Traveling around Montenegro by train. Eight warnings for tourists

Traveling around Montenegro by train is an adventure. Trains are safe, but do not expect high standards of quality and punctuality. The wagons are largely worn out, and traveling around Montenegro cannot be called very comfortable. Investments in new rolling stock are to be launched in the coming years.

Here are 8 tips for a good train trip around Montenegro on your own.

How to navigate the train station?

There are no notifications about the departure of trains on the electronic displays of the railway stations for tourists traveling around Montenegro. There are voice announcements but in the Montenegrin language.

The only option is a published schedule or the information desk. Since the number of routes for traveling around Montenegro by train is limited, the risk of getting on the wrong train is small.


Train timetables for major routes in Montenegro are available online. Rates are also displayed. When traveling around Montenegro, please note that the country has a common European rule and departure schedules are printed on a yellow background, and the arrival schedules are on a white background.


Delays are rather common when you travel in Montenegro by train. Late arrivals at your destination with a delay of two hours are frequent. In the case of transfer connections, we advise you to have sufficient time reserved.

How much does a ticket cost?

Train rides are cheap. For traveling around Montenegro with the Belgrade-Podgorica route over 400 km long, a standard 2nd class ticket costs 19.20 €. Holders of a discount card with Rail Plus get a discount on cross-border trips up to 30% when traveling around Montenegro.

Restaurant car

There is a restaurant car on intercity trains, but the range is scarce. There are often just drinks, beer, and coffee; or there is no restaurant car at all. Going on a trip to Montenegro by yourself, take along enough provisions.


Smoking is prohibited when traveling around Montenegro by train. But a crossed cigarette sign is more of a decorative element. They usually don’t smoke in the recreation area, but smokers can use the restaurant car or the entrance area.

Departure Signal and Dangerous Doors

In Montenegro, the driver blows the horn at every departure. Most trains do not have automatic doors. They are not blocked while the train is on the go. The doors are often wide open even at full speed!


For women, this is one of the most unpleasant topics when traveling around Montenegro by train. Toilet paper, soap, and towels are totally absent, and sometimes there is even no light, which you notice especially when the train goes through tunnels.

The mountain railway from Belgrade through Podgorica to Bar has canyons, tunnels, and the highest railway bridge in Europe. Traveling around Montenegro on your own, you can count on a little Balkan adventure. If you have enough time for a leisurely trip, you can find out a lot about the country and its inhabitants.

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