Herceg Novi Resort – Montenegro Botanical Garden

The Herceg Novi resort town is located in the southern Adriatic on the shores of the Bay of Kotor, among the hills of the Orjen mountain, covered with all sorts of relic trees and shrubs.
It is called the “Botanical Garden of Montenegro” and “the city of a thousand steps”.

The resort itself is not crowded, which gives the opportunity to relax, recuperate and take an active and safe rest. Families with children, as well as tourists who are attracted by the culture and history of this blessed region rest there. Scenic beaches, clear waters, interesting underwater world, and an abundance of greenery – this is only part of what this beautiful resort can offer!


The city was founded as a fortress in 1382, and later it became an important salt trading center. The history of the city is full of tragic events: seizures, wars, transition to different countries – this city suffered everything. But now the city is being rebuilt, it is developing and flourishing as a part of Montenegro.

Get directions

The road to Herceg Novi does not take much time and effort. You can go there:

  • By plane:
    The Tivat international airport is located about 30 km from the resort. You can reach Herceg Novi by taxi (10 €) or by bus (2.5-3 €).
    You can also fly to Croatia, the distance between the Croatian airport in Dubrovnik and Herceg Novi is about 40 km.
    You can get to the resort by bus (10 €).
  • By car:
    Herceg Novi is connected to other major cities of Montenegro by the Adriatic route (Jadranska magistrala) of quite a decent level, inviting you to travel.


Holidaymakers are attracted by the wide variety of beaches of Herceg Novi. There are natural pebble beaches, as well as artificially created beaches – platforms with fine sea sand.

  • The Žanjice Beach, which is surrounded by an olive grove and is located at the exit from the Bay of Kotor, is considered to be the most popular among tourists.
  • It is located near the island of Mamula. Only colonies of gulls live there and the fortress is located.
  • Next to the fortress is the well-known Blue Cave, so named because of the transparency and blueness of the waters.



Igalo resort town with its world-famous Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitatiton and Rheumatology “Dr Simo Milosevic” is not far from Herceg Novi.
The resort is known for its miraculous healing mud and mineral waters.
This is the largest center for physiotherapy, health rehabilitation, preventive medicine, wave therapy, and spa treatment in the Mediterranean basin!

  • Price: The package price of weekly, two-week and three-week programs for staying at Igalo ranges from € 400 per week to € 1,200 for three weeks.
  • Treatment methods: hydrotherapy, pelodetherapy (mud baths), massage, thalassotherapy, occupational therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, inhalation, acupuncture, metered sunbathing, exercises on the beach and in the water.
  • Only highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment are at your disposal.



In Herceg Novi you will not get bored:

  • In numerous museums and art galleries of the city, you can learn interesting facts from the history of Montenegro. For example, the Regional Museum offers tourists to get acquainted with 4 zones: the historical, ethnographic, archaeological ones, and the collection of icons.
  • Medieval fortresses, preserved to our days, attract with their mystery and grandeur. For example, the Sea Fortress (Forte Mare) is a recognizable symbol of the Herceg Novi resort, now serving as a venue for concerts and performances.
  • One of the main attractions of Herceg Novi is the richest garden of the most unique trees and shrubs, in which more than a hundred species of subtropical and tropical plants grow.
  • There are so many flowers in Herceg Novi that festivals and holidays are dedicated to them.The Mimosa Festival takes place during the
    whole winter month!
  • The ancient Savina monastery surrounded by dense greenery is located in a few kilometers from Herceg Novi. The temple was built in the Baroque style and is one of the main and majestic attractions of this picturesque place.

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