A trip to Portorož – the best way to improve your health, relax, and have fun

Порторож - курорт в Словении

Portorož is a unique Slovenian resort. It provides travelers not only with excursions to historical places, entertainment, and beach and active rest but also with a lot of wellness procedures.

The integration of hotels of different levels into one unit is a big advantage of the city. Guests enjoy the use of absolutely all the amenities of the hotels included in the complex.

Health tours include a large number of thermal pools, a sauna center, a Thai medicine center, and a thalassotherapy center. This is the unique resort in Slovenia, combining the treatment with marine and mineral gifts of nature.

Diversified rest in Portorož

How to get to the resort

The nearest airport is six kilometers from Portorož. There is also a bus station. Therefore, decide for yourself how to get to Portorož.

The small air terminal accommodates planes from:

  • Trieste (the flight will take half an hour),
  • Ljubljana (the flight will take about one and a half hours), and
  • Croatian Pula airport (the flight will take about an hour).

At one end the resort is connected with the medieval town of Piran. All buses going there stop in Portorož.

Also, the transport from the village of Lucija and the Bernardin hotel complex runs there.

The route starts working at 5.30 am. Buses run every fifteen minutes. The price of a single trip ticket is one Euro. The last bus leaves at 22:45 at the weekdays, and at 23:45 at the weekend.

There is a third option: fly to Ljubljana, and from there get to your destination by taxi or rented car.

Portorož on Slovenia map

For people traveling by car, we suggest familiarizing themselves with the location of the resort on the country map.


The fashionable resort of Slovenia is famous for its various leisure and entertainment options.

  1. Outdoor activities in SloveniaSea, sun, and sand. The climate of the resort is similar to the Crimean one, so the summer is fairly dry and moderately hot there.
    The beaches are sandy, and most often they are located across the road from the hotel.
  2. Family recreation. There is an animation on the beach, multi-level water slides, and clubs for children.
  3. Youth recreation includes live music, slot machines, restaurants, cafes, and swimming pools.
  4. Getting acquainted with history and culture. Interesting are excursions to the ancient cities of Piran, Izola, and Kopre.
    Be sure to visit the Postojna Cave and the Lipica farm where thoroughbred horses are bred. The medieval Predjama Castle is the unique building of the twelfth century built within a cave mouth.
    Another interesting object is the Salt Museum.
  5. Outside activities.
    • Beautiful running tracks protected by greens from the scorching rays of the sun;
    • Water sports (boating, speed catamaran, diving, surfing, water skiing, and fishing);
    • Tennis; and
    • Mini golf.
  6. Non-standard pastime. You can taste Mediterranean fish at a picnic on a boat. The Karst region invites you to admire the waterfalls and alpine lakes.

Rest in Portorož – video

Here is a video for restless guests – lovers of drive and noisy parties.

Top 5 hotels of Portorož

The resort has a great many hotels. Here you can find accommodation for every taste.
Let’s consider the most interesting options.

Neptune Hotel

Hotel in Portorož "Neptune"

It was built in the city center in a park area. The main promenade is located next to it.

It offers free Wi-Fi, large air-conditioned rooms with a balcony.

The Neptun Hotel is combined with the LifeClass Spa Center, which offers a wide range of services (mud, thermal, mineral baths, hydromassage, etc.).

The price includes the following services:

  • breakfast buffet;
  • morning classes at the fitness center;
  • swimming in swimming pools filled with sea and mineral water;
  • entrance to the casino; and
  • entertainment activities held at the hotel.

The hotel complex offers sports activities (tennis, cycling, diving, and mini-golf). The address of the complex: Obala 33. The prices start at 250 Euros.

Rose Hotel

Hotel "Rose" in Portorož

It is located near the Grand Hotel Metropol 5* on a hill. The beach is only 200 meters away, and the center of the city is half a kilometer. It is suitable for living with children of any age.

There are tennis courts, restaurants, a lounge bar, a casino, a sauna, and a fitness center.

Paying for accommodation, you are entitled to the following free services:

  • visiting swimming pools and the beach;
  • entrance to the casino and night club; and;
  • Wi-Fi.

The address of the Rose Hotel: Obala 77 (a kilometer from the Lucija bus stop). Room rate depends on the number of beds and category (minimum 130 Euros).

The Rose Hotel is an ideal place for families with children.

Grand Hotel Portorož

This hotel offers comfortable accommodation, a large list of cosmetic and therapeutic services (LifeClass spa center), a complex of pools with thermal-mineral waters, and a wellness center.

The following package of services is offered free of charge:

  • rest on the beach and terrace with sun beds and umbrellas;
  • visiting all pools;
  • classes in the fitness center in the morning;
  • entrance to the casino; and
  • participation in recreational activities.

The Grand Hotel is located at Obala 33. The prices start at 260 Euros.

Riviera Hotel

Riviera Hotel in PortorožThe hotel in the central part of the city on the seashore will give you a good rest and an opportunity to improve your health (LifeClass spa center, Wai Thai center of cosmetology and Thai massage). There are tennis courts, hot tubs, Turkish bath, etc.

Free of charge:

  • swimming pools (sea and thermal-mineral water);
  • entrance to the casino;
  • entertainment programs; and
  • rest on the terrace.

Riviera is built on 33 Obala Str. The prices vary by room type (the lowest is 200 Euros).

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Marco Hotel

It provides a great sea view. It is located near the beach and the center and is surrounded by a beautiful park. Here you can rest with your family.

The room rates include:

  • wireless Wi-Fi network;
  • parking; and
  • visiting the private beach area.

The Marco Hotel is located on 28 Obala Str. The prices start at 120 Euros.

Apartments in Portorož

Those who like a more relaxing and cozy rest can rent a villa or apartment in Portorož.

The entertainment facilities and complexes with pools and spas will not be included.
However basic services for a pleasant stay will be offered to you (food and rooms for rest).
The prices are much lower and start at 70 Euros.

Healing procedures and treatment in Portorož

Let’s consider the treatment and prices for medical and healing procedures in the most popular complexes and centers.

Natural gifts of the resort

Medical and wellness centers use the following natural ingredients for treatment:

  • alkaline and salt deposits;
  • saline water (rich in minerals, the concentration of which is higher than in hot springs);
  • peloids and mud from the saltworks (therapeutic sea mud with minerals, plankton, and algae);
  • thermal and mineral water (contains sulfur, sodium chloride, and a large number of marine ingredients);
  • maritime climate (high content of iodine and bromine in the air).

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Treatment centers

"Sauna Park" - treatment centers in Portorož

  • Sauna Park. There are seven steam rooms here:
    • saline room (salt from the Sechovel saltworks strengthening the immune system is applied to the body);
    • Moorish room;
    • Finnish room;
    • herbal room (with essential oils from plants);
    • thalassosauna;
    • tepidarium; and
    • laconium.

    After warming up, you can visit the ice cave for cooling. Massage waterfall will allow dispersing salts.

    Kneipp for the feet (exposure of the lower limbs to cold, and then hot water), reflex massage of the feet are related to the spa-complex.

    The unique complex with saunas works according to the following schedule:

    • Monday-Friday from 14.00 to 21.00;
    • On Saturdays and Sundays, it opens at ten in the morning.

    On weekdays, staying in steam rooms costs 19 Euros (2 hours) and 24 Euros (four hours), on weekends – 24 Euros (2 hours) and 30 Euros (4 hours).

  • Wai Thai Spa Center in PortorožWai Thai spa. It is the best place to relax. It offers its customers:
    • all possible types of Thai massage;
    • procedures that improve overall health;
    • spa programs;
    • relaxing treatments; and
    • beauty programs.

    Prices for services are approximately 50 euros. For example, Thai anti-stress for the skin of the face, head and décolleté area costs 39 Euros (20 minutes), traditional massage – 54 Euros (50 minutes), and the massage with aroma oils – 48 Euros (50 minutes).

  • LifeClass Tallaso Center. Marine products are used for the treatment there. Here they are able to relieve pain in the joints, muscles, and rheumatism by applying mud masks. Lungs are treated in the salt room (40 minutes, 4 people – 15 Euros).
    The center is open every day from 8:00 to 15:00. Prices for different types of massage and treatment with algae with mud range from 24 to 51 Euros

This is not the whole list of procedures that you can get for treatment. The resort copes with the problems of the musculoskeletal system, neuralgia, skin diseases, diseases of respiratory organs, and gynecological diseases.

In the periods between health programs, guests of the resort can enjoy the sea, entertainment, and beauty of Portorož.

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