Main Holidays of Montenegro

О праздниках Черногории

All countries of the world have their own national traditions and holidays. In Montenegro, there are many public and church holidays. In addition, there are numerous thematic festivals. For example, every year the town of Herzog Novi organizes the famous mimosa festival.It takes place from February 1 to 28 (29). Throughout the festival it is customary to give mimosa twigs. Besides, this town organizes a theater and film festival, and a book fair. It is visited by admirers and tourists from all over the world.

The most popular public holidays are:

  • Independence Day of Montenegro, celebrated on May 21,
  • Day of announcing the independence of Montenegro – June 3,
  • Montenegrin Statehood Day – July 13, and
  • Day of announcing Montenegro as a kingdom – August 28.

The most prized holy days in Montenegro are:

  • Christmas Eve – January 6,
  • Christmas – January 7,
  • New Year according to the old style – January 13, and
  • St. Basil’s Day of Ostrog – May 12.

When planning your trip to Montenegro, remember that if a public holiday is celebrated on Saturday or Sunday, Monday or Tuesday are days off.

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