Thermal springs in Montenegro

The magnificent beaches, mountains covered with forests, glassy lakes, and thermal springs undoubtedly make Montenegro attractive for vacationers. But natural beauty is not all that the country is proud of. You will also meet friendly local people, visit centuries-old attractions and thermal spas, which are fully adapted for vacationers.

The benefits of a holiday in Montenegro

Montenegro may seem tiny in size, but it impresses the visitors with its tourist opportunities. This place personifies the natural beauty – mountains covered with forests, glassy lakes, deep canyons, hot springs of Montenegro – not to mention the coastline with many comfortable beaches.

There are not many thermal springs in Montenegro on the map. However, here you will find springs with the purest fresh water and unique mineral springs that bring physical and psychological benefit that helps to heal not only the body but also the soul. An undoubted advantage is that the thermal springs in Montenegro are located on the coast, so you can combine your stay there with a vacation on the beaches of the Adriatic coast.

You will find a little paradise here, breathing in the cleanest air, surrounded by impeccable ecology and the gentle rays of the Adriatic sun. The healing mud of thermal springs in Montenegro and bathing therapy have an extremely high healing effect. Today, there are various offers, including wellness and rehabilitation therapy, thalassotherapy, mud procedures, and others.

The most attractive thing is that Montenegro is not a typical tourist destination, so here you can find great inexpensive offers for a vacation. Montenegro has the same beauty and coastal charm as the popular Croatia, but with a smaller influx of holidaymakers. The relatively unexplored nature of the country leads to a calmer and more authentic experience. Regardless of whether you are looking for thermal springs in Montenegro on the map or just looking for the perfect beach for sunbathing, you will be captivated by this region.

Thermal Resorts in Montenegro: Wellness Pearls of Europe

The health of the soul and the body is the health of the mind. Many thermal springs in Montenegro are located on the Adriatic coast, which guarantees tourists an unforgettable vacation.

Herceg Novi and the town of Igalo

The Bay of Kotor, 30 km long, has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For centuries, the Venetians, the Turks, and the Habsburgs had left their traces at the junction of East and West and countless cultural monuments. Herceg Novi has become an important destination for wellness trips along the Montenegrin coast. In Igalo town you will find thermal springs, mud baths, and mineral springs that are unique to the region.

Many people consider coastal waters to be even cleaner than those located inland. Recreational activities also include water sports with the view of the Orien Mountains, towering above the northern part of the bay. Soak up the hot spring in Montenegro in the morning, then go to the top of the Radostak mountain, which rises almost 1,500 meters, and relax at the beach bar in the evening. The mountains and the sea here are as close as wellness and active recreation.

Bijelo Polje

There are many mineral and thermal springs around the city. The most popular among them is called Kiselak, which is located at close proximity of the city. The local plant produces Biela Rada mineral water.

There is everything in Bielo Pole – beautiful nature, fresh mountain air, historical values, ​​and interesting cultural events. Active sports enthusiasts can visit the ski slope on the Zavratitsa-Maystorovina Mountain (height 930 m, length 300 m). There are 3 very beautiful caves here – Dzalovica, Novakovica, and Osoja.

Ulcinj Riviera

On the golden sands of the Great Plaza of the Ulcinj Riviera, the longest beach on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by magnificent greenery and plenty of entertainment, you can find Women’s Beach with a hydrogen sulfide hot spring in Montenegro. Warm water mixes with seawater enriched with iodine; it has a positive effect on the reproductive system. The beach is open for women only. It is believed that infertility can be cured here.


The National Park is home to magnificent, rugged mountains in the darkest shades of black and gray, covered with contrasting bright white snow, with eighteen colorful glacial lakes, the greatest canyon of Europe, pristine turquoise rivers, wild waterfalls, and the greenest forests. Gusarevichi spring with spring water, which is supplied to the Diva factory, is located in the village of Gornia Bukovitsa. It has a unique composition healthy for adults and children.

Biogradska Mountain

The source of “Bukovichko vrelo”, bottled water “Suasza” is located here. The source is hidden in the thickets of beech forests. Low-mineralized water is suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.