The best places to rest in Slovenia: a voyage through the country’s best Adriatic resorts

Словения: где отдохнуть

When planning a vacation in the Balkan countries adjoining the Adriatic coast, we inevitably fix our eyes on holidays in Slovenia.

It is hard to call this region as the hyped one, therefore, there are few tourists, there is no “night” life, and the entertainment range is limited.

At the same time, the climate here is mild, attracting the respectable family tourists who have decided to indulge in leisurely rest. As a rule, these are Italians and Germans.

We’ll have an exciting walk through the best Slovenian resorts. We will consider various vacation options in this country, and compare holidays in Slovenia and Croatia.

Best sea resorts in Slovenia

The Slovenian coastline is only 46 kilometers in length. At the same time, there are enough well-developed resorts where you can have a good rest. The leading ones are:

  • Portorož;
  • Piran;
  • Izola;
  • Strunjan; and
  • Koper.

The above resort areas have been developing for decades in the tourist direction. This means that there are enough comfortable hotels, and the range of services is constantly expanding with the requirements of travelers.

In Slovenia, rest is combined with recovery.

The opportunity to combine rest with health improvement is the main advantage of Slovenian seaside resorts.

The level of service in Slovenia is not worse than in the top resort areas, but at the same time, you can enjoy your vacation at very affordable prices.

Giving preference to Slovenian rest at sea, get ready for concrete platforms and rocky beaches.
Some hotels are concerned about the children and organize a small strip of artificial sand beaches.


This city is the largest Slovenian resort, firmly holding the lead position in the number of tourists and quality of services provided.

It is only 128 km away from Ljubljana.

The main advantages of Portorož:

  • plenty of sunny days;
  • aromas of essential oils;
  • healing sea air; and
  • pure water.

When it comes to natural healing in Portorož, we recall:

  • eucalyptus groves,
  • fango thickets, and
  • thermal springs.

It is here that the sandy beach (the only one in the country) is located, which allows coming here with the whole family.

The infrastructure of the city includes:

  • thermal and sea pools;
  • comfortable hotels;
  • SPA centers; and
  • saunas.


This old town is only 10 km from Portorož. Izola is the second most important resort on the Slovenian coast.

Once the city subordinated to the Venetian Republic – this fact is reflected in the architectural style of the historic center.

Izola boasts:

  • yacht club;
  • restaurants (sea, Italian and national cuisine);
  • water activities (windsurfing);
  • festivals:
    • artistic,
    • music,
    • sports,
    • jazz, and
    • dance.

Here the wind blows constantly, which is a strong argument for boaters and windsurfers.

In the evening it will be nice to walk through the medieval streets of Izola.

This city is not as fashionable as Portorož, but it is less noisy.


Another Venetian colony that used to supply salt to the City of Canals. Gradually, the fishing town has turned into a significant tourist center.

Piran is literally overflowing with ancient legends and architectural landmarks.

About 5 thousand people live here, and you can walk around the entire city in a matter of hours.

The main reasons why you should go to Piran:

  • medieval flavor;
  • mild Adriatic climate;
  • the abundance of architectural masterpieces; and
  • romantic atmosphere.

Key sights:

  • The central square named after Giuseppe Tartini:
    • the mathematician,
    • the composer,
    • the scientist, and
    • the violinist.
  • Trieste Bay;
  • church with a panoramic tower; and
  • fragments of fortress walls.


This major port center is located near Trieste. With Ljubljana, Koper is connected via a highway.

Transport ships with cargo from Korea, Japan and the Middle East regularly come here.

The hotel business in Koper is not well developed; therefore, it is better to search for housing in the private sector.

Once the town was an island, but thanks to the dam it has merged with the mainland part of Slovenia.

Arriving here, you first decide that you came to Italy due to:

  • narrow streets;
  • damp plaster;
  • Venetian peaked tower; and
  • Italian palazzo…

Latin and Slavic cultures in Koper have tightly fused, forming a distinctive conglomerate.

Locals communicate in Slovenian and Italian.

It is worth going to Koper for:

  • points of interest,
  • cozy restaurants, and
  • souvenir shops.

The best rest with children in Montenegro

Planning a family trip to the Adriatic? The information about where it is better to rest with children in Montenegro may be useful. A decent and affordable rest is waiting for you. The answer to the popular question: where the rest is cheaper in Croatia or Montenegro is right here. Although the Adriatic coast is equally beautiful in any country.

Where to rest with children

Due to the predominance of rocky beaches and concrete platforms, it is better not to go to Slovenia with small children. But here it will be interesting for students.

The main problem is not even in the absence of sandy gentle descents (some hotels are equipped with them), but in the fact that after water procedures you will have to climb the steps cut into steep slopes. It will be difficult to do this with a baby in your arms.

Each Slovenian resort can boast of its own advantages for travelling kids:

  1. Portorož. Here you can:
    • ride horses;
    • visit the rides; and
    • heal in thermal waters.
  2. Koper. A local water park attracts family tourists. While the children are splashing in the water, mothers can arrange a shopping trip for themselves, and fathers can explore historical monuments.
  3. Izola. There is a sandy beach (a rarity by Slovenian standards) and numerous pastry shops delighting for children.
    Additional bonuses:
    • amusement parks, and
    • water attractions.
  4. Strunjan. There is a little children’s entertainment, but the resort is not famous for them.
    Families interested in improving their baby’s health come here.

Lakes and thermal waters

Where to rest and improve health in SloveniaThe tourist is alive not only for a single sea holiday.

Lake resorts and thermal springs are extremely popular in Slovenia. There you can improve your health, with full concentration on the entertainment programs.

Slovenian lakes are of remarkable purity, and these water pearls are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, which you can contemplate endlessly.

In this section, we will pay more attention to popular spa resorts, which have long proven themselves in the tourism industry.


Strunjan is valued for its nature.

The resort is located in the heart of the Mediterranean park, so it is surrounded by:

  • lagoons,
  • estuaries,
  • wild greens, and
  • saline fields with a thousand-year history.

It seems that literally everything has healing properties here:

  • sea salt;
  • mud;
  • water;
  • thermal springs; and
  • relict groves.

In Strunjan, you can improve your health and regain lost energy. This is especially true for the inhabitants of modern megacities.

Rogaška Slatina

This thermal resort is located in the eastern region of Slovenia.

The landscapes of the town are extremely picturesque:

  • wonderful park;
  • green hills;
  • walking paths; and
  • azure sky.

It is the place of production of Donat mineral water, which improves the well-being of many generations of tourists. Vacationers have come to Rogaška Slatina for four centuries.

Here is a list of diseases that are treated here:

  • metabolic illnesses;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • psychosomatic ailments;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system; and
  • cardiovascular diseases.


The main profile of the Dobrna resort:

  • urological and gynaecological diseases;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • infertility; and
  • microcirculation disorders.

Dobrna has a lot of attractions, as well as a well-developed infrastructure:

  • Eco-farm equipped with a water mill;
  • unique park;
  • sauna;
  • thermal pools;
  • gym;
  • solarium;
  • em-squares;
  • tennis courts; and
  • race tracks.

The excursions to nearby cities are periodically arranged:

  • Celje (there is a medieval castle there);
  • Velenje (it is famous for the technical museum located in the mine); and
  • Ptuj (castle-museum).

Where a tourist can stay in MontenegroStudying the Adriatic coast, many are interested in where to stay in Montenegro? Our article is about this.
Another interesting question: where to rest well in Italy? Here you can find out a detailed answer.
Croatia is famous for its resorts, but the Istrian peninsula is particularly attractive in this sense Some of the best resort areas are located there.

Croatia vs Slovenia: which is the best?

Where is it better to rest – in Slovenia or neighboring Croatia?

Let’s conduct a brief comparative analysis, based on the factors important to the traveler.

  1. Prices. Traditionally, Croatia and Slovenia have higher prices than the neighboring Montenegro.
    Rest here is not considered cheap since the standard of living in both countries is rapidly approaching the European standards.
    However, it is easier to find a cheap resort in Croatia. The reason is simple – Croatia has more resorts and a longer coastal strip.
  2. Service. Slovenia takes the lead in this issue. There are enough luxury hotels in Croatia, but Slovenia, possessing only five large sea resorts, has licked them to perfection.
  3. Entertainment. Nightlife is mainly concentrated in Croatia, and as for the excursions, Croatia is also ahead of the competitor.
  4. Climate. It is about the same.
  5. Beaches. Stony coastlines and concrete platforms predominate in both countries.
    Croatia has more sand. But Slovenia is more well-groomed.
  6. Treatment. Slovenia is clearly leading here.

General conclusion.

Choosing a country on the Adriatic depends on your goal setting. If you want to relax without fanfare and improve your health – purchase a tour to Slovenia. If you prefer variety and movement – Croatia will suit you.

With enough funds and a desire for medieval Venetian aesthetics, we recommend the Slovenian version.

Have a good trip!

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