How to get citizenship upon immigration to Montenegro

Иммиграция в Черногорию

The decision to immigrate to another country is always a serious step and entails many problems of an organizational, financial and legal nature, so the desire of future immigrants to minimize these problems is clear. You will learn about immigration to Montenegro and all its features.

Immigration programs exist in almost all developed countries of the world; however, the proposed conditions are unacceptable for many people, since very high demands are set:

  • to the level of security of new citizens;
  • to the profitability of their business;
  • solid investments in the economy are often required;
  • a visa is opened only on the third or fourth time.
It is very easy and cheap to get citizenship in Montenegro.

Montenegro looks very profitable against the background of the immigration policy of these countries: it is much easier and cheaper to obtain a residence permit, and in the future – the citizenship of this country.

Obtaining a residence permit

Let us consider what a citizen of Russia needs when immigrating to Montenegro.

The whole process consists of several steps:

  • obtaining a temporary residence permit;
  • residing in this country for five years without violating immigration rules and laws;
  • obtaining a permanent residence permit; and
  • applying for citizenship.

How can a Russian citizen get a temporary residence permit?

Recent changes in the laws of this country relating to immigration policy say: for citizens of foreign countries who are not married with citizens of Montenegro, there is only one type of entry into the country for a living – business immigration.

The boravak – temporary residence permit – serves as a certificate confirming such a right.
Previously, a boravak could be obtained simply by buying property in Montenegro, but since 2010 a house or an apartment purchased here will only entitle to stay for no more than three months a year based on a tourist visa.

Thus, a residence permit for the purchase of real estate must go through the same stages of registration as in case of business immigration.

Obtaining a residence permit by pensionersHow can those who do not work – for example, pensioners get a residence permit?

A residence permit for pensioners in Montenegro is issued under the following conditions:

  • they are members of the family of a foreigner who has left to run a business and has housing in this country;
  • if the pensioner is in Montenegro for treatment.

At the same time, a pension can be received to a bank card by transfer from Russia.

It is also important to take into account that a bank account is required for registration of a boravak confirming that an immigrant and his family have means for living for a year at the rate of 10 Euros per day per person, and the amount must be at least 3,650 Euros for one family member. However, such an amount is several times lower than it is required in Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

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What is needed for business immigration?

Starting a business in Montenegro is a simple matter, devoid of many bureaucratic delays and formalities. The package of documents required for the company registration includes:

  • founder’s passport;
  • certificates of conviction (you need to get it in Russia);
  • marriage certificate (if family relocation is planned);
  • birth certificates of children (if any); and
  • registration card (“whiteboard”), which is issued by the police on the spot.
It is easy and simple to create a business in Montenegro!

How to open a business when immigrating to Montenegro

Preparation of constituent documents takes about a week and does not require significant investments: for example, the statutory fund of a company can be only one euro, and the cost of the whole package is about 350 Euros (payment of fees, registration with the licensing and tax authorities, opening a bank account, making a wet stamp, and issuance of work permit).

After registering the company and hiring himself/herself as the director, the immigrant receives the right to receive a boravak for himself and his family members.

To do this, contact the police, after which boravak for one year will be issued within two to three weeks. In the future, it may be extended at the possessor’s discretion.

The price of issuing a temporary residence permit (boravak) is as follows:

  • 300 Euros – for the company founder;
  • 100 Euros – per each of the family members, hired by the founder.

Business immigration to Montenegro may require additional costs:

  • translation of documents into Montenegrin language;
  • notarization of documents;
  • rental contract execution; and
  • medical insurance execution.

In each case, the amount is specified.

Ordinary and investment citizenship of Montenegro

Having lived in the country for several years and decided to stay there forever, the immigrant thinks about how to obtain citizenship in order to enjoy all the rights of a full-fledged citizen.

This will require compliance with several mandatory conditions and will take a lot of time. So, what are the requirements?

Only those immigrants who:

  • lived in the country under a residence permit for at least five years, without leaving its limits for more than two months per year;
  • lived there under the permanent residence for at least five years;
  • have their own housing; and
  • did not violate the laws of Montenegro, may apply for citizenship.

Ten years is the period that is needed to apply for citizenship in Montenegro.

Residence permit when buying real estate

How to get a residence permit in Montenegro when buying a property?

No special conditions and privileges are provided to the foreigners who bought housing in this country: the same conditions and terms are in force for them as for all people.

However, the Montenegrin government makes an exception for large businessmen who want to invest at least half a million Euros in the country’s economy: they can obtain the investment citizenship out of turn.

It is important to take into account that family members of such immigrants cannot count on benefits – Montenegrin citizenship is granted to them only on general grounds.

The investment climate of this country is considered to be very favorable, and business development is devoid of many negative features inherent in Russia, therefore, a growing number of large businessmen show interest in immigration to Montenegro, obtaining citizenship, and opening companies here.

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Montenegro is waiting for its immigrants, offering them a fast and inexpensive preparation of a residence permit, civilized laws for business development, healing climate, wonderful nature and good-natured attitude of the inhabitants of this Balkan country.

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