A wonderful dream about Europe – the perfect vacation at the sea with children in Slovenia

Отдых на море в Словении - рай для всей семьи

About three hours of flight, and you find yourself in Europe, at its best: no parapolitical flash mobs, only peace and tranquility, historic monuments as public housing, the correct service and delightfully friendly people – this is what the sea rest in Slovenia means.

Some geographical facts

The northernmost part of the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia is an alpine country.

To rest at the seaside, there is always great weather in Slovenia, due to:

  • the temperate continental climate of the northern part,
  • Mediterranean paradise of the southern region,
  • mild winters,
  • gentle summer sun,
  • cleanest air, and,
  • the waters of the Mediterranean.

The Slovenia’s historical past is a separate topic; we will only indicate the vector for your reflections, recalling that this territory of Europe was settled before the heyday of the ancient Greece.

Stay, fleeting moment! – photos from rest in Slovenia

Take a look at photos of the sea in Slovenia, amateur and professional ones, which reflect the beauty of nature and almost completely convey the atmosphere of relaxation:

But only when visiting the country you can feel:

  • incredibly clean air,
  • taste of local culinary masterpieces,
  • caress of seawater,
  • the pleasure of driving on the slopes of the Slovenian Alps, and
  • a hundred other impressions.

Ski resorts of SloveniaBy the way, Slovenian ski resorts are not inferior to the resorts of Courchevel. Find out everything about ski rest in Slovenia.

If resting by the sea in Slovenia, then only in the resorts of Portoroz and Isola!

You do not think of a real opportunity to relax without a rest at sea? Portorož and Isola are diamonds in the tourist crown of Slovenia.

We dare to assume that the rest on the coast of Slovenia will become a benchmark for you and a reason to return to the country again and again.

The length of the beaches is only about 47 kilometers, and most of them are stone or pebble ones. The famous resorts of Slovenia by the sea in the cities of Portorož and Izola can boast of sandy beaches.
Each resort town offers:

  • thermal springs,
  • complex spa with care and treatment procedures,
  • charming restaurants with excellent cuisine and live music,
  • small villas, and
  • souvenir shops.

Not in vain Slovenia is so popular among the Italians and Germans who understand a lot about quality rest for little money.


Rest in Portorož provides thousands of opportunities for:

  • active pastime,
  • excursion routes,
  • walks through the picturesque Istrian hills and villages,
  • visits to the spa,
  • visits to thermal complexes, and
  • trips to the sea pools.

Portorož is rightfully considered to be the noisiest and most fashionable resort in Slovenia!

Hotels here are suited to every fancy, from luxurious, comfortable and very expensive five-star (we recommend choosing the Grand Hotel Portoroz, which is the essence of royal comfort) to cozy and small three-star villas, where prices are several orders lower, and a decently high service level.

Portorož is the Slovenia’s most fashionable resort.


If you are looking for a quieter, but equally comfortable place, you should drive a dozen kilometers along the coast to Izola, an ancient romantic town founded in the 1st century BC.

Once Isola was part of the Venetian Republic, and the architecture of the central part of the city is able to tell a lot to the sophisticated guest about those times.

Izola is a perfect place for family rest due to its mild climate suitable for kids. The city pebble beach offers a huge number of rides and other entertainment for children.
The only drawback is that this beach is the only one equipped. But not far from it there are a couple of wild beaches – the Simonov Bay beach and the beach at the Belvedere Hill.

Sea rest in Izola is very much appreciated among amateurs of sailing sports. With its comfortable bay and a suitable wind rose, Izola attracts European windsurfing enthusiasts and yachtsmen.

This town hosts many world festivals:

  • jazz festivals,
  • sports festivals,
  • dance festivals, and
  • classic music festivals.

A trip to Slovenia with children – is it worth it?

When planning a sea rest with children in Slovenia, you should pay attention to:

  • resort hotels of the famous Lake Bled,
  • thalassotherapy resort in Strunjan, and,
  • thermal waters in Rogaška Slatina.

Slovenia for children can become a fabulous memory, a country of forest fairies and elves – the tranquility of the surrounding places, greenery, silence, healing or restorative procedures, special programs and prices for guests travelling for rest with children, sightseeing routes, and ancient monuments.

For those who are going to rest with their children by the sea, we recommend carefully choosing a hotel and a city, since sandy beaches, which are preferable for children, are not typical of the Slovenian coast.

The attitude towards children is special in Slovenia.
It seems that all the services, comfort and entertainment have been created specifically for children. Do not be surprised if the locals come to you on the street and will look at your baby with loving eyes or give him or her something. You need to take a gift; otherwise, you can hurt a person.

Only wonder and joy…

Prices for rest by the sea in Slovenia are extremely affordable. In the peak season the price of a weekly stay at a medium-sized hotel (a three-star villa by the sea) for two adults will be about 2-2.5 thousand Euros.

This price includes:

  1. flight,
  2. the price of halfboard, and
  3. accommodation in the hotel of the best European style and level.
Christmas in Slovenia for two for only 1,000 Euros!

If you like the idea of spending Christmas holidays in Slovenia, the trip will be cheaper, about 1,000 Euros for two people under the same conditions.

Bled, SloveniaAt Christmas Lake Bled in Slovenia seems to become part of a fairy tale and looks different. All the details about the famous lake of Slovenia.

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Video “Fall in love with Slovenia and go there again and again!”

All the beauty of Slovenia in one video:

Another reason to go to Slovenia as soon as possible is that unlike Montenegro and Croatia this country has not yet become a popular resort in Europe, and amateurs of historical authenticity, who want to hear local people talking on vacation, can feel the “non-touristic” atmosphere, will find the desired happiness there.

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