Cult of Hospitality in Montenegro

Национальное гостеприимство черногорцев

If you want to better learn the customs and traditions of the state, you need to try its national cuisine. This is how you can feel the depth of national customs.

It is necessary to note that Montenegrins are extremely hospitable. Tourists are accepted in a quite warm manner as if they were old acquaintances both at home and in an ordinary street restaurant.

The cordiality and warmth of the atmosphere are simply captivating, because Montenegrins are very nice and generous people. When guests are expected here, gates and doors are remained open wide.

It depends on the regions what dishes of the national cuisine you will be served.

The guest will be offered the most delicious and gourmet food, including excellent drinks. Guest is given the best place in the house, including at the table. Moreover, all masters will do their best to make the guest staying in the house feel as comfortable as possible like at home.

It is noteworthy that Montenegrins’ eating habits are determined by the place where they live. The national cuisine differs greatly in various regions of the country.

In Montenegro, dishes from seafood, meat and vegetables are very popular. Almost the entire national cuisine of the country is based on ancient recipes shared from one generation to another.

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