-27°C.
    The infrastructure is well developed: there are countless restaurants where you can taste dishes of:
    • Indian,
    • Japanese,
    • European, and
    • Russian cuisine.

    Rimini also offers:

    • terms,
    • spa hotel,
    • wellness center,
    • dolphinarium, and
    • water park.

Rest in IstriaCozy bays with unspoilt beaches, Venetian-style towns, beautiful monuments of architecture – you will find all this in Istria – a resort region in the northern part of Croatia.
Here is the answer to the question that many tourists are interested in: where is it cheaper to rest in Croatia or Montenegro? Let your rest succeed in all respects.
The prices for rest in Slovenia are no less interesting Here the beauty of nature, ancient castles and modern high-class rest are perfectly combined.

Mellow season: Italian September

With the onset of the mellow season, the heat in the south of Italy subsides somewhat, but you will not encounter a full-fledged fall in the “northern” format.

In this period the rest is especially atmospheric and unique one.
  • Venice. The famous City of Canals has also spread over the Adriatic. Narrow streets, bridges and canals – all this is literally saturated with medieval and rich maritime history.
    It is worth going to Venice for the sake of:
    • a trip on the Grand Canal;
    • the contemplation of the Doge’s Palace; and
    • walks on the Bridge of Sighs and Piazza San Marco.
  • Cervia. This town is nestled in Emilia-Romagna region, adjacent to the Adriatic coast.Due to the warm climate, gentle sandy beaches and clear water, it is famous among family travelers.
    Local beaches are assigned to the clubs. The disadvantage of such a system is that you have to pay 5-10 Euros per day for the rest. The advantage is well-grooming and cleanliness.
  • Cattolica. This resort is considered the “queen” of the Adriatic. The sea here is clean and safe, as evidenced by the Blue Flag.
    Lovers of active recreation will enjoy the availability of:
    • water entertainment,
    • tennis courts, and,
    • golf hotels.

Budget-friendly options for marine rest

Most of the above resorts belong to the expensive ones.

However, everything is relative: you can settle in the private sector, on the 2nd beach line, or in a family mini-hotel.

To facilitate the search, we picked up a couple of budget resorts for connoisseurs of “freeload”.

Venice is leading in terms of high prices, which, however, does not surprise anyone.

If you want to save money, go round by:

  • Milan,
  • Florence; and
  • Bolzano.

Here is the list of the cities where you can relax by the sea at a low price, hotels here are also considered cheap (up to 100 Euros per night):

  • Naples;
  • Palermo;
  • Bologna;
  • Genoa; and
  • Torino.

It is worth noting Rimini and Lido Di Ezolo among the popular budget-friendly resorts.

Many tourists praise Lignano, located near Trieste and Venice.

Riccione is another acceptable option.

Where to rest with children?

Sea rest in Italy with childrenChildren’s holidays in Italy are extremely popular and have a number of significant advantages:

  • useful mountain air;
  • уunique antique sights (which makes any trip a fascinating tour);
  • safety (educated Italians are very caring and famous for reverent attitude to visiting children);
  • great ecology (five seas with healing iodized air);
  • seclusion (in Italy there are enough seldom-visited resorts with high-quality transport links.

June and the first decade of September are the ideal times for traveling with a child.

Prices in hotels will be relatively low, and the sea – moderately warm.

Below is the list of the top three resorts, ideal for family rest.

Please note: they include very budget-friendly options.

Top 3 Italian Resorts for family rest

  1. Rimini. If there was a standard of Italian hospitality, it would be in Rimini. The shallow sea and fine sand together with a gentle descent is a real paradise for kids.
    Preference must be given to paid beaches, as they can provide:
    • umbrellas,
    • sun loungers,
    • showers, and
    • changing rooms.

    But the main “tricks” of Rimini are playgrounds right in the beach area.

    Pupils will like:

    • tennis tables,
    • volleyball nets,
    • rides, and
    • water parks.
  2. Garda Lake. This resort is somewhat remote from the Adriatic Sea, and you can get there from Milan or Venice. The kingdom of the Dolomites is the cradle of Italy’s largest Garda Lake. There are tens of kilometers of sandy beaches.The Movieland amusement park is a favorite place for visiting children.
  3. Sardinia. This Mediterranean resort is remarkable not only for the developed infrastructure but also for the remnants of buildings erected by the most ancient civilizations. Costa Smeralda is considered as the most elite resort.

We finish the review of top sea resorts in Italy.

Not all of them are located on the Adriatic, and some (Lake Garda) are not marine ones at all. Let it not bother you – in Italy, the transport communication is accurately functioning, it is a mechanism that has been debugged for decades.

Have a nice trip, friends!

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