Nature itself helps the treatment in the resorts of Montenegro

Лечение в Черногории

The entire Montenegro can rightly be called a health and fitness center. The unique nature, the purest Adriatic Sea, the wonderful climate and natural “medicines” prepared by nature itself – all this makes the treatment in Montenegro extremely effective and helps to heal the physical and mental state of everyone who came here.

Treatment in Montenegro

Many popular health resorts in Montenegro are located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. All of them immerse in greenery and are surrounded by coniferous forests, saturating the air with healing properties.

Healing sandy beaches consist of sand, which includes mineral salts, iodine, and coral residues.

The sand is used in the treatment of:

  • infertility,
  • muscular diseases, and
  • arthritis.
Connoisseurs of quality treatment and rest choose the resorts of Montenegro.

Silty-clay deposits – the healing mud formed at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea, and possessing unique healing properties – are often found on the beaches of the city of Sutomore.

Healing with the mud possessing unique healing propertiesIt remains only to soak the dirt in the sea water and cover the body.

Mud therapy has a striking effect on many diseases, but its powerful healing power increases the risk of going overboard. Those people who complain of pain in the heart of have high blood pressure must know about this.

In no case, mud wraps should be used during the exacerbation of diseases. Therefore, it is better to get mud treatmeant in sanatoriums, due to low treatment prices in them.

Bled Lake in SloveniaThe wealthy Europeans prefer to rest in the neighbouring country, and travel to the Lake Bled in Slovenia.

In the winter, skiing is especially attractive. Look at the photos of the ski resorts of Montenegro following this link.

Prices for treatment

The resorts of Montenegro are strikingly different from the famous European resorts in terms of the cost of treatment and rest: there are no such fabulous prices in this country.

Igalo and Vrmac are the ideal places for treatment and recovery.
  • Treatment in Igalo costs USD 459 per week. Before purchasing a voucher, you can choose a comprehensive package on the resort website; it usually consists of five procedures per day for 27 Euros.
    By picking up the morning time, you can free up the whole day and devote it to excursions.
  • You will have to pay from 860 Euros per adult for a tour of 14 nights in the Vrac resort. The price includes:
    • flight,
    • meals,
    • accommodation, and
    • specialists’ examination.

    You will have to pay separately for the treatment which will cost 25 Euros per three procedures per day.

Such prices for treatment in Montenegrin resorts are available to many people.

Igalo resort – the forge of health

Treatment at the Igalo sanatoriumThe Igalo Center is known worldwide as the largest and most modern health institute.
In the Igalo Center, the minor children, middle-aged and elderly people are being rehabilitated.

Many diseases can be prevented and successfully cured due to the following factors:

  • mild Mediterranean climate,
  • clear sea,
  • curative sea mud,
  • mineral springs,
  • modern equipment, and
  • highly qualified staff.

Therapeutic procedures offered here are very extensive and diverse. They will successfully suit the most demanding and saving tourists.

Montenegro is a unique place where you can combine:

  • medical,
  • beach, and
  • sightseeing recreation into one.

In Igalo you can cure the following diseases:

  • Rheumatic diseases,
  • Cardiological diseases,
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Pulmonary diseases,
  • Neurological diseases,
  • Symptoms of multiple sclerosis,
  • Gynaecological,
  • Skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis,
  • Recovery after orthopaedic surgery and fractures,
  • Weight loss, and
  • Stressful situations.

Mineral springs of IgalkaSkin and gynaecological diseases are treated here with the help of mineral baths with radon waters.

A unique source of the Igalka mineral water is located near the resort.

The unique composition of the Igalka mineral water includes sodium, magnesium, calcium salts, as well as chlorides and sulfates.

This truly magical water has the following properties:

  • antispasmodic,
  • analgesic, and
  • relaxing

The healing mud source of the resort has practically no analogues in the whole of Europe. Therefore, the treatment of joints in Montenegro, especially in elderly people, is gaining popularity every year.

Specialists of the Institute of the same name, located on the territory of the resort, develop weight loss programs, and offer rejuvenation techniques.

Budget-friendly treatment in the Vrmac resort

This resort can be a good economical option for the patients with lung diseases and in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Vrmac is a multi-purpose, medical-tourist institution.

In the resort, you can undergo outpatient treatment, which includes hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, inhalation, and electrotherapy procedures.

  • Treatment of infertility at the Vrmac sanatoriumMarried couples who are desperate to conceive a child return from Montenegro with successful results. There is the Ženska Plaža Beach, where the water, beating from the sulfur source, helps to get rid of infertility.
  • For men, the Vrmac resort provides treatment of prostatitis and diseases of the urinary system.
  • Basalt sand helps relieve rheumatic pains and has a beneficial effect on the state of the musculoskeletal system. The modern methods and technologies of treatment of the highest European level are used in the resort
  • At the center, there is a hotel where you can have a good rest. Specialists in medical cosmetology and aesthetic surgery will help to improve the appearance.

The Vrmac sanatorium is located in the village Prcanj, sprawling in the Bay of Kotor. Own pebble beach one kilometer long is located 30 meters from the sanatorium buildings. You can reach it through the tunnel.

The Vrmac resort becomes increasingly popular every year. In Montenegro, there are also mountain balneological resorts.

Rest and treatment in Ada Bojana

Do you want an unusual rest with a treatment effect?Read what Ada Bojana is and whether it is worth to get there.

To fully relax, take a yacht charter in Montenegro Sea yachting is the best remedy for working fatigue.

At the time of treatment, you can rent a villa in Montenegro. Read here, how to make it more advanteougeous.

There are a lot of such reviews from the Russian tourists who did not expect quality treatment at fairly modest prices. However, there are other reviews, from a few people who consider Montenegrins to be rather careless, disgust treatment and low prices.

The resorts of Montenegro provide conditions not only for treatment, but also for sports and recreation.

Thanks to the local healing climate and European service, Montenegro can be compared with the Czech Republic and Switzerland, famous for their resorts.

The doors of health resorts in this country are always open for guests from Russia and other countries.

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