An unforgettable adventure in Montenegro – rafting on the Tara River

река Тара

Rafting is one of the most popular entertainments in Montenegro, and the Tara River is one of the best routes for this.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable adventure and live wonderful moments together with your friends or family.

You will be able to see the amazing beauty of one of the deepest canyons in the world in the heart of Europe. It is surrounded by mountains with black pine forests.

This rafting paradise is 82 kilometers long and has 1,300 meters in the deepest place. Rafting on the Tara River was and still remains the most interesting Montenegrin route for lovers of active water rest.

Tara River: amazing rafting routes

Tara is the most popular choice among all fans of rafting. Nature lovers will be able to experience a unique feeling, floating down the river with the cleanest water on the planet.

Europeans call the Tara River “Tears of Europe”, as it is so clear that it is possible to drink its water without purification.

Rafting passes through the most attractive places. It originates in the village Bršstanovitsa and ends in the small Ščepan Pole village – the most exciting route.

It gives participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the rapids, cascades, and even old buildings.

Another amazing route that allows you to plunge into the beauty of the surroundings of the Tara River begins with Slavista – the quietest and unspoilt part of nature. There are all conditions for rest and preparation for rafting.

Tourists will pass by the magnificent waterfall – tributary of Lutica. The speed at which water falls down (1,000 liters per second) makes the heart soar.

Every traveler, going to the canyon, dreams to be under the grand bridge of the Tara River and feel all its power.

Rafting on the Tara River is the best way to discover all its greatness and get acquainted with the incredible landscapes of the canyon.

Canyon of the Tara RiverHow to get to the canyon of the Tara River? Detailed routes and useful recommendations.

For those who go on rafting with the family, it does not hurt to know about Montenegro at the end of September. Here is a detailed description of the features of this time.

Features of the rest

When is it better to go?

In April-May, during the melting of snow in the mountains, the most difficult conditions for rafting exist. In June and July, rafting becomes much easier.

But in August and September, the most peaceful conditions for rafting are created. This time is suitable for families with children.

August and September are the best time for family rafting.

You can raft along the river in boats or wooden rafts. Rafting takes place on special rubber boats, with eight pneumatic chambers that make them completely unsinkable.

There are always experienced guides for the guests’ disposal. They know every stone and every bend in the riverbed and will help to avoid the slightest danger.

You can stop at one of the campgrounds, bases, and hotels near the coast. From there it is easy to get to the place of rafting.

The campsite is located not far from the most famous sight of the canyon – the Đurđevića Tara Bridge. Here you can not only stay overnight or have a tasty meal, but also get full equipment and necessary instructions.

What does the tour include?

One-day tour includes:

  1. Breakfast by the river. A summer restaurant or a cafe is at the tourists’ disposal.
  2. A trip to the place of the rafting start. The road of about 14 km long.
  3. Rafting itself. The tour takes about 3-5 hours with small stops in especially picturesque places for photographing.
  4. The walk ends in Scepan Polje. The average price of such a trip is 85 Euros per person.

The average price of such a trip is 85 Euros per person.

Rafting in Montenegro for only 85 Euros!

Those who want to stretch the pleasure of rafting on the Tara River can choose a two-day tour:

  1. On the first day, all the participants arrive for dinner in the village of Scepan Polje and settle in summer houses or tents. Dinner at the campfire will create a special atmosphere.
  2. The morning of the second day begins with getting up and breakfast. By car, everyone goes to the place where the rafting will start. The program includes mandatory stops for swimming if water temperature allows. Of course, no one will refuse to take a commemorative picture of the trip. After the end of the trip, the tourists return to the place of overnight stay and have dinner

The price of a two-day tour ranges from 100 to 200 Euros per person.

It includes:

  • accommodation at the campsite,
  • food,
  • provision of equipment, and
  • moving to the place of rafting.

It is not necessary to stop in close proximity to the canyon. Beautiful hotels are located 100-200 km from the place of rafting, for example, in Budva.

In Budva, there are about 100 hotels. Prices for hotels range from 45 to 200 Euros, and fit for any taste and budget. If you try, you can find a simple and comfortable room for only 10 Euros.

Indispensable things for rafting on Tara

Outfit for rafting on the Tara River

Lack of experience in rafting is not a reason to deny you this adventure. Although there are some minor limitations.

Parents with children under 5 years old should refrain from joint descent. Kids will find what to do on the beach.

But older children may well accompany their parents during the rafting. Rafting requires some physical strength and endurance. If you are fully self-confident, then feel free to go on this journey.

During rafting, you cannot do without thin pants or shorts, as well as a T-shirt. Be sure to pay attention to the material – it should dry quickly in the sun.

Sports sandals with straps for fastening on the foot are preferable. Such shoes are water-resistant, durable, and made of synthetic materials.

To protect from direct sunlight, be sure to take a hat with you. This is an indispensable attribute of rafting on a boat or raft.

Cotton gloves, though being a non-mandatory element of the wardrobe, will save the skin from scuffs and damage.

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Reviews of experienced tourists about rafting in Montenegro

  • Natalia about rafting in MontenegroNatalia, Kazan:
    Rafting on the Tara River gave me new vivid impressions and a lot of positive emotions. I was very lucky with the instructor, whose competent advice helped to avoid trouble during the descent. There are just wonderful places. It was a shame that we did not take a camera for underwater shooting. Small waterfalls encountered on the way have caused an unprecedented delight. If you row oars correctly, you hardly get tired. I will definitely go there again.
  • Reviews on rafting in MontenegroVladimir, Volgograd:
    The canyon of the Tara River is a wonderful place. Unfortunately, a couple of times we met shallow on our way and had to carry the boat. But this did not spoil the impression of the rafting. The stunning nature and views are simply fascinating. The long journey to the place of departure tires a little. But this is more of my mistake. Next time I’ll stop at the campsite closest to the river. Our path led through the mountain serpentine. It was a bit scary but incredibly interesting. I think this is not my last trip. Now rafting is my favorite form of outdoor activitie.

For more than 20 years, the Tara River has attracted tourists from all over the world, is a great vacation spot for both beginners and professionals.

The one who visits this wonderful place once will experience the most amazing sensations in his/her life, and a surge of adrenaline will give a lot of energy and pleasant emotions.

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