A wedding in Montenegro will give the ultimate experience

Свадьба в Черногории - это невысокие цены и восторженные отзывы

Romantic wedding trips abroad have long ceased to be a “status” phenomenon: many happy couples receive a tour to Europe or, say, to Egypt as a gift from their relatives or friends. But so far not many have dared to conduct wedding ceremonies abroad – they are afraid of difficulties with organization, paperwork, and the seemingly high cost. Is it really so? A wedding in Montenegro is one of the best choices.Let’s see what is needed for the ceremony and what the approximate costs for a wedding in Montenegro – a Balkan country on the Adriatic coast are.

Wedding in Montenegro: why here?

Why Montenegro?

  • Firstly, because marriage entered into in this country is recognized as legal in Europe,
  • Secondly – no visas are needed to enter Montenegro.
  • Is it necessary to say about the third reason – the fabulous beauty of the mountains of Montenegro, the warm Adriatic Sea, and its magnificent beaches?
  • There is also a fourth reason, purely economic one: a wedding in Montenegro is inexpensive when it comes to holding such celebrations abroad.
A symbolic wedding in Montenegro is inexpensive!

You can enter here in both official and symbolic marriage – the only difference is in the number of documents and the marriage ceremony scenarios.

Everyone knows what an official marriage is, but its symbolic conclusion is a new service. A symbolic marriage is a wonderful way to add romance to already established relationships when they had been legalized in your own country: for example, you may celebrate the anniversary of your marriage in this way.

In Montenegro, you can administer the sacrament of the Wedding in the Orthodox Church. The main religion here is Orthodoxy, therefore, a solemn service in the temple, held in the Montenegrin language, will be one of the most memorable events in the life of a happy couple.

What is a wedding in Montenegro? See the photo of the happy newlyweds:

How is it done?

The organization of a wedding in Montenegro can be approached in two ways, choosing one of the options:

  • contact an agency engaged in weddings abroad; and
  • try to organize everything yourself.

Everyone decides for himself what is better, but there are a number of mandatory conditions that must be met in any case. They concern paperwork.

Renting apartments in MontenegroApartment rental in Montenegro will be required for the duration of the wedding celebration and further rest. This is the perfect option in terms of comfort and value. Read in the article how to do it better.

Be sure to find out which airport in Montenegro is closest to the place of rest in this article. You can significantly reduce your and your guests’ costs on transport.

Documents for the official ceremony

As in other European countries, the couple will need documents to enter into an official marriage in Montenegro. Their set is somewhat different from the generally accepted one in our country, so you need to prepare it in advance. The set includes:

  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom;
  • Internal passports of the future spouses (spreads with a photo and registration);
  • Foreign passports of the bride and groom (spreads with a photo);
  • International passports of witnesses (spreads with a photo);
  • Copy of the divorce certificate, notarized (if the marriage is not the first); and
  • The document, confirming the absence of barriers to marriage.

Copies of all documents shall be submitted to the agency six weeks before the ceremony, and the originals must be with the newlyweds and witnesses directly during the ceremony.

It should also be taken into account that the Montenegrin marriage documents are issued the next day after the ceremony, and their translation, necessary for the recognition in the Russian Federation, is provided in seven days.

“Turnkey” wedding

Wedding on a yacht "on the turn-key basis" in Montenegro

For the future spouses or couples who wish to have a symbolic ceremony, but have never been to Montenegro, it is best to contact an agency in order to relieve themselves and their guests from possible clashes.

The agency experts will not only provide advisory assistance but also help draw up all the documents, as well as offer a ready-made wedding program or undertake to hold it according to the newlyweds’ scenario.

A package of services is usually offered; the price of a wedding in Montenegro includes:

  • Drawing up and translation of documents,
  • State duty for marriage registration,
  • Services of an authorized registrar and translator (since official ceremonies are conducted in the Montenegrin language),
  • Musical accompaniment of the ceremony,
  • Bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom,
  • Wedding make-up,
  • Wedding hairstyles for newlyweds (with repetition),
  • Champagne and sweets (chocolate, sweets),
  • Wedding photographer and videographer services,
  • Coordinator services, and
  • Flower-decorated wedding arch.

If a symbolic rite is arranged, there is no need for drawing up and translating the documents. The registrar and translator services are not paid: the agency employees themselves conduct such a ceremony in the required language – the ceremony becomes just a romantic event.

By the way, marriage ceremonies are possible not only in an official establishment or a hotel: both newlyweds and guests can remember a wedding in Montenegro as a bright celebration:

  • on a yacht,
  • on the beach,
  • or in one of the many nooks of the wondrous nature of Montenegro.

The price for the full package of agency services for organizing weddings in Montenegro starts from 900 Euros (for a symbolic wedding) and from 1,600 Euros (for the official marriage).

Additional expenses

Transportation is usually paid separately. A wedding banquet with an indispensable multi-storey cake is organized separately, as well as apartments for the brides and guests.

Of course, a fair amount of money spent on organizing a wedding will go to pay for the agency’s services, but there will not be any problems.

Those who want to save money (significantly) can try to take care of everything themselves.

Independent organization of wedding in Montenegro

If you have already been to Montenegro, then organizing a wedding here will be easier for you. In addition, it is better to arrange an official marriage in your home country – then you will not have to spend money on inviting a registrar and a translator.

It will not be necessary to prepare a package of registration documents – thus you will also save time and money.

So, how to save on a wedding in Montenegro?

  1. Outfits and rings.
    First, you have to bring wedding dresses with you – renting them in Montenegrin salons is expensive and will cost at least 400 Euros. You can buy rings in Montenegro at a reasonable price of about 200-250 Euros.
  2. Hairstyles and makeup.
    You can make a wedding hairstyle at any barber shop, and makeup – in the salon. The prices start from 20 Euros: the complexity of the work is the decisive factor here.
  3. Photographer and videographer.
    Of course, it’s better to invite local professionals: they know all the sights and beautiful places well, but the language barrier can create some problems.
    The value in dispute is from 450 Euros per one shooting. However, you can do everything on your own if the guests include people who can professionally or at least well take pictures and shoot on camera.
  4. Decorated car rental.
    Pay 35 Euros per day (this is the minimum price of rent) – and ride away! No hourly fees, so the costs are small.
  5. Banquet in a restaurant.
    The minimum order of dishes for one guest in a restaurant is 25-30 Euros, but given the extraordinary nourishment of Montenegrin dishes and their volumes, nobody will be hungry. The cake is paid separately – it will cost 100-150 Euros.
  6. The Sacrament of the Wedding.
    Holding the sacrament of the Wedding, if it is planned, will not cost any particular amount: in the Montenegrin temples, it is completely free of charge. However, here it is customary to make donations which will represent the payment for a beautiful ceremony.

What to visit in MontenegroUsing our article, select what to see in Montenegro, and make a plan to visit the wedding procession of attractions.

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If you want a truly beautiful rest with not too high costs – there is no better place than Montenegro!

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