Where is better to live in Montenegro: in a house by the sea or in luxury apartments?

Где остановиться в Черногории

When planning an independent trip, we will first look into the places to stay in Montenegro.

Still, accommodation is indispensable for rest, but popular resorts are often so crowded that it’s time to make early booking.

We will talk about the features of the search for accommodation in Montenegro, about where it is better to live, the accommodation types, and briefly mention local prices. We also have to find out the best places in the country to stay with children.

How to find accommodation in Montenegro?

Montenegro has a comfortable language climate as compared to other Adriatic countries. This means that a primitive English phrase book will help you to get everything you need.

There are many apartment owners who have moved from Europe for a long time, so it will be easy to find a common language. Most of our tourists prefer to stay in the private sector, but there are some pitfalls here.

Do not trust those who offer accommodation by the sea for 10-20 Euros only. In Montenegro, this is unrealistic.

Here are the factors determining local pricing:

  • prestige of the resort;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • apartment size; and
  • season.

The July-August period is traditionally considered to be the peak season. Accordingly, accommodation prices also increase. Further, focus on the coastal lines, as follows:

  • First line will cost 40-80 Euros. The prices go down with the onset of September.
  • Second and third lines – 20-40 Euros (of course, per day). Many owners have their own Internet sites through which you can contact them directly. It is also worth going through the catalogs dedicated to the rental of villas and apartments.

Health resorts of MontenegroFor a useful rest, we advise you to stay in the health resorts of Montenegro. . Check out the best resorts and their treatment landscape.

For example, read good reviews about the Igalo Institute in Montenegro. Here is detailed information about one of the best resorts in this country.


Look closely at the reviews of tourists. The owners can promise you surf at the very threshold, but upon arriving at the place, you find a highway in front of the windows or a trash can behind the door.

Now there is a construction boom in Montenegro. The construction of buildings is frozen for the period of the peak season, but it is unlikely anyone will like to view the crane and brick labyrinths from the window.

In order not to be mistaken, do the following:

  • view photos of the apartments;
  • read reviews;
  • ask a series of clarifying questions to owners; and
  • make sure the flights are available on the relevant date.

If everything is OK, make your booking. Tour operators (foreign) or owners usually require an advance payment of 25-30% of the price. Then you must obtain a document confirming the booking.

You pay the bulk of the amount (70-75%) on the spot.

Do not forget to take the tourist registration document from the host.

Now we will discuss an important point concerning the private sector. Be sure to ask the owners for prijava boravista – a document certifying the registration of tourists. If you forget to obtain it – you will get in troubles when crossing the land border.

The most comfortable places to stay in Montenegro 

Affordable house by the sea is the best type of accommodationIn the peak season, there will not be a problem to find accommodation. The question rests only in its quality.

Therefore, we advise you to resort to early booking that will help you to significantly expand the field of choice.

In addition, with an early booking, you can get a good discount.

The following accommodation types dominate in Montenegro:

  • hotel;
  • apartments;
  • houses; and
  • rooms.

It is up to you where it is better to stay in Montenegro. We will try to introduce you each of the above types in more detail.


Service in Montenegrin hotels is at a fairly high level. Scandinavians, Germans, and Italians often come here, so the local administration has to keep the profile.

Experienced travelers advise paying attention to family-type mini-hotels and boarding houses – cozy, quiet and not crowded places with quite acceptable prices.

3-4* hotels dominate there. There are also five-star hotel complexes, but they are not always the best ones. We list some of the hotels in Montenegro with the highest rating:

  • Slovenska Plaza. This hotel complex consists of 11 hotels located 50 meters from the sea and not far from the historical center of Budva offering a 3* service level. The infrastructure here is extremely extensive and includes national restaurants, cafes and bars, pizzerias and pubs, and souvenir shops. There are football and basketball fields, courts, and swimming pools. Children will like the water slides and animation programs.
  • Vila Bojana – a huge villa built in the center of Budva. The second beach line is compensated by the “luxury” rooms of two types: apartments and studios. All rooms are equipped with balconies, refrigerators, and air conditioning, as well as TV, and internet access.
  • Alexandar. It is a three-star mini-hotel located on the first line, a mile from the center of Budva. In addition to swimming pools and tennis courts, there is a playground.

Prices for hotel accommodation vary as follows:

  • dormitory room (bed) – 10 Euros;
  • Double room in a 4-5* hotel – 50-80 Euros;
  • Sveti Stefan (and expensive hotel-island) – 700-1,000 Euros.

What to bring from Montenegro?

  • prsut,
  • Vranac wine,
  • goat cheese,
  • lavender, and
  • European cosmetics.


It will not be difficult to rent apartments since the choice is very extensive. Dwellings of this type are concentrated in two tourist areas:

  • Adriatic coast; and
  • the Bay of Kotor.

The shores of the bay are dotted with expensive designer villas surrounded by coniferous forests. The most popular apartments are located in the following settlements:

  • Prčanj;
  • Đenovići;
  • Orahovac;
  • Muo; and
  • Dobrota.

The beaches here are mostly narrow ones and untouched by human civilization. Prices for a studio or a one-room apartment depend on the accommodation class (we provide the summer rates, taking into account the weekly booking):

  • Economy class – 400-500 Euros;
  • Apartment with air conditioning – 600-650 Euros;
  • Two-room apartment at the first line (with a washing machine and air conditioning) – 800-1,000 Euros; and
  • Apartments in the Bay of Kotor – 500-700 Euros (per 4 people).
An interesting option for living
If you appreciate the beauty of forests and mountains, then you should consider the option of living in a campsite (especially if you travel by car). Many tourist camps are located on the banks of reservoirs and near other natural sites. For example, the Auto camp Ivan Do Camping is located on the territory of the Durmitor National Park, 2.5 km from the Zabljak village. For accommodation, you will pay 2 Euros per person and the same money for installing a tent and 3.5 Euros for accommodation in a trailer. All auto camping sites are electrified, but you will have to pay additionally 2 Euros per day for using sockets. The shower and toilet rooms, a common kitchen and coolers with drinking water are at guests’ service.


Apartments and villas (private houses) cost about 1,500 Euros per week in Montenegro. They are rented for 8-10 people, so living is not very expensive.

Those who come to the Adriatic coast tend to get to Petrovac or the Budva Riviera. A good option is to rent a villa in Budva, in prestigious tourist villages, such as:

  • Milocer;
  • Sveti-Stefan; and
  • Pržno.

For a romantic trip, it is better to choose the Bay of Kotor which is rich in ancient towns and fishing villages.

However, the tourist does not live with the villa alone. You can save a lot by renting a small house at a reasonable price (20-40 Euros per two persons). In Perast, almost all the houses are located on the first line. Tranquility and silence are the additional bonuses.


Room (alias soba) is the most affordable type of accommodation in Montenegro. To rent a room, you just need to come to the station of any seaside town.

You will be offered several options at once. Do not grasp at the first offer – consider several options. A room in Budva, for example, will cost around 20-60 Euros.

Some sites provide the option to directly contact the owner. Usually, the number of beds varies from one to two. Seasonal prices for rooms vary as well, as follows:

  • May – 25 Euros;
  • June – 30; and
  • July – 40.

Ada Bojana IslandThe Ada Bojana Island is a great place for treatment and rest in Montenegro. But first, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the features of this resort.

For amateurs of luxury holidays, we recommend staying in hotels of the Sveti Stefan Island in Montenegro. Here is the complete information about the luxury vacation on the island.

See the following link for more information on how to rent a house by the sea in Montenegro http://adriaticsea.blog/locate/estate/snyat-dom.html. Make the rest of your dreams come true!

Book accommodation with a child

Petrovac - the best place to stay with a child

Most hotels in Montenegro are adapted for family rest.

Playgrounds and lounges, water slides and water parks, and babysitting services are provided in some places.

If you organize the resorts of Montenegro according to the criterion – where it is better to stay with the child and the degree of popularity (taking into account the comfort of children), we get the following situation:

  1. Petrovac.
  2. Herceg-Novi.
  3. Čanj.
  4. Igalo.
  5. Budva.
  6. Đenovići, and
  7. Zelenika.

Let’s summarize. Montenegro provides a huge choice of accommodation for those who are going to come there. The main thing is to decide in advance about the future place for rest. It is not necessary to go with children to those places where pebbly, rocky or concrete beaches prevail. In Montenegro, there are many such places.

If you decide to go to the edge of pebble beaches – there is no place more delightful than Petrovac. Rest here will be quiet and calm, the climate is mild, and the water supply is stable.

Go to Budva if you prefer beaches marked with a blue flag. Have a nice trip!

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