5 reasons to go to Slovenia


Slovenia is a wonderful country. Just imagine the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, dense forests and pristine lakes. It is referred to as one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world, and by the number of interesting places, it can give odds to many European countries. We’ve prepared a list of 5 reasons that impress you and make you wonder why you still have not visited Slovenia yet.


Everyone should try medieval delicacies that Slovenia offers. The most interesting of them are:

  • žganci (an essential dish on the Slovenian table – the buckwheat porridge, served with bacon crisps, and sometimes with milk);
  • egg roll red berry;
  • wild chestnut (in Slovenia chestnut is a real delicacy, which the locals use to make soups, mashed chestnut, desserts and even cakes); and
  • pancakes of acacia flowers.

Outdoor activities and nature

What a pleasure to be surrounded by nature, and breathe with a fresh air. To maximize the useful time for those who enjoy not only path goes through the natural beauty, but also extreme activities, Slovenia can offer a lot of classes, such as:

  • rafting;
  • bicycle rides;
  • tracking;
  • canyoning; and
  • fishing.


Journey to the past

Palaces and castles built in the 16th century, giant caves, grottoes and secret medieval tunnels, squares, which held knight tournament, fortresses, manors, castles – this is not the whole list of places in Slovenia that will take you to the past. All these places are surrounded by the natural decorations, and incredibly beautiful landscapes complement the overall picture.

Slovenia and the wine

Slovenia is famous for its tasty and affordable wine. The festival of young wine is held in the north-east of the country in Maribor – the second largest city in Slovenia. Four-hundred-year-old vineyards grow there, and it is better to come there in the off-season when tastings are held with a special scale. People from all countries come to savor the new wine because there are also huge wine cellars in the city.


Although the national currency of Slovenia is Euro, prices are much lower than in neighboring countries. Few tourists visit Slovenia, and it is very calm and clean there. In general, this country is an ideal option for a budget-friendly trip to Europe where you will not be bored!

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