Where can you rest with children best of all? Only in Montenegro!

отдых с детьми в Черногории

The tourists striving for the summer relaxation flock to hotels and beaches of Montenegrin cities and towns and fight for a place in the sun. This causes negative impressions about resorts. However, if you refuse from your summer vacations and go to rest in September, your holidays with children in Montenegro will surpass all expectations.

Holidays with children in Montenegro – perfect weather, fruits, and the sea

Despite its relatively small territory, Montenegro covers three climatic zones:

  • Alpine climate (in the mountains),
  • Moderately continental climate (in the center), and
  • Mediterranean climate (on the coast).

Location of the best sand beaches in MontenegroWhere are the most popular sandy beaches in Montenegro celebrities rest at?

Here you can see what you can bring from Montenegro. It is always difficult to choose presents for friends and relatives.

Each zone is characterized by different weather that has its peculiarities. That is why if you intend to spend holidays with children in Montenegro in September, please pay attention to selecting the location:

  • The summer heat has just declined, the air temperature does not rise above +30°C at the daytime and does not fall below +17-18°C at night. Of course, it may rain, but, as a rule, it happens closer to the end of the month. The sea water is very comfortable for swimming and its temperature is +22-23°C. There are practically no waves, and it is still far from the real autumn storm.
    The holidaymakers who rest with their children on the sea in Montenegro fully enjoy all delights of the mellow season – mild weather, deserted beaches, scarcely populated hotels, warm sea, and fruits.
  • Perhaps, for you this is not only a warm and tender sea, but also the ability to feed your children with unlimited juicy fruits that becomes a decisive factor for the trip. Different climatic zones make almost all fruits growing in the southern countries ripen at the beginning of autumn:
    • There are piles of sunkissed figs, hard bunches of grapes, exotic mangoes and kiwis on the market. Here you can find watermelons and melons, persimmons and pomegranates.
    • The abundance of ripe, delicious gifts of the nature makes your holidays with small children in Montenegro a heavenly delight.
    • The vitamins will strengthen children’s immunity and protect babies from serious colds in the winter.
  • Rest with children at the Slavic beach in BudvaParents whose children go to schools can go on vacations only in summer. Summer months are the time for holidays, the only season when they can escape from stifling megacities and relax in picturesque places in the sunlight at the seaside.
    In Montenegro, you can choose a resort for every taste and budget:
    • Budva is the most visited place. On the Slavic beach stretching along the city it is difficult to find empty space during the season.
    • In addition to the pebbly shores, Montenegro is also famous for its magnificent beaches with soft volcanic sand, stretching far into the sea.
    • Bathing in shallow waters is safe for children of any age. Thus, what can be better than to spend holidays with children on the sandy beach of Becici or in the vicinity of Ulcinj?
    • Sports grounds located around the coast are available for outdoor enthusiasts. They can enjoy water sports, and families can play beach football or volleyball.
September is the best time to rest with children.
  • In September, the most popular resorts in Montenegro – Budva, Becici, Petrovac – noticeably become empty and turn into ordinary coastal towns in the off-season where there are no tourists. This is the best time to rest with children. Even the smallest children can play in outdoor playsets in Budva. Sandy beaches are free from the summer influx of holidaymakers, and the sun and the sea continue to delight in summer temperatures.

Expenses for holidays with children

Holidays with children require considerable expenses. At the resort it is difficult to refuse a child when he or she asks something. Children want to taste everything, and demand to buy fruits, sweets, and ice cream.

Older kids are interested in marine activities – scooter, water skiing, and scuba diving.

At best the price of the vacation package includes a fenced stretch of beach with umbrellas and sun beds, and a swimming pool on the territory of the hotel. You must pay for other pleasures, as well as visiting a cafe, disco or concerts.

Therefore, it is possible to save money and organize cheap holidays with children in Montenegro by renting an accommodation or living in a cheap hotel:

  1. Hotels. If you think about your summer vacations in advance, it will be much cheaper to choose and book a hotel long before the season than to contact your tour operator just before your vacations.
    One of the variants for your family trip is holidays with children in Montenegro in the “all inclusive” hotel where you do not need to worry about daily meals and a room to live in
    In Montenegro, there are many hotels that offer an accommodation for couples with children, and create special conditions for them:
    • You can request a cot in your room,
    • There is a playground with trained staff where parents can leave their child for several hours and go shopping or rest in a restaurant.

    The local cuisine for children is quite acceptable: although the menu is a sort of monotonous, but it always includes vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

  2. Apartments. Families with children can stay in a separate room or a bungalow right on the seashore. These apartments are more expensive than in second-line hotels, but here you can fall asleep and wake up listening to the splash of waves, and spend almost the whole day on the beach.
  3. Private guest beds. If your decision to go to Montenegro is spontaneous, travel agencies do not have any offers, packages are too expensive, or you want your family to relax away from noisy travel companies, all resorts offer private guest beds for resting with children in Montenegro.

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