Montenegro weather in January 2019, water and air temperature

Montenegro weather in January 2019

In order to have a good vacation, it is important to take into account the climatic features of the country and the weather conditions of a particular month before traveling to the Balkans. Montenegro weather in January 2019 is the coldest of the year. Temperature and precipitation vary by region.

Weather features in different parts of the country: Montenegro weather in January 2019

Throughout the territory of Montenegro in January, air temperature is almost the same. Weather varies by region. On average, during the day the indicator varies between + 5 … + 11, at night it decreases to + 2 … + 3 degrees. In the northern regions, the average temperature during the day is -3 … -4, at night it’s up to -4 degrees.

The coldest weather is in the mountainous regions, where it often snows. The air gets cold to -10 degrees. Montenegro ski resorts are less popular than Swiss and Australian resorts, so the prices here are relatively low. When it snows heavily in the mountains in the north of the country, a strong wind blows in the south and it rains heavily.


Climate Montenegro

Weather in Montenegro is formed depending on the influence of the sea and terrain features. Cetin is a city surrounded by mountains. During the day, the air temperature is +6 degrees, at night its -4. In Podgorica – a warmer area located on a plain, the temperature during the day reaches +10 degrees and + 1…0 at night.

In cities located on the Adriatic coast the temperature is higher. In Kotor, Budva, Ulcinj and Bar, thermometer indicator reaches +13 degrees during the day and a maximum of +2 at night.

The water temperature in the sea is +13 degrees – it’s not comfortable to swim in January. Upon arrival in the marine regions you need to get an umbrella and waterproof warm clothing, because it often rains heavily. In a month, 150 mm of precipitation falls in Ulcinj, and more in Kotor – up to 175 mm. In general, in January there are twelve rainy days.

Sometimes, for several days a strong wind blows and there is a decrease in temperature. The mountains are covered with snow and there are showers on the coast.

Why the cool weather in Montenegro in January will not hinder

Montenegro in January

The beginning of the new year is time for skiing. Tourists visit Montenegro to get a boost of adrenaline. The most popular resorts are Kolasin and Zabljak. It is not difficult to reserve rooms here; there are restaurants with local cuisine, and a cozy atmosphere for a pleasant vacation reigns everywhere.

In January in Zabljak, the air temperature during the day is 0 ° C and -8 ° C at night. In Kolasin the situation is similar, except for the amount of snow. In Zabljak there is twice less snow – 119 mm. The number of days with precipitation is the same – 15 days.

Many tourists stock up on warm clothes, good shoes for winter walks and go to a wonderful place to relax – the beautiful winter city of Bar.

What else can you do in Montenegro in January?

January is the month of vacations, festivals and holidays. Tourists go in for sports, visit spas – relax body and soul.


Tourists who wish to swim go to SPA-salons located in the mountains and on the coast. They enjoy the magical effect of healing mud and clean healing air in these regions.


Holidays Montenegro

The beginning of the year is a holiday itself, besides this, festivities are held in Zabljak in January:

  1. The most spectacular event is Montenegro Cup. This is a snowboarding competition and car racing on snowy roads.
  2. The festival “Hot winter in the mountains.” The event is held in all ski resorts of the country. The program lists a cultural program and sports.

Large-scale celebrations are not arranged for the New Year in Montenegro. It is a family holiday celebrated at home with relatives. Christmas and Old New Year are different. There are no matinees and no Christmas tree decoration. There is no entourage some tourists are used to.


Outdoor enthusiasts come to the resort in January to go skiing, snowboarding or tubing. The largest ski resort is located in Zabljak. It is a new, cutting edge base on the slopes of Durmitor.

Tourists often visit Savin Kuk and Stutz, there are no other attractions in the city. The fact that Zabljak is the highest mountain village in the Balkans is a good reason to visit it. You can also admire the picturesque, beautiful landscapes, go for a walk to local attractions.

What can you see in January in Montenegro?

What can you see in January in Montenegro

The second month of winter spent in Montenegro will be unforgettable if you:

  1. Take a walk in the old cities of the country: Herceg Novi, Ulcinj, Budva, Risan, Kotor, Bar, Perast.
  2. Visit the spa.
  3. Enjoy the beauty of Kotor Bay.
  4. Inhale the smell of the sea while enjoying spicy mulled wine or aromatic coffee.
  5. Enjoy the Balkan sun, flowers, greenery, kiwi and oranges growing on trees.
  6. Take part in the New Year holidays – New Year, Baptism, Christmas.
  7. Admire the views of the mountains, river canyons.
  8. Ski, snowboard at ski resorts in Zabljak and Kolasin.
  9. Visit a Russian sauna on rainy days with access to the sea, near Tivat.
  10. Visit monasteries, fortresses, fish, ride a bike.
  11. Taste the original local dishes – oysters on farms, meat from the net, fish and grilled octopus.
  12. Explore the “BUK” and “Plantage” wineries, taste the wine.

January is the best time to visit the fortresses. In Montenegro there are many fortresses:

  • Kotorska – the most famous fortress, admission is free of charge in January;
  • 3 fortresses and a panorama from Spanola to Herceg Novi – it is possible to drive in;
  • Tabia and Hai Nehai in Sutomore;
  • Mogren in Budva;
  • Vrmac and Gorozhda in Tivat.

When weather is sunny in January, tourists take a walk:

  • over the Bay of Kotor;
  • from Tivat to St. Vida Church and Highlands;
  • from Kotor to Negushi;
  • from Prcani to the old fortified church;
  • from Kosmach fortress to Praskvitsa monastery;
  • from Orachovets to the church of St. Andrew and Perast;
  • from Kotor to the Vrmac fortress.

The Mount Lovcen and the canyon of the Tara River are worth your attention. In order to have a wonderful vacation you need a good accommodation.

How to choose accommodation in Montenegro in January?

How to choose accommodation in Montenegro in January

To have a good vacation, regardless of the region of the country, it is recommended to rent a good comfortable 4.5-star hotel or an apartment. It is necessary to consider:

  1. The apartment has to have parquet or tile and floor heating – otherwise the vacationer runs the risk of catching a cold.
  2. It is better if the windows of the dwelling overlook the sea, and the apartments themselves are located on the sunny side.
  3. The heating in the room should be air conditioning and radiator, so that you do not get cold.

It is better to book accommodation in large cities, where life is in full swing in winter. Supermarkets, restaurants and shops are open all year round in such settlements. There are cities with promenades for walking. A good selection of accommodation for January is presented in Budva and the surrounding area. The most popular local hotels are Avala, Majestic, Zeta, Moskva, and Bracera.

The weather in Montenegro in January contributes to a fun holiday and vacation. It has a warm climate, it is warm on the sea coast, like in spring, flowers grow underfoot, greenery breaks through, there are ripe fruits on trees. Montenegro is a country for a calm, active winter vacation, sports, and sightseeing.