Strikingly beautiful magical Lake Bled in Slovenia

Удивительное словенское озеро Блед

A very beautiful Lake Bled is located in Slovenia. This is a symbol of the country and just a nice place for rest. At any time of the year, tourists enjoy visiting a calm, small European resort, which is spread around Lake Bled.

It is located only half an hour from the Brnik airport. The tourists who like active rest and those who like peace and quiet love to rest there.

Lake Bled is incredibly clear, even in the photo you can see that the water in it is like mirror.

A picturesque island in the middle of the lake gives it a special charm.

The medieval castle, which is already more than a thousand years old, is located near the lake on a high rock. It looks very fabulous from below. This is a favorite place of pilgrimage for many tourists.You can admire the lake and its surroundings from its observation deck.

The city of Bled is surrounded by magnificent nature, it has interesting monuments of architecture and thermal springs.

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The Slovenian resort Bled

Bled resort

For more than a hundred years, this resort deserves the fame of one of the most prestigious European resorts. On all sides, Bled is surrounded by dense forests and high mountains.

Due to the subalpine microclimate, there is always sunny weather in the summer.

Thermal springs on the shore of the lake give truly magical water, containing many trace elements that help restoring metabolism and getting rid of many diseases.

Clean, mountain, and alpine air has healing properties.

Many hotels around the lake are well equipped.

The Bled resort is a favorite vacation spot of wealthy Europeans.
  • Fiacre is the most favorite entertainment of guests of Bled. Tourists love to ride around the lake and the surroundings of Bled in horse-drawn light carriages.
  • The luxury resort offers a variety of sports entertainment. Tourists can take cycling tours here and explore local sights on their own.
  • Also, in this city you can play tennis at very high-quality courts.
Bled is also famous for its Bled cakes called “Kremna rezina”. Do not be frightened of such a name – they do not resemble rubber in taste and appearance since they are baked from puff pastry and decorated with vanilla cream. These unique pieces of pastry art amaze everyone with their exquisite taste.

The Bled Lake

This is the most amazing lake lies at the foot of the Alps on the territory of the Triglav National Park.

Tourists often call the lake “Paradise under Triglav”.

Thanks to the mountain rivers, it has unusually clear water that changes three times a year. You can see swimming fish near the shore, and many ducks and swans – around the lake.

At the lake, warm thermal springs are bursting forth, on which the spa resort is built. At this famous European resort there are many opportunities for treatment, good rest and sports:

  • In the summer, water in the lake warms up to 24 degrees, and tourists swim in the cleanest alpine waters. Paid beaches dominate, but there are also free ones.
  • Many people like to plow the mirror-like surface of the lake on the “pletna” boats. It is even allowed to fish in specially designated areas of the lake, and for this, you need to purchase a license.

Picturesque island on the Slovenian lake

Bled Island

In the middle of the lake, there is a small island on which the Church of the Virgin Mary is built.

To climb its tower, you have to go up the winding stairs with 99 steps.

In the summer, due to lush vegetation, buildings on the island are not visible from the shore of the lake, except for the high spire of the church, which now houses the museum of religious art.

There is also a unique belfry on this island. Having heard its bewitching ringing from the island, holidaymakers literally freeze in place, forgetting for a moment about the bustle of the surrounding world.

Castle on the mountain

Bled castle

The Bled Castle is located on a high rocky cliff. A round tower rushing upward like a space rocket serves as its foundation.

The castle, and especially the way it is reflected in the waters of the lake cannot but attract the eye. At night, an artfully illuminated castle looks most fantastic.

It is quite difficult to climb to it, but the panorama from above will turn heads. Now, this old castle hosts a historical museum.

In the castle, there is a wine cellar in which it will be allowed to pour wine from a barrel and self-seal the bottle.
In the old printing press, you can make a souvenir at the press machine.
There is also a fashionable restaurant here, offering very tasty, but expensive food.

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Entertainment on the resort

People come here not only for rest and treatment, but also to touch the bohemian life.

Many different cultural events, that attract huge crowds of tourists are held in the resort of Bled, namely:

  • The famous Slovenian musical groups and theater groups take the stage there. At this time, local artisans put up their unique products for sale.
  • If arriving in Bled at the end of July, you can get to the annual festival, during which extraordinary beauty fireworks are launched on the lake.
  • Every year in August, an international festival of folk art opens here. At this time, you can listen to concerts of classical music.
  • It is impossible not to come to sporting events. In the summer, the international rowing championship is held here, and, having arrived here in the winter, you can see the biathlon championship.
  • The ice hall of Bled with artificial ice invites fans to the matches of the teams of the International Hockey League.

This enchanted land with an amazing subalpine climate cannot help but leave the best impressions: it gives its guests a wonderful mood, saves them from diseases, and gives an opportunity to see a real fairy tale.

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