Sveti Stefan resort is a pearl of the Balkan Peninsula

Sveti Stefan resort in Montenegro is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful pearls of the Balkan Peninsula. In terms of comfort, it is not inferior to any other resort around the world.

The warm Adriatic Sea, with its gentle and pleasant splash of waves, washes the shores of Sveti Stefan. The resort is situated on a small island on the Budva Riviera, 5 kilometers south-east of the wonderful town of Budva. Sveti Stefan can rightly be considered unique since it appeared as a result of a very rare phenomenon – layered alluvium of gravel.

Get directions

The nearest airport is 30 kilometers from the resort of Sveti Stefan, in the city of Tivat. There is no direct bus to the resort, but you can get there by taxi (~ 30 €) or by public transport with transfers.


Things to do

The resort of Sveti Stefan is ideal, for example, for the honeymoon, for vacations with family.  The resort boasts a huge number of points of interest and places for entertainment and recreation as well as the sites of cultural and historical significance, for example:

  • churches:

The three ancient churches – the Church of Sveti Stefan, the Church of the Assumption of Holy Mother, and the Church of Alexander Nevsky – are located on the island. The history and appearance of each of them are breathtaking

  • Art Gallery
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Cafe


The resort’s beaches are divided into two sections, with an isthmus in the center leading to the island. The beaches in Sveti Stefan also fit every taste:

  • paid ones (to the right of the isthmus there is a beach for guests of the Aman Sveti Stefan island hotel. The price of relaxing on this beach is €100 (entrance, two sun loungers + one umbrella)
  • free ones (a public beach is situated to the left of the bridge there, the entrance is free to everyone)




  • When we were planning our vacation in Montenegro, we were offered a trip to the Sveti Stefan Island. But it happened that we rested in Budva.
    We went to Sveti Stefan only on the penultimate day of our stay upon the urgent advice of neighbors in the hotel who had said that there was a very good beach there, and in general it was a very beautiful place.
    In 20 minutes you can get to Sveti Stefan from Budva on a trolley bus for 2 euros or by taxi for 8 euros, gathering a company of 4 people.  The island itself is closed to the public with gates. So if you have no confirmation that you are resting on one of its villas, no one will let you go there just to walk. You can, however, book a table in a restaurant, and if you get the confirmation, then, you’re welcome. But it’s not worth it since pizza in restaurants of Sveti Stefan is several times more expensive than the same pizza in the café bars of Budva.
    If time allows, it’s worth visiting Sveti Stefan. The island is surrounded by very beautiful and well-kept royal gardens, therefore, a walk through them promises to be more than enjoyable. You can also relax on the beach, swim and take a sunbath. The entrance is free, but you have to pay for umbrellas and sun beds. But do not rush to buy something there, because the prices will disappoint you. For example, we have paid almost 5 euros for half a liter of soda.
    But in general, I can say that we liked this islet. It is quite cute and fabulous. Therefore, if you rest in Budva, be sure to visit Sveti Stefan, at least because of the fact that public people, such as Sophia Loren, often rest there)))

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