The best beaches of Montenegro – the place of your dreamsThe best beaches of Montenegro – the place of your dreams

пляжи Черногории

Once the former part of Yugoslavia and now independent Montenegro is called one of the most environmentally friendly European countries. People from all over the world (and especially from all parts of Europe and Eurasia) come here, where they find unique landscapes, monuments of ancient architecture, authentic national colors and folk traditions of the country’s aborigines. However, the beaches of Montenegro, which stretch along the Adriatic coast, are the most demanded ones.

The coastline of Montenegro represents almost 300 kilometers of very uneven sea topography, where rocks and pines alternate with small sandy and pebble beaches (about 73 kilometers of beaches in total). Their diversity and magnificence give the inhabitants of the country a reason to believe that the sea rest in Montenegro is the best on the Adriatic.

Best places for the beach rest

When creating Montenegrin beaches, the universe was unprecedentedly generous in the choice of materials – there are sand, small and large pebbles, stones of various shapes and sizes, as well as forms – semi-circular, lying in closed bays, elongated crescents of crowded capes, and small shreds among the rocks, overgrown with pines.

In a word, whatever you want from the Montenegrin beaches, you can find and get it.

The beaches of Igalo and Ulcinj Riviera are the best in Montenegro.

So, after all, where are the best beaches in Montenegro? The beaches of Igalo and Ulcinj .

How to go to Montenegro independentlyDo you want to know how to travel to Montenegro independently? Tips to prepare for travel.

One of the housing options for an independent travel is to rent an apartment in Montenegro for a long time. Find out here the detailed information on how to do this.

Igalo Beaches

Igalo is the most famous tourist destination in Montenegro and the most extensive medical and tourist center located in the Mediterranean. Subtropical vegetation of exceptional beauty, air from the mountains and the sea are mixed here so that you can not only relax “properly”, but also undergo a complex of wellness procedures.

It is located seven kilometers from the town of Herceg-Novi, under the Orien mountain standing on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

The Seven Danica promenade is a favorite place for hiking in Igalo. This is a promenade with various souvenir shops, restaurants and stores.

In Igalo, a chain of bars, restaurants and cafes for every taste stretches for several kilometers.

The water in Igalo was marked by the Blue Flag of UNESCO.

The water on the beaches of Igalo is notable for its special transparency, and was marked by the Blue Flag of UNESCO. Divers actively use this advantage, and there are several diving schools in Igalo, including those for the beginners

The most popular beaches are:

  1. Žanjice Beach is the best place for beach restŽanjice Beach. The pebbled beach of Žanjice is the most famous among tourists (including Russian ones). It is located on the area of about five kilometers and has a perfect infrastructure – umbrellas, sun beds, showers, changing rooms, cafes, and attractions. Žanjice is located in the Mirišta lowland, on the Luštica peninsula.
    It is located three kilometers from Herceg-Novi. This is the best beach in Herceg-Novi and in Montenegro.
    The beach is covered with small white pebbles with concrete slabs laid in separate places.
    In the hot season, olive groves near the coastal strip are very useful. There you can hide from the heat and have a great snack in one of several restaurants.
  2. One of the Igalo beaches - the Sveti Stefan BeachThe Sveti Stefan Beach. The Sveti Stefan Beach is very unusual in its appearance, and therefore it is incredibly popular among tourists. This is an island hotel connected to the mainland by a narrow neck of land with the beach areas on both sides.
    A picturesque view on the watery surface and island buildings, clean fine sand, a high level of beach comfort – all these components make Sveti Stefan both super popular, and also very expensive beach.
  3. Other beaches of Herceg-Novi are no less picturesque, but a little less landscaped. Some of them are accessible only from the water, but they are the least crowded ones.
    Inexperienced travelers should bear in mind that rocky beaches are very attractive not only to people but also to sea urchins. To avoid the thrill of dating, you should wear special shoes for swimming, and carefully examine the surface of stones and concrete slabs

The Ulcinj Beaches

These beaches are famous all over the world for their unusual basalt sand. The unusual reddish-grey shade of sand is explained by basalt as its main component, and a high percentage of minerals in the composition are extremely useful in treating lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

The Ulcinj Velika Plaža is considered to be the largest beach in Montenegro. This beach is completely sandy, but its infrastructure is not developed enough.

For many tourists, the beautiful water, pines, and other delights of an almost wild rest are somewhat spoiled by the fact that among those who rest on Velika Plaža there are a lot of Albanians who are not inclined to reckon with the European traditions of behavior.

The Velika Plaža beach reaches 13 km in length. According to statistics, the sandy beach can accommodate more than 250 thousand sunbathers.

However, the waters of the Adriatic, the basalt sand, the shallow and gentle entry into the water attract a considerable number of families here, therefore, some conventions, we believe, can be neglected.

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