Treatment at the Institute of Igalo: unity with nature in the Montenegrin resorts

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If you use the seven-kilometer Seven Danica promenade, following from the small town of Herceg-Novi, you can get to the Igalo – the resort that has been known since the Middle Ages, which has been helping people to restore health for six hundred years.

Igalo – a modern health resort

Comfortably situated on the shores of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, the resort combines all the features of a real health resort:

  • mild Mediterranean climate,
  • air filled with the aroma of mountain herbs and trees,
  • the mud of the Igalka River, and
  • a well-developed infrastructure.

The location of the Igalo resort on the map of Montenegro is shown below:

As regards the infrastructure, it is worth mentioning that the Igalo hotels are the modern hotel complexes of two to four stars, allowing you not only to live comfortably, but also to enjoy SPA procedures, therapeutic massage, and other medical services.

Most of the resort hotels are located in close proximity to the Simo Milosevic Institute of Physiotherapy, a large and well-known treatment-and-prophylactic center outside Montenegro.

The Novi Hotel (Novi 3*) is the closest one to the Igalo Institute. By the standards of Montenegro, it is a three-star hotel of 80 rooms that was built recently not long ago, in 2010. After only 150 meters you will find yourself in a physiotherapy center.

The standard rooms and apartments of the hotel are cozily furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances, some rooms have a separate lounge. Free Internet access is provided.

The hotel restaurant offers a menu, mainly consisting of Mediterranean dishes, which can be tasted not only in the hall but also on the outdoor terrace if the weather permits.

Near the Novi Hotel in Igalo there are:

  • good sandy beach (by the way, the only one in the area),
  • children attractions,
  • grocery store,
  • bus stop,
  • if you walk from the hotel along the beach, you can reach Herceg-Novi for in half an hour.

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The “peak” season in Igalo is always in August and early autumn.

Dry and rather hot weather sets in at this time, when the thermometer reaches 30-350C, and sometimes 400C, and the sea warms up to 26 0C.

The weather in Igalo is also stable in May, as well as in mid-October: the comfortable warmth of Montenegro very much attracts the tourists who are not too keen on the summer heat, therefore, there are many tourists even at the very beginning and at the end of the season.

Combining inexpensive rest with treatment

Treatment at the Igalo Institution

The treatment at the Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology “Dr. Simo Milošević” is the main goal with which most tourists from all over Europe come to Igalo. This treatment-and-prophylactic center was built in 1949 on the personal orders of Joseph Broz Tito, the then president of Yugoslavia.

For more than sixty years, the doctors of the institute have been using all those Igalo natural resources that nature so generously endowed this land with, namely:

  • healing mud,
  • mineral water, and
  • river and sea weed.

The Igalo Institute offers the following programs to its patients:

  • treatment of stressful states,
  • weight control,
  • effective rehabilitation after suffering cardiac, rheumatic, and neurological diseases, and
  • unique methods of treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

A few photos will help to create a more complete picture of the treatment and rest at the Igalo Institute.

Conditions of accommodation and prices

You can receive treatment in groups and individually as desired, by enjoying sessions of therapeutic and relaxation massage, mud, pearl and galvanic baths, and gymnastics.

Patients have the opportunity to choose packages of medical services, offered by the resort, namely Light, Balance and Intensive. The price of each package is 25, 32 and 42 Euros, respectively.

Accommodation at Igalo hotelsIn the case of accommodation in the center, it is necessary to pay the tourist tax as follows:

  • 1 Euro per day for adults,
  • 0.5 Euro for children above 12 years old, and
  • children under 12 years old take rest and treatment in the resort without paying fees.

There are also significant discounts for children: a boarding with a single bed will be cheaper by 30 per cent, and in case of accommodation on a bed with parents – by 50 per cent.

Tourists are accommodated in 2-4-bed rooms and suites of the resort, and a fee is charged for the number of nights and meals. As a rule, the buffet is provided, but only breakfast, breakfast and dinner, as well as the full board may be provided at the request.

In Igalo, the peak season is in the summer, so it will be cheaper to rest In the winter.

The price of treatment with accommodation and meals depends not only on the type of room and boarding but also on the season: it is cheaper to rest and get treatment from January to April (prices start at 36 Euros per person), as well as in October-December.

The peak is In the summer, so it is unlikely that you can relax here for less than 50 Euros/day in the high season.

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Igalo is a wonderful Balkan resort, where you can both take rest and undergo treatment for quite a moderate payment, so those who are still wondering or are not familiar with the rest in Montenegro yet can be sure that it will turn out really good.

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