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From Montenegro to Italy by ferry – features of the sea trip to antique Bari
Как из Черногории отправиться на экскурсию в Италию

Going to Montenegro, many travelers do not realize that a unique chance to visit two countries at once have been given to them. Ferry communication is established between Montenegro and Italy, so you can take an unforgettable tour for an additional fee.

This article will cover the schedule, the route, and the benefits of such tours. It will also deal with the visa regime and the necessary formalities, sketch out a list of attractions, and diversify the rest with excellent shopping. Ferry from Montenegro to Italy – the unforgettable trip from Bar to Bari →

Rent a car in Montenegro – a journey that suits every pocket and taste
Аренда машины в Черногории

While earlier tourists, traveling to rest abroad, moved around the foreign territory only by organized excursion groups, on a separate bus and accompanied by a guide, today car rental in Montenegro provides the widest choice of routes and facilities.

If you do not want to make your own wish-list of sights – the agencies are at your service. If you want, you may comprehend the everyday life of the local people, using public transport; if you want, you may travel by motorcycle, bicycle, or even hitch-hiking. If you love comfort and safety, then rent a car. Required documents, prices and specifics of renting a car in Montenegro →