Ideas for resting and travelling

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5 reasons to go to Slovenia

Slovenia is a wonderful country. Just imagine the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, dense forests and pristine lakes. It is referred to as one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world, and by the number of interesting places, it can give odds to many European countries. We’ve prepared a list of 5 reasons that impress you and make you wonder why you still have not visited Slovenia yet.

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How to relax on the Adriatic
отдохнуть на Адриатике

Beach vacation, without a doubt, is the most popular type of recreation, because everyone loves to lie down on a comfortable chaise lounge when the sun caresses the skin and only the pleasant sound of sea waves is heard. Though, this is not the only entertainment for those who like to warm up. Learn how to relax on the Adriatic in the first-rate fashion!

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Making our way to Montenegro in a car with a spare driver and lots of European money on the bank card
Путешествие на машине в Черногорию

There is a category of travelers who refuse any other way of traveling, except for a trip on a personal car. If you belong to this class of wanderers and want to go to Montenegro by car, then carefully read the information we have collected.

We need to decide on the route, get the necessary documents for the trip, and estimate mileage. We will talk about the secrets of traveling with a child, fuel prices, and some of the “pitfalls” of your creative venture. How to get to Montenegro by car – optimal routes from Moscow and St. Petersburg and other nuances of the future trip →