Izola – an oasis of Mediterranean unhurriedness on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia

Курорт Изола в Словении

Slovenian Izola is a tiny medieval town attracting travelers with a developed infrastructure and a unique atmosphere of antiquity. In addition, the resort is considered to be one of the leading European centers for yachting and windsurfing.

We’ll have a walk on ornate streets of Izola, excursion to the local beach area, and make a review of local real estate.

You will find out about the best hotels in Izola, check out the apartments of this seaside town, and you may want to move here for a long time.

Purest Izola beaches with blue flags

Once Izola was a simple fishing village, and now it is a quiet town with a population of only 17 thousand inhabitants.

Most often, Slovenian and Italian travelers come here, but our brothers are also found here. Rest in Izola is calm and unhurried, and this is the main difference between the resort and the noisy Portorož, which is located nearby.

After a couple of days at a hotel, you become inspired into the Mediterranean style, which is characterized by the following habits:

  • Drinking a cup of morning cappuccino on the seafront.
  • Then stroll along the sea or spend the day at the beach.
  • In the evening enjoy an inexpensive and tasty dinner, drinking it down with excellent Slovenian wines.
The temperature here does not rise above 30 degrees.

Rest in Izola will not be an exhausting test for your body.

This is an ideal place for a middlelander accustomed to a mild summer.

There are three pebble beach areas in Izola, namely:

  1. Central city beach. It is localized near the historical center of Izola. This place is perfectly equipped for recreation, but sometimes there are large influxes of tourists. Nearby – the mass of children’s entertainment and attractions, so Izola is considered to be a favorable place for a family holiday.
  2. San-Simon Bay. From the center you can reach it on foot, spending 15 minutes of walking time. This is probably the best beach in the vicinity of the city – there are fewer tourists, and a cozy park complex adjoins the beach line. You can sunbathe on the beach of your choice or hide in the shade of the trees if it starts to burn very hot. The water temperature in Izola is usually kept at around 25-27 degrees, so young children will not catch a cold here.
  3. Beldever. Wild beach, located at the foot of the hill. No amenities, sun beds, and umbrellas. The lack of attributes of civilization is more than compensated by solitude and silence.

The amazing cleanliness is a common feature that characterizes the Izola beaches.

The blue flag of the EU constantly notes the quality of local ecology. Occasionally, dolphins can be observed in the Izola water area. Whales rarely swim here, preferring to stay away from the coast

Secret information

Beach holiday in IzolaIn this blog, we’ve selected information that will certainly be useful to any traveler who intends to live in Izola.

  • The cooks of the restaurants do not skimp and provide the guests with the impressive portions, so you can have a good meal. For two you’ll pay about 20-25 Euros.
  • The Izola beaches are pebbly, but the bottom is sandy. Grass, pebbles, and plates are at the entrance.
  • A regular bus, departing hourly from the local bus station, will take you to Portorož, Koper, and Piran.
  • The promenade is 2 km in length. It extends for another 6 km in the direction of Koper.
  • Fishing in Izola is free.
  • A dolphinarium, a casino, and an observation deck are located in the city.
  • Renting a boat will cost you 130-160 Euro/day, and you can take a bike for only 7-10 Euros.

Where is it better to rest: in Slovenia or CroatiaWhen planning a trip to the Adriatic coast, many travelers face a choice: where is it better to go on holiday: to Croatia or Slovenia? We are pleased to share useful information on this topic. Any traveler who has looked at the photos of Montenegrin sights here, will surely catch the light of the idea of visiting this wonderful country.

Where to eat?

Izola is the point of confluence of three cultures (Mediterranean, Alpine, and Pannon).

This left an imprint not only on the architecture but also on local cooking.

Izola chefs lay emphasis on seafood, but the dishes are influenced by:

  • Venetian,
  • Austrian, and
  • Hungarian schools.

Local wines compared by connoisseurs to Tuscan counterparts are a great bonus to dinner in Izola.

The best culinary institutions of Izola are as follows:

  • Marina Hotel Restaurant. It offers Mediterranean cuisine dominated by dishes made of:
    • seafood,
    • juicy fruits, and,
    • fresh vegetables.

    All this is flavored with fragrant seasonings – something excellent.

    It is located on Veliki trg 11.

  • Kamin Restaurant. It is included in the infrastructure of the Belvedere three-star hotel.
    In the fireplace room, there is a grill where various delicacies are prepared right in front of you. There is also a terrace with a great view of the bay. The cuisine is international, but seafood is still dominant. Address: Dobrava 1A.
  • Pizzeria Gust.It is the first-class pizzeria in which you get a lot of positive emotions. It is located at Drevored 1.

What to do?

Rest in the Izola resort

Most of the sights and interesting excursions of Izola are concentrated in the historical center.

The unforgettable charm of stone pavements, red-tiled roofs and narrow streets – it seems that you can wander around Izola forever, listening to the echoes of romantic children’s dreams.

Sailing is the main occupation for many tourists who arrived in Izola. The city is located so well that the winds blow here all year round.

Windsurfers and yachtsmen come to Izola from all over Europe.

In addition, the Izola resort is the center of the festival movement. The city hosts the following festivals:

  • art festivals;
  • music festivals;
  • sports festivals;
  • jazz festivals; and;
  • dance festivals.

The beaches are equipped with sports and children’s playgrounds, water slides and recreational areas.

Fans of youth entertainment go to the fashionable Portorož, but there is still one nightclub in Izola.

You can also rent a yacht that will allow you not only to explore the waters of Izola but also to go on an exciting cruise on the Adriatic.

Shopping in Izola is also a very productive one – there are a lot of souvenir shops and shops selling perfumery, clothes, shoes, and handicrafts.

Housing problem: walk to local hotels

Izola hotels are concentrated in two areas – the town itself and the adjacent Jagodje.

In the high season, the prices in local hotels jump to 75-150 Euros/day.
At the same time, it is better to book a room in advance, since the number of hotels in Izola is limited.

The peculiarity of the Slovenian hotels is the lack of complex food – you get breakfast but the rest of the food you have to buy in nearby restaurants. It is for the best – the food there is great and at reasonable prices.

Two to four-star hotels equipped with free Wi-Fi prevail in Izola.

The best hotels are the following:

  • San-Simon Resort. This four-star complex is immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation of the Simonov Zaliv bay, just nine kilometers from Piran.
    Guests can enjoy the gym, indoor heated pool, air conditioning, satellite, and TV. From the terrace, you can see the Gulf of Trieste. The restaurant offers buffet and set meals with a rich selection of dishes.
  • Hotel Marina. Service level – 3*. The complex is located near the city beach. All rooms are stylish and spacious. You can have breakfast here on the sun terrace, enjoying the Adriatic views.
    The hotel also has its own wellness center with massage and sauna.
  • Belvedere Casino Resort. This three-star hotel is located near Izola-Portorož street. The hotel complex includes individual villas, souvenir shop, market, swimming pool, free parking, and a tobacco shop. The Strunjan reserve is outside.
  • Hotel Delfin. Service level – 3*.The complex is located in Jagodje and boasts:
    • own chic restaurant;
    • air-conditioned rooms;
    • outdoor and indoor pools; and
    • free parking.

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Property in Izola: prices of places under the sun

Property in Izola

In Izola, you can buy apartments of various classes and “quadrature”.

Two-storey apartments with an area of 160-200 m² for 300-430 thousand Euros are for connoisseurs of space and luxury. If you are interested in a simpler housing, it is quite possible to buy a “two-room apartment” (34 m²) at a reasonable price of 59 thousand Euros.

The average price range varies from 120-180 thousand.

A townhouse in Izola will cost 280-490 thousand, although there are more severe prices.

The price range for houses in the city is much higher: the price of a house in Izola starts from 295 thousand and often reaches a million Euros (sometimes it crosses this line).

Our tourists are more interested in renting apartments for the period of rest. You can stay in one of the specialized complexes or rent an apartment from a “private trader”.

In the city center apartment rent will cost you about 38-70 Euros/day. With high probability, this will be a spacious dwelling with a terrace, living room, and bedroom for up to four people.

Here are the prices in the complexes (in Russian rubles for 2014):

  • Apartments Malija (3*) – from 4,500 Rubles/day;
  • Apartments Villa Marittima (4*) – from 10,000 Rubles/day; and;
  • Apartments Kljun (0*) – from 1,800 Rubles/day.

As you can see, Izola is not a super-expensive resort. There is elite housing, but there are also affordable options available to middle-income travelers.

If you want to save money – rent an apartment from private homeowners and if you strive for luxury – look at the four-star complex.

After pre-booking and road troubles, feel free to enjoy the wind, sun, Slovenian cuisine, and antiquity.

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