Croatia is the best place to rest with children

отдых с детьми в Хорватии

Parents are very scrupulous about rest with their children. There are many conditions without which rest with a child is simply impossible or will not be comfortable. In this regard, rest with children in Croatia is a unique experience of traveling with the whole family, since the country meets all the requirements of even the most demanding parent:

  • Mild climate – children perfectly tolerate acclimatization.
  • Clear sea, the water temperature from July to August is about 260C. A lot of vegetation especially pines near the sea, which makes the air doubly healing.
  • Excellent beaches not far from hotels, comfortable entrance to the water.
  • Excellent hotel accommodation, the ability to quickly find a children’s doctor.
  • Suitable food for kids.
  • A variety of fun for the child, animation, and playgrounds.
  • Short flight and the proximity of the hotel to the airport.

Where are the best places to rest with children in Croatia?

Areas of Dalmatia and Istria are best suited for very young travelers. Although the latter is located in the north of the country, the sea is shallow, so it warms up quickly enough.

Medulin is one of the most famous resorts in Istria because of its sandy beaches and is perfect even for peanuts.

The medieval city of Porec will be interesting for older children. Due to its healing air, the abundance of pine groves makes this resort especially useful for children suffering from lung diseases.

In the south of Croatia, such places as Central and South Dalmatia are popular. Rest in these places will be a bit more expensive, but the swimming season also continues in September. Children here will have the opportunity to:

  • ride on a yacht,
  • make a horse ride,
  • visit the fish aquarium in Dubrovnik,
  • explore the old port, and
  • admire the islands from the observation deck.

You can rest with children both in a private house or an apartment, as well as in various hotels scattered around the coast of Croatia.

Choosing hotels for rest with children

So that not only children but also their parents could relax the hotels with children’s clubs and sports facilities would be the ideal option. You do not have to spend time preparing food and walking around for groceries. Due to the fact that the child will be constantly busy in a variety of activities, you yourself can rest easy.

Dalmatia and Istria are best suited for rest with small children.
From June to September, the air temperature here is kept at 25-29 ° C, and the temperature of seawater is not lower than 23-25 °C.

Practically all hotels of Croatia offer European cuisine, which is familiar to us, as well as national dishes, that are suitable for feeding the child. Some hotels even offer a special buffet for children.

Rest with children in all-inclusive hotels

In Croatia, you rarely find an all-inclusive hotel.

For example, Hotel Laguna Park 4 *, which is located 2 km from Porec and 60 km from the airport. It offers:

  • various playgrounds,
  • buffet for kids, and
  • animation

A small tourist train will take you and your children to Poreč. This hotel is especially attractive because children under 12 years old live for free in it.

The hotel’s animation team will look after your children and entertain them throughout the day.

Valamar Club Dubrovnik 3* is located Not far from the center of Dubrovnik on the Babin Kuk Peninsula. Two beaches with fine pebbles are located near the hotel. The infrastructure includes:

  • many playgrounds,
  • children’s buffet,
  • kids club for children over four years old.

The hotel also provides babysitting services, for which, however, you will have to pay separately.

Hotel Neptun 3 *, located in Tučepi near Makarska, also charges an additional fee for babysitting services but offers a large number of sports activities and playgrounds. Pine forest, evolving into pebble beach covers the entire hotel.

Apartments in CroatiaFor rest with children, you can rent apartments in Croatia. This way you will manage to organize a perfect rest at reasonable prices. All useful information about skiing in Croatia is provided on the website. After all, you can relax in this beautiful country with your whole family not only in summer but also in winter.

Rest with a small child in a hotel

Hotels for rest with babies

Valamar Club Tamaris 4 * hotels with entertaining and training club Mara or Hotel Maestral 4 * with a beach with a gentle entry into the water are perfect for small children. Both hotels are located in Istria.

In Southern Dalmatia, Grand Hotel Park 3 * and Hotel Iberostar Albatros 4 * hotels are intended for parents and their children. Both hotels are located not far from Dubrovnik along small pebble beaches with sandy entrance to the sea.

Croatia is one of the safest and most prosperous European countries.
Therefore, the rest here promises to be comfortable and enjoyable both for children and parents.

Such hotels in Central Dalmatia as Bluesun Hotel Elashusa 4 * and Solaris Hotels Resort 4 * are not inferior in the beauty of the beaches and the number of entertainment. The most beautiful national park with the Krk waterfalls is located near the latter.

In Northern Dalmatia, you will find the Falkensteiner Club Funimation Hotel Borik 4* near Zadar, which offers:

  • game kids club,
  • own  beach with a water park,
  • SPA centre and mini zoo.

Hotel Ilirija 4 * in the city of Biograd-na-Moru is engaged in teaching swimming even the smallest peanuts.

Where to rest with a baby

Despite the large selection of hotels, they are intended mainly for children over three years old. There are far fewer hotels that specialize on rest with babies, but you can find there everything for a comfortable stay with a baby.

For example, the Falkensteiner’s Diadora Hotel in Zadar is designed for staying with infants and is ready to provide:

  • family room for such crumbs with parents,
  • special baby food,
  • baby monitor,
  • baby cots,
  • feeding chairs, and
  • carriages and more.

On site, there is a shop with all the necessary goods for children, a garden with a corner for babies and a special small pool. Parents can also use babysitting services.

Rest with children in the apartment

If you go to Croatia as a large company with young tourists and prefer an economy class rest, then you should think about renting an apartment. There you will not depend on the diet and the schedule of the hotel and will be able to cook food that your baby prefers.

A large number of apartments are located in Central Dalmatia, especially on the island of Ciovo and near Dubrovnik.

Hotels prevail in Istria, so there are not so many apartments and you will need to book them long before the start of the season.

When selecting apartments you will bear all the responsibility for the organization of children’s leisure.

With older children, you can go on an excursion to nearby towns, natural parks or just lie on the beach. Active and inquisitive tomboys are invited to attend various festivals and knightly tournaments.

Prices for rest with children

Very often, children under 4 – 6 years old, and sometimes up to 15 years old, live free of charge in hotels in Croatia. You only pay for babysitting services or for extra classes with children.

Usually, the cost of living in hotels ranges from 23 to 180 Euros per person per day, depending on the season. For example, the starting price for the whole tour with accommodation in a hotel for two adults for 7 nights per season is from 1,400 Euros.

For example, the price of apartments located 200 meters from the sea, for 5 people will be 90 – 110 Euros per day. Accordingly, the further the apartments are located from the coastline; the lower will be the price.

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