Sandy Paradise of Montenegro – the best sandy beaches

пляжи Черногории

Montenegro is an amazing small country. Tourists not only from Europe, but from all over the world come here to admire the beautiful nature, breathe in the atmosphere of historical monuments, enjoy the charm of the local population and relax on the incredibly clean beaches of the Adriatic Sea. There are 117 beaches in a small country! Those who prefer comfort are sure to ask a question: are there sandy beaches in Montenegro?It is necessary to note that 1/3 of the entire Montenegrin coast is made up of sand beaches, while the rest is covered with pebbles and stones. Thus, if you visit Montenegro from April to November, you will be able to fully feel the charm of Montenegrin holidays.

There are 117 beaches in Montenegro!

Of course, the best beaches of Montenegro are sandy beaches. You will find a lot of them on almost 300 km of the coastline of the country.

Hotels of Montenegro with an own beachDo you want to rest on a clean, deserted beach? Look for Montenegrin hotels that have their own beach.

To save on the transfer, it is advisable to fly as close to the place of rest as possible. Choose the airport to arrive at Montenegro –  read here.

Where are the Montenegrin sandy beaches?

  • Not far from Ultsyn there is a breathtaking place: Montenegrin Copacabana – Great Beach. Its length is approximately 13 km, and its width is 60 m. It is covered with fine white sand known for its life-giving properties far beyond the borders of Montenegro. It is not deep here. There are good hotels nearby, and the territory is covered with exotic Mediterranean plants. In short, this is a perfect place to relax.
  • To the north of Ultsyn there is another unusual place called Queen’s Beach. The terrain is amazing here because you can get to this place only from the sea, since everything is surrounded by steep cliffs. Soft sand, transparent waters and a relatively small number of people make people return here again and again.
  • Bar District is famous for the local beach of the Sutomore city and Golden Beach. The name of these sands is fully justified, because they cast gold and are amazingly soft. In impenetrable cypress thickets there are numerous hotels where you can rest from the sun.
  • A small bay located between Sutomore and Bar hides the unusual Red Beach. Its name tells us that instead of the habitual “gold”, the shore is strewn with red sand. According to the legends, there are beautiful sea maidens here. Who knows you may meet Montenegrin Lorelei here?
  • The northwest shore of Lake Skadar is famous for the Murizzi beach. There are oaks and chestnuts growing against the soft sand, which makes the small beach charming and causes the desire to stay here longer.
  • The sandy beaches of the Budva Riviera, namely Mogren I and II, are especially attractive for those who like good rest. Here there is always bright sun and the warm wind. There is the Avala hotel complex not far away, and the beaches are connected by a special tunnel.

The most beautiful sandy beach in Montenegro

Becici is considered to be the one. Soft golden sand covers its territory that stretches for 1,950 m. Nearby there is a cozy hotel that allows visitors not only to swim and enjoy beautiful views, but also to actively rest.

White sand

The Kamenovo beach and the seabed are covered with white sand, which makes it extraordinarily beautiful. The bright turquoise sea and the bright sun create a favorable atmosphere for the rest.

When you want to enjoy originality

Welcome to the Sveti Stefan beach. It is known for the hotel town built on the island. The beach with a length of 1,170 m is connected to the hotel by a small strake and is covered with reddish sand. Nearby you will find a lot of restaurants and cafes, as well as a diving club.

The Sveti Stefan beach is so famous that celebrities from all over the world came here to spend their holidays, including Robert Fisher, Sophia Loren, Claudia Schiffer and other celebrities.

Wonderful place to rest

Drobni pijesak – vacation on the tropical white-yellowish sandDrobni pijesak. You can get here only from the sea. It is small (250 m) and attracts tourists with its “tropical” white-yellow sand. Although the beach is far from the civilization, there are springs with drinking water here.

Montenegro is the country that is suitable both for youth and family holidays. If you have children, the Montenegrin coast is almost ideal for inspiring your body and soul.

What beaches of Montenegro are ideal for families with children?

From the diversity of the Montenegrin beaches you can distinguish three great places where it is best to relax with your child:

  1. The sandy beach of Petrovac is famous for its cleanliness and comfort and unusual red sand, which is ideal for kids. In addition, there is a lot of greenery, good climate, as well as well-equipped tourist facilities with all kinds of attractions and amusement parks. All of these make up one complex. That is why you do not have to go far when your children get tired of playing in the sea.
  2. The coast of Canj combines both rocky and sandy beaches. This small town is an ideal place for families with children. Perfectly transparent water makes it possible to admire all delights of the sea, which will undoubtedly appeal to young researchers. You may not worry about your child’s safety, because the depth is relatively small here, there are almost no waves, and the water does not hide dangerous jellyfish or sea urchins.
  3. The bay of the Luštica peninsula hides an incredibly beautiful beach called the Blue Horizons. It is covered with pleasant sand and adapted for children’s recreation. If necessary, palm trees growing on the shore will hide your child from the sun. It is also noteworthy that you can go to the towns of Pržno and Milocer on foot.

Where is it best to rest with children in MontenegroFamily vacation has its own peculiarities. See where it is better to spend holidays with children in Montenegro.

Do you want a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast? Monitor the temperature in Montenegro in September.

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TOP 3: The best Montenegrin resorts with sandy beaches

  1. Budva is the most popular and, perhaps, one of the best resorts in Montenegro. There are many sandy beaches and comfortable hotels along them. If you are going to rest here, the sandy beaches of Tristeno, Jaz, Mogren-1 and Mogren-2, and Kamenevo are ideal for this.
  2. The villages of Milocer and Sveti Stefan are incredibly beautiful resorts in Montenegro. Long sandy beaches, exotic vegetation make them one of the most prestigious in the country. Do you want to lie on the sand? Visit the Milocer, Queen’s, and Sveti Stefan beaches.
  3. Sutomore is the resort town that is also known for its olive groves. This is a complete opposite of Budva. It is quiet, calm and serene. On its territory there are 2.5 km of sandy beaches, the most famous of which is the Big Beach.

Thus, when you are in Montenegro, you can not only relax in modern resorts and spend great time with your children, but also enjoy the magnificent variety of sandy beaches that pleasantly complement the incredible sophistication of the Montenegrin coast.

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