Popular Montenegrin alcoholic beverages

Each country has its own peculiarities in producing alcoholic beverages, and Montenegro is no exception. The Mediterranean climate only contributes to growing grapes – the basis for most traditional alcoholic beverages that have long became souvenirs and are very popular.
Montenegro is famous for a healthy cult of alcohol, so do not miss the opportunity to learn about everything closer!

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Montenegrin wines

Crowds of Europeans come every year to the so-called “wine tours” of the vineyards.

  • Vranac
    The world-famous Vranac is one of the best varieties of wines and is an undeniable pride and the landmark of Montenegro.
    The Vranac (translated as “black horse”) is made from the Balkan grape variety of the same name.
    This is a dry red wine with a rich fruit flavor, the peculiarity of which is that after two years of storage, it acquires notes of cinnamon, herbs, licorice and chocolate!
    The alcohol by volume is 12.5 %, the color is dark ruby, very saturated.
    The price of Vranac collection bottles can exceed 70 Euros, but the bulk of the wine sold has a very affordable price of 3-5 Euros.
  • Krstač
    It is another famous Montenegrin wine.
    The wine can truly be called unique, because the grape variety from which it was made; does not grow anywhere except in the village of St. Nicholas Church near Podgorica in Montenegro.
    The wine received such a name (Krstač is translated as a cross) due to the fact that the variety is usually planted in the shape of a cross.
    Dry white wine with the alcohol by volume of 12.5%, the price is 4-8 Euros.




Rakija is the most common drink in Montenegro, with which you can both have fun and be cured, as the Montenegrins believe.
Montenegrin centenarians claim that their health and longevity are due to Rakija 50 ml. of which they consume every morning.
This is the main strong drink of the country, and its alcohol by volume can reach 50-60 % depending on the recipe!
Every second resident of the country produces Rakija at home, and everyone has their own recipe and is not averse to treating you with his version of a drink on the street. Most often, Rakija is made from grapes, apricot, plums, quince, dogwood, peaches, cherries, figs, apples, pears and mulberries. In the preparation, various herbs, spices, nuts and honey are often added to the Rakija. This type of fruit brandy or “Montenegrin gin” is drunk quite easily, and often surprises with its sweetness and freshness. One glass costs about 2 Euros, but we advise you to try Rakija in the markets and from local residents, then you will enjoy the real authentic inexpressible taste of this drink.



Although Montenegro is the wine country, its residents also know how to brew beer. The first and only Trebjesa brewery, built in the 19th century, is located in Nikšić, where the beer of the same name is brewed in the traditional way.
Beer is brewed from hops and barley using the water of local mountain springs.
In Montenegro, private breweries of small restaurants and cafes are gradually appearing and, to be honest, all beers produced there have interesting tastes and are quite competitive ones!
A bottle of this beer will cost you about one Euro.


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