The best places in Montenegro to rest with children: beaches, entertainment, ecology, and safety

Лучший отдых в Черногории с детьми

Going on a trip abroad with a minor child, parents carefully study the infrastructure of the resorts, their environment, and entertainment. Travel to Montenegro is no exception. This is a friendly country for our tourists, but rocky beaches dominate there, leaving a certain imprint on rest. We will compile a list of the best places for rest with children in Montenegro, find out which Montenegrin resorts are more suitable for kids and which are for older children, and help in planning a trip.

Where is it better to rest in Montenegro with a child?

It is time to break the stereotypes.

Yes, concrete platforms and rocky beaches dominate in Montenegro, but there are plenty of specially equipped sand lanes.

Montenegro is suitable for older and middle school students, as well as for babies.

Montenegro offers classic children’s rest:

  • numerous recreation centers,
  • wellness centers, and
  • summer camps.

Harmonious families with several children, as well as grandparents, are common for Montenegro.

Tourists with wheelchairs, babies on hands, and kangaroo carriers come here

There are several reasons why family travelers choose Montenegro, namely:

  • climate (mild and humid);
  • wonderful ecology (future mothers are eager to live in Montenegro to give birth to a healthy baby);
  • quiet atmosphere (democratic attitude towards guests and Slavic hospitality); and
  • beaches (many of which are marked with the Blue Flag).

For a family rest, it is worth choosing a small-populated resort with a developed infrastructure. The requirements that should be made to a place of rest are as follows:

  • children’s entertainment outside the hotel complex;
  • hotel adapted for holiday makers with children;
  • climatic features (purity, softness, warm sea); and
  • comfortable beach (ideally – without stones and with a smooth descent).

Let’s consider the three most popular places where you can relax with children.

  1. Sveti Stefan Island. The quiet fishing village eventually has turned into a fashionable tourist centre. There is no fuss on the island, and the hotel complex is on the order of medieval architecture.
    One-year-old kids and senior schoolchildren feel well here, and the rest turns into an educational tour for them. A good bonus is an extensive marine entertainment program that includes:
    • snorkelling,
    • diving, and
    • walks on yachts.

    The beach is a pink pebble, with no sharp stones on it, and the descent to the sea is shallow.

  2. Bečići. The resort is designed for all children ages, but if you stay with a small child, it is better to choose a hotel that is far from the main entertainment places. Local hotels offer a wide range of services for young guests:
    • special restaurant menu and highchairs,
    • babysitter,
    • baby cots, and
    • qualified medical staff

    Older children will enjoy the water park, Lake Skadar, and Durmitor Park. The waterpark includes:

    • sports fields,
    • chutes,
    • pools.

    The unique Black Lake is located in Durmitor, and about 250 species of marsh birds inhabit Skadar.

  3. Budva. It is the main Montenegrin resort with extremely extensive infrastructure:
    • restaurants,
    • hotels,
    • shops, and
    • entertainment centers.

    The old architecture will interest adults and older children.

    It often hosts theatrical and musical festivals.

    The beaches are well equipped and offer a lot of water fun:

    • yachts,
    • diving, and
    • water scooter.

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Planning a trip

Before the trip, be sure to go to the pediatrician and make sure that the child does not have a cold, an allergy, and all the necessary vaccinations have been made.

Consider in detail the following points:

  • Documents. You will need a lot of certificates and powers of attorney, as well as a passport for the baby.
  • Route. In the long journey, it is necessary to make provision for “stops” for sleeping and feeding the child.
  • Beaches. Give preference to private resorts – local beaches are cleaner than urban ones. Sandy beaches are preferable to pebbly ones, and stones and concrete platforms should be avoided.
  • Accommodation. Cafes, restaurants, food market should be within the reach of your home.
  • The neighborhood of pine forest. If pines grow nearby – the rest came off. Coniferous air is very useful for the lungs of the child.

Where is it better to rest with a small child?

Where to go with a small childNot all beaches are suitable for small children. Here are the necessary conditions for places that are the best for rest with a child by the sea:

  • sandy (pebble) strip;
  • warm water;
  • the absence of sharp stones
  • shallow descent;
  • small depth; and
  • perfect ecology.
Not all resorts in Montenegro are suitable for families with children.

We will give a brief description of some of them.

  1. Herceg-Novi. This tourist center is located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. Old fortress walls will be interesting to inquisitive adults and older students, and kids will feel safe on small pebble beaches.
    The famous Montenegrin health resort of Igalo is located seven kilometers from Herceg-Novi.
  2. Čanj. The absence of high waves allows the peanuts to calmly wallow in the water. Parents can be sure that nothing will happen to the child.
    The sea is not deep there, and the descents are shallow.
    The list of Čanj advantages is endless:
    • scenic beaches;
    • the greenery of eucalyptus, pine, and cypress;
    • small pebbles; and
    • clean waters of the Adriatic.
  3. Sveti Stefan Island. We have already found out that Sveti Stefan is one of the most popular tourist centers in Montenegro.
    Holidays here are quite expensive. But the hotel complex will delight parents with:
    • babysitting services,
    • baby cots,
    • specialized kitchen, and other pleasant things.

    Perfect order reigns on the beaches, and ecology is above all praise.

Sea resorts for children in Montenegro

By a strange coincidence, all the resorts described above are sea ones. Therefore, we will continue the topic (or summarize it), mentioning the seaside resorts where children will feel at least as comfortable:

  • Kotor;
  • Dobra Voda;
  • Ulcinj; and
  • Velika Plaža.

The children will take with them a lot of positive emotions.

Peanuts love small fish scurrying around the shore of Montenegrin beaches.
Get ready that your child will ask to buy a net for hunting purposes.
Do not refuse the kid in this fun – you will have enough impressions for the rest of the vacation.

Speaking of impressions and entertainment. It is time to study them in more detail.

Children’s entertainment

Let’s go over the list of pleasures attractive for children in Montenegro.

  • Water parks. The most famous is located in Herceg-Novi, but there are also a lot of them in other towns.
  • Mobile amusement parks. These attractions wander around the country, delighting the kids of all resorts without exception.
  • Natural monuments. Your child will surely remember:
    • the Tara River;
    • dense forests of the Black Mountains;
    • lakes and numerous islands lost in the waters of the Adriatic.
  • Mountaineering. This game will suit the taste of teenagers, for whom local tour operators organize:
    • mountain climbing,
    • briefing, and
    • vigilant control of professional climbers.
  • Ski resorts. Another gift for older children.
    Kolasin and Zabljak bases are best suited for a snowy journey. Experienced skiers are attracted by their steep slopes, and the instructor will teach the kids the basics of skiing on gentle slopes.
  • Antique castles. Montenegro is rich in medieval architecture – a paradise for boys.

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Top 5 children’s resorts – best for rest with children in Montenegro

  1. Petrovac. This tiny town is considered to be an ideal resort for family entertainment. Petrovac is surrounded by coniferous forests on all sides, so the local air is able to improve your health. Olive groves form coziness and make the town extremely beautiful.
    But most importantly, Petrovac specializes in family rest. There are plenty of children’s entertainment and circus festivals with amazing:
    • acrobats,
    • clowns, and
    • mimes.
  2. Igalo. This resort is remarkable for its sandy and pebble beaches.
    Actually, this is the satellite town of Herceg-Novi, specializing in climate therapy.
    Igalo is the most “ozone” place in Europe, beneficially influencing the bronchi and lungs of your baby.
    Picturesque cypress trees, palm trees, magnolias give the town a special attraction.
  3. Tivat. It is better to go here with older students.
    Tivat attracts:
    • climbers,
    • cyclists, and
    • divers.

    Skadar Lake is located nearby.

    Numerous sights make the trip an educational adventure that the child will remember for a long time.

  4. Bar. It is the sunniest and lively city of the Adriatic.
    Despite the presence of an international port, the Bar is an environmentally friendly and well-groomed place. The stone labyrinth of the streets of the Old City is a great place for joint walks
    A two-thousand-year-old olive tree is the main attraction of the Bar. It is easy to get there since Bar is a major transportation hub.
  5. Sutomore. It is the abode of long sandy beaches.
    Sutomore belongs to the Bar Riviera.
    Hotels here are comfortable, and restaurants offer delicious dishes of European and Montenegrin cuisine. Here, adults will be able to go diving to the flooded ships, and children will enjoy the water entertainment.

Instead of a conclusion, we will give you practical advice on travel time.

June and September will fit for travel with the baby.

In June and September, the sea is already warm enough, but no wild rush and an influx of tourists are observed.

In July and August, travelers flood hotels and villas, the prices are inflated in restaurants, and beaches become overcrowded.

Wait for the mellow season.

Have a nice trip.

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