Traditional Cuisine of Montenegro

Национальные традиции черногорской кухни

The national traditional cuisine of Montenegro is not alien to new directions, although it is mainly based on ancient recipes.

Undoubtedly, tourists can eat dishes of the traditional European cuisine in restaurants. However, be sure to taste the national and local cuisine.

The most popular traditional dishes include:

  • Lamb cooked under a special cap,
  • Baked carp, and
  • Smoked bleak.

Dishes from seafood, cereals are rather popular. Almost all dishes always contain olives. They make dishes taste delicate and light.

A fresh cheese pie is a very popular dessert.

In a restaurant you are most likely to be offered grape rakia for lunch, and Nikšićko Pivo after it.

Fish dishes are the basis of the national cuisine in this country. The main methods of cooking fish are gradella, ordinary frying, leto, brudet.

When grilling gradella fish, it is poured with the essence of seasonings. Boiled potatoes are a wonderful side dish for the leto fish.

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