The Ulcinj Resort

Ульцинь - курорт на Адриатическом побережье Черногории

A little resort town Ulcinj is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic shore. It is located on the south of Montenegro close to the border with Albania.

More than 80 percent of the Ulcinj’s population are Albanians. They are Muslims, so the town boasts a unique atmosphere of the eastern city. It is very unusual for mostly orthodox Montenegro.Its individuality is why Ulcinj stands out among all the other resorts and is visited by more and more tourists each year.

Ulcinj is a great place for both a family vacation and a trip alone. The town would appeal also to young people with its affordable hotel prices and pleasant service of high level.

The most famous sights of Ulcinj are:

  • an ancient fortress,
  • the historical part of the Old Town, and
  • ruins of medieval town Svac.

Ulcinj is no least famous among divers: there are many good places for diving and scuba diving. Another option is fishing and carting.

The town has a wonderful 13-kilometre beach that is an excellent place for rest. It is reported that the sand of this beach possesses therapeutic properties as it is rich with mineral bio-active substances (over 30 of them were found).

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