Montenegro national citizenship program in exchange for investments into the country

The new scheme of economic citizenship in Montenegro for foreign investors was officially announced on October 1, 2018.The resolution entered into force on January 1, 2019, and will be valid until December 31, 2021. The Montenegrin economic citizenship program allows obtaining Montenegrin citizenship at the discretion of the Ministry of Home Affairs and State Administration through special investments. This publication involves complete information on the citizenship of Montenegro and how you can get it.

How to get citizenship of Montenegro?

The Montenegrin citizenship scheme for investments will only be valid for three years, offering investment citizenship to 2,000 foreign investors.

The special scheme model is a grant of 100,000 euros plus a minimum investment in Montenegro of 250,000 euros in a poorly developed region and 450,000 euros for projects on the coast. This means that applicants must donate a grant to the government, as well as invest in development projects (hotels, resorts, IT parks, commercial real estate). Since when obtaining citizenship of Montenegro, investors will influence job creation and development, they become desirable residents of the country.

The Montenegro’s Special Citizenship Investment Program (MSCIP) requires investment in economic activity. Subject to strict verification and due diligence, including careful verification of the data, Montenegrin citizenship is granted to applicants and their families.

To obtain citizenship of Montenegro you will not need:

  • to pass language tests;
  • military service is not required; and
  • there are no requirements for living in the country.

Why is Montenegrin citizenship beneficial for Russian people?

  • Visa-free or visa access to 122 destinations, including the Schengen zone of Europe and Turkey
  • Citizenship in a country that is an official EU candidate
  • Citizenship in a multinational and multilingual European community with a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery and low cost of living
  • Citizenship in the state that is a member of the European Monetary Union, OSCE and WTO
  • Full citizenship granted to the applicant and his/her family members
  • Political and economic stability based on a business-oriented government