Croatia: the best sandy beaches of the Adriatic

Описание лучших песчаных пляжей Хорватии

Before you start reading this article, please close your eyes for a moment and imagine your perfect rest … Bright sun, pure sea water, subtle comfort, white sand or small rounded pebbles, fresh sea breeze, pines, children’s voices or silence – is that so? Welcome to the beaches of Croatia!

We dare to assume that we guessed it, and will be pleased to let you know that all this, as well as many things that cannot be said in words, are very close to us. In Europe, more precisely, in Croatia. If you don’t yet have a “favorite beach and the best hotel” in this country, then our article and website will help you to choose the right one.

Many Croatian beaches are marked with a blue flag.


Tourists from Europe excitedly talk about incredible natural beauties, about the water of the purest blueness and crystal transparency, about picturesque bays and harbors.

Many of the Croatian beaches obtained the UNESCO’s Blue Flag, which marks those beaches that meet the strictest criteria for clean water and the coastal zone and also provide their guests with a certain level of service and security.

Where are the sandy beaches in Croatia?

The best Croatian resorts are located on the Istrian peninsula, in Central and Southern Dalmatia. Hotels with sandy beaches are very popular in Croatia.

The coast of the country is mostly rocky, so fine pebble beaches are found most often. Walking barefoot on such beaches is excellent reflexology, and you should not neglect it.

On many beaches, there is a gentle and smooth entrance to the sea, which makes baby bathing especially safe.

Sandy beaches for families with children

Sand beaches of Croatia“Mommy, I want to play with sand!”

Your child does not accept the rest by the sea without constructing castles and digging tunnels? Then you should choose from the list of the best sandy beaches on the Croatian coast:

  • Saharun beach, on the island of Dugi Otok, near the famous resort of Zadar;
  • Lapad beach (Dubrovnik), one of the country’s most famous and most visited beaches;
  • Mlaska beach, located on the island of Hvar;
  • Omis Riviera beach chain, the longest beach in this chain is 4 km in length;
  • Nin beach chain, starting 15 km from Zadar. In addition to the proximity of the ancient city of Nin, the advantage of this chain is the water that is warmer on all the other coasts. Here it is always warmer by 2-5 degrees;
  • Trstenica beach, located on the Peljesac peninsula, in the town of Orebić;
  • world famous Paradise beach, a favorite place of media personalities;
  • Susak Island. This is a natural formation, unique to the Adriatic Sea, located in Kvarner Bay. Its entire surface is represented by solid white sand;
  • Three beaches in the town of Kuklicha – Sabusa, Jelenica, Kostanj. Zadar is just a few kilometers from these beaches.

All of the sandy beaches listed above obtained the Blue Flag of UNESCO, they are equipped with sun beds, umbrellas (rented for a small charge). The infrastructure of the beaches includes cafes, restaurants, children’s entertainment areas, hotels, and other tourist infrastructure.

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Nudist beaches

Let loose!

Do you prefer beaches, where not beach fashion, but an even tan is demonstrated? Croatia is considered a paradise for nudists. It was first discovered by German and Danish supporters of natural nudity, and Koversada Island, connected to the Istrian Peninsula by a bridge, is the oldest nudist (naturist) beach there.

Naturist beaches and campgrounds can be found on the entire coast of Croatia, and are marked with a special FKK abbreviation on the maps and signs.
Recently, naturist zones conditionally fenced inside the “dressed” resorts have become very popular. For those who like naturalness, this guarantees a comfortable infrastructure, and at the same time provides some privacy for the rest.

List of the best beaches

We are used to the best!

The top list of the best Croatian beaches includes both sandy and pebbly beaches, and even those with a concrete surface of the coastal zone. All of them meet the highest standards of the Blue Flag, there are hotels near each where you can relax for a few hours if you travel along the coast, or arrange a good family rest for yourself and your family.

Top 5 best beaches in Croatia:

  1. The sandy beach of Vela Przina, located in one of the bays of the island of Korcula.
    The beach is surrounded by vineyards and is perfectly landscaped. It is very popular among young people and outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Slanica Beach, located on the island of Murter. This is a sandy beach, very popular among tourists and the local population, therefore, in the holiday season there are a lot of people.
  3. The sandy beach of Sabunike, located near the ancient city of Nin and modern Zadar. In addition to the crystal transparency of the sea, here you can experience the possibilities of therapeutic mud of Croatia.
  4. The sandy beach of Crvena Luka, the northern part of which is intended for naturists. The distance from there to the city of Biograd is just 3 kilometers, but it is easier to get there on foot from the village of Kumenat, or by boat rented on the nearby beaches.
  5. The sandy beach of Crni Molo, located right in the town of Crikvenica. This beach is one of the most popular places for families with children, with a shallow gently sloping sea and plenty of entertainment, from beach volleyball to playgrounds with animators, not to mention the many cafes and coastal restaurants.

Golden Horn Beach

The Golden Horn beach in CroatiaAh, this famous Golden Horn!

The Croatian beach Golden Horn deserves special mention.

With a probability of 99%, it is Golden Horn that is captured on the photographs of Croatia, which depict sandy expanses, the blue turquoise sea, and the windsurfers blissing out on the waves. This beach is almost perpendicular to the coast stretched into the sea, and its outlines are constantly changing, depending by the sea currents and the wind rose.

Golden Horn is the most visited beach in Croatia.

The unique sandspit shape, amazing views and excellent waves for windsurfing make the Golden Horn the most popular and most visited beach in Croatia.

Reviews of the beaches of Croatia

People say about the beaches of Croatia …

Tourists’ reviews of rest on the Croatian Adriatic coast are of the same type, full of praises, enthusiasm, promises to return, thanks for the excellent service (we said that Croats are very hospitable people and highly appreciate the opportunity to host tourists in the best way?), invitations to their friends and close… Here is one of the most typical:

Review on the beaches in Croatia“Fabulous beach! Beautiful, clean, true, very crowded. We rested in August-September, and, as we were warned, there were just a lot of people! But we went a little further along the spit, and there were already fewer people.

We were in Punta Rata, and enjoyed every hour of life there!”

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Selection of PHOTOS “Beaches of Croatia”

In our photo gallery, you can personally choose for yourself the best beach in your view. But please bear in mind that even the best photo of the beaches of Croatia will not be able to capture the soft sun heat, the wonderful aroma of pine groves, and the incredible atmosphere of perfect summer vacation.

By the way, summer in Croatia lasts from May to October …

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