Entry custom regulations in Montenegro

Черногория - правила таможни на въезд туристов

The Montenegro’s custom regulations are quite simple, however, they are mandatory as in any country. Knowledge of those rules and their observation would spare you troubles.

Basic rules of import:

  • Foreign citizens may import and export money with no restrictions, however, it should be declared at entry.
  • Foreign citizens may export items of historic value provided they have a certificate for export. This certificate may be obtained at a specialized store.
  • Foreign citizens may import to Montenegro 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco with no customs duty. Same applies to 1 liter of a strong alcoholic beverage or 2 liters of win.
  • Import of arms and drugs is forbidden in Montenegro.

For a trip up to 30 days you would only need a tourist voucher, a visa is not necessary. A voucher can be obtained from a travel agency.

Instead of a voucher you can present a business invitation (if it is a business trip) or a private invitation certified by the court or a local government body.

You should know that the Border Police has the right to refuse entry to any person that arouses suspicion. It is the matter of state safety and maintenance of order.

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