Resorts of Slovenia: a voyage to the world of thermal resorts, ski trails and beach rest

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A trip to Portorož – the best way to improve your health, relax, and have fun
Порторож - курорт в Словении

Portorož is a unique Slovenian resort. It provides travelers not only with excursions to historical places, entertainment, and beach and active rest but also with a lot of wellness procedures.

The integration of hotels of different levels into one unit is a big advantage of the city. Guests enjoy the use of absolutely all the amenities of the hotels included in the complex.

Health tours include a large number of thermal pools, a sauna center, a Thai medicine center, and a thalassotherapy center. This is the unique resort in Slovenia, combining the treatment with marine and mineral gifts of nature. If you have not yet decided where to relax this year, let’s go to fashionable Portorož – a chic resort and a unique medical center in Slovenia donated to it by the nature →

Izola – an oasis of Mediterranean unhurriedness on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia
Курорт Изола в Словении

Slovenian Izola is a tiny medieval town attracting travelers with a developed infrastructure and a unique atmosphere of antiquity. In addition, the resort is considered to be one of the leading European centers for yachting and windsurfing.

We’ll have a walk on ornate streets of Izola, excursion to the local beach area, and make a review of local real estate.

You will find out about the best hotels in Izola, check out the apartments of this seaside town, and you may want to move here for a long time. The Izola resort in Slovenia is for those who want to combine pleasant walks through the old streets with dynamic water sports activities →

The best places to rest in Slovenia: a voyage through the country’s best Adriatic resorts
Словения: где отдохнуть

When planning a vacation in the Balkan countries adjoining the Adriatic coast, we inevitably fix our eyes on holidays in Slovenia.

It is hard to call this region as the hyped one, therefore, there are few tourists, there is no “night” life, and the entertainment range is limited.

At the same time, the climate here is mild, attracting the respectable family tourists who have decided to indulge in leisurely rest. As a rule, these are Italians and Germans.

We’ll have an exciting walk through the best Slovenian resorts. We will consider various vacation options in this country, and compare holidays in Slovenia and Croatia. Choosing Slovenia, you get the opportunity to relax and improve your health; it remains to find out the resorts for all this →

Strikingly beautiful magical Lake Bled in Slovenia
Удивительное словенское озеро Блед

A very beautiful Lake Bled is located in Slovenia. This is a symbol of the country and just a nice place for rest. At any time of the year, tourists enjoy visiting a calm, small European resort, which is spread around Lake Bled.

It is located only half an hour from the Brnik airport. The tourists who like active rest and those who like peace and quiet love to rest there.

Lake Bled is incredibly clear, even in the photo you can see that the water in it is like mirror.

What you will see at the Bled Lake in Slovenia →